World of Tanks || Tips for Ranked Battles

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Today I’m going to give you some tips and tricks for the new ranked season!


World of Tanks is a 2 Play game published by Wargaming and is available as a download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a with a 0% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Just put premium

  2. Best tip I have: Sling gold like pimp and play the 430U or SuperConq

  3. Tips: don’t play ranked

  4. play russian bias and spam gold like a madafaka…..RB….so hard…

  5. Liutauras Grybauskas

    Wait, there are still arty players in ranked battles? Weird

  6. So your advice is camp at the back and spam gold.

  7. World of tips.

  8. Tips for playing ranked battles: choose an op, stat padding tank, load all the gold you can fit inside it and pray the servers are working.

  9. Ranked battles special made to forward “unicum-play-style” – another “good” idea from those “amazing” belarussian developers. Rewarded with “legal mods/cheats” in the disguise of bonds. By the way – what unicums? Only the usual bunch of random mentally challenged players. The second week the gameplay will get worse even more because almost all decent players will have left the lower ranks by moving up the ladder or simple quitting. LOL

  10. About tanks.. I have higher success I think with Obj.140 ; obj.907 & Super Conqueror. I’ve tried with other heavies, but not so much luck with them I guess? 50B may not be bad choice, but as the B-C 25t really depends on the map I think.

  11. 9:03 This problem is what people who suffer from money unequality is all about. They can’t risk it, where rich people can.

  12. nice battle.

  13. 1. Play an OP tank
    2. Fire premium rounds

  14. I’m a free-to-play player. I either don’t have the time to invest into the game or the credits to lose. So that’s where WoT kind of sucks a bit, as soon as you reach tier 9, you lose credits even if you prevent yourself from firing too many gold rounds.

  15. i tell 2 tips for ranked battles :spend money, spend gold

  16. Yea, true that this game is skill based, but until gold spam is limited, I am not playing it.

  17. I had to stop playing ranked. The heat spam was too much, not to mention no teamwork since everybody just wants to benefit themselves.

  18. World of (gold-ammo-firing Soviet medium) Tanks

  19. Lol i am sick too

  20. Ooooh the waste of ammo

  21. 200 ping on us central server is no fun. I would play a lot more ranked if we got US West back.

  22. All i read in the comments is “spam gold, spam gold”, if you have to compensate for being the player you are, sure.
    I’m at Rank5 and i fired about 20 Heatshells against Type5, Maus. E100, IS7 upper plate yet.
    At day #1 it was really frustrating losing 0:15, 3:15 because the teams are not balanced in the lower ranks at all.

  23. can you share your xvm package again ?

  24. RAnked battle tip nr 1 why bother laying it XD

  25. whıch tank ıs commıng after russıan t10 heavy new x tıer ?

  26. wow does qb ever spam the in game chat.

  27. I can see you’re sick: there’s a big hole in your chest!

  28. I just got my 1st tier 9 heavy 🙂 Now I’m grinding the credits for the ammo……:/

  29. Is it me or do you need to get the credit boosters to afford to play this game mode 🙂

    So is it worth do you think running them (I assume that a premium account is a given) while playing Ranked to mitigate the costs or just save them and then have sessions with tier 8 prems to boost cash?

  30. Then theres ppl like me with 12.1k bonds and 3 improved equipment already on tanks that can avg 3k wn8 in tier 10 lol. Practice makes perfect gents?

  31. Maybe that “sick” feeling is coming from the fact that you HAVE A HOLE IN YOUR CHEST 


  32. What about Grille 15 in the Ranked Battles game mode?

  33. Hi quickybaby can i play with you at wot please

  34. I play ranked with no premium ammo because I think this is what WG designed this game mode for and I think its bs to use prem to show how good you are. Still reached rank 6 after 3-4 hours playing 🙂

  35. Can I transfer my wot blitz tanks to my new ps4 pro wot account?

  36. So the not pay to win game has an exclusive pay to win mode. Great.

  37. Nice tip pay too win… (Gold or silver)

  38. Advice for playing rb, step 1: take russian bias tank (everyone), step 2: win

  39. “hold on hold on… I’m a man!”

  40. TL;DR: Play arty?

  41. This years mutation is one of the worse flu’s ever. And the best way to pick it up is to be in a closed container with several people.. like a commercial aircraft hull 🙂
    In a couple of hours you’ll be out for anywhere between 3 to 7 days.

  42. But, someone needs to be on the bottom 5 ranks, all the more reason for me to go in and play around with my Maus, hehehe. I’ll be helping out the other 14 players.

  43. Wonder if peppy will catch a cold because of QB, haha

  44. No. Just no.

  45. Now buff all the Germans so it would be Perfect ?

  46. How about Strv 103B? I like its speed and rate of fire. I don’t have any T10s yet, but currently I’m going for this one. Is it any good in ranked?

  47. I will never play ranked battles. This is the pay to win and only the good Players will profit from this gamemod.

  48. everyone could be a skilled player, bcs everyone has a brain, you just need to use it, so ranked battles wont help skilled players to earn lots of bounds and credits…if they have more experience playing this game those ranked battles are the perfect way for them to show that the stats doesnt matter and to be rewarded

  49. This game mode is only playable if you have a premium account and premium tanks.It also promotes use of ammo that does not require skill to use so what we have in the end is a game mode that is frustrating and forces players to invest money into the game to remain competitive

  50. QB advice: “camp, screw over your team mates, spam premium like a motherfucker.”

    Also “I strongly disagree with enhanced equipment but I’m going to use it anyway because other players will use it.” The word for this is “hypocrisy”. Remember, there are players of this game who refuse to use mods “to enhance their game experience” and spam premium ammo.

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