World of Tanks – Titles are Hard

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Source: The Mighty

Eventually I just gave up.

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  1. I enjoyed it Jingles. Thank you.

  2. Omg, they didnt kill Kenny!

  3. you should really start normalizing the audio on your vids Jingles!

  4. social3ngin33rin

    lol qq about arty in second match XD
    He should expect resistance from them in the JgPz100

  5. Hostile Phantasm

    i wish i kept a few of my arty replays. i had a battle in an su26 where my team folded inside the first two minutes on al halluf. seeing as how i had nothing to lose at that point i went on the offensive. so many players dont realize the su26 has a fully traversable turret. i ended up with 10 kills and its the single best battle ive ever had in WoT

  6. “My channel, my rules!” Back to the salt mines for me now……

  7. Russian trolls live in the guns.

  8. The M44-Hummel fight in the first part reminds me of a Matilda-Matilda BP fight I had shortly after I started playing WoT. The two of us just driving around a building on El Halluf, both low on health, in a slow dance for about two minutes. I’d have charged through the building earlier if I had known the Matilda BP only had HE left, but I didn’t have that info. Still won, though.

  9. catchy catchy, chasey chasey, killy killy. made me laugh and remember the few times i had low tier arty games like that and actually had fun. long since sold all my arty because zzzzz. nice vid sir jingles ?

  10. holy crap that intro is loud.

  11. heros are the guys that made it back alive

  12. The Crazy Pineapple

    This first replay shows what I hate the most about artillery very, very well. A whole game of rolling dice. Literally 90% of all that was pure RNG. He got lucky, and so he won. If some of these rolls were unlucky, he would lose. It’s why I stopped playing arti – either you frustrate the enemy or you frustrate yourself.

  13. Titles are hard.

  14. How about: “If you want something done properly…” ?

  15. I thought I saw titties are hard.

  16. I rarely click like on videos. This time. A like for the title.

  17. Little Kid: “Batman, what’s your superpower?”
    Batman: “I’m rich.”
    Little Kid: “Oh…”
    Scout tank: “Object 140, what’s your superpower?”
    Object 140:”I’m Russian”
    Scout tank:”Oh…”

  18. I was wondering what the heck the M43 was for like 3 minutes then I remembered, oh wait, it’s Jingles…


  20. Haha, “My channel, my rules”

  21. Nova the Great ́

    Oh my god they almost killed Kenny, those bastards!

  22. Matthew dont need this

    im pretty sure jingles played the m44 video before

  23. I come to your channel for your laugh and the funny replays. Its a breath of fresh air compared to all the very serious channels about make believe tanks. Hope you’re keeping well jingles you lecherous gnome.

  24. LOL Titles are hard huh? I had to chuckle

  25. Say what you will, you have to admire a ballsy arty driver. Even tho I don’t play WoT anymore, I miss my Wespe… I had sooooo much fun with her. ;D

  26. agreed – definitely a fun game

  27. Jarrett IceEarthGuard

    Just make a random title hat does not make sense, there problem solve 😛

  28. A really really really really really really really really long name that no one cares about

    Jingles do a TOG video.
    Attempt #9

  29. If I made that shot in that arty that killed the 3001 P, I would have hit the effin mountain in the top left corner of the map

  30. “how do you screw that up?” well I fell on my face harder then the guy in the second clip by firing at a heavy tank in a tier 3 Russian tank destroyer in close ramming quaters and fire at the front of his chassis, but just as my luck has it the front chassis armor of the tier 5 heavy tank has slanted armor for the front and bounced the shot and got blown up from a direct shot to the turret.
    why am I so bad at aiming and landing shots?

  31. For some odd reason the speech sound level is too low for me, even turning my laptop sound up to max I won’t hear much. But then again, I am in Thailand atm… ill check again when i am back home in a few weeks

  32. titties are hard? what?!? oh wait… had to read that one a few times…

  33. Only 1300 base xp from nearly 7k? RIOT

  34. Hey Jingles, I’ve been subbed to your channel for a number of years and I remember a few years back you mentioned a book that defended the M4 Sherman against Belton Cooper’s criticism in “Death Traps.” But I can’t for the life of me remember which video you mentioned it in. Do you remember the title of the book? On the off chance you see this comment, Thanks!

  35. lol, the chat between both of the Latin Americans is fierce!

  36. Kenny didn’t give his gunner enough vodka

  37. They didn’t kill Kenny !

  38. It’s boneheaded ‘teams’ like this in the first half of the video is the reason I don’t play much any more, still like watching Jingles tho.

  39. You should be a detective with how you piece together why players make certain decisions

  40. the 252U may have a long reload compared to the Soviet heavys but it has the same reload as a T34 but no one thought to compare then because it’s Russian but it get a higher dpm do to the 40 more damage but the same reload spit doesn’t have a long reload and that they need to buff the T34

  41. It was the Amx arty that hit the VK, not the Nashorn.

  42. Object 140 players will be like “WTF is that black ammunition on number 1?”

  43. I think Kenny’s gunner stole his vodka from Stalin’s personal stash, luck like that and you know you’ve been cursed.

  44. u upload what u want, I quit the Abo if i want DEAL ?

  45. Jack, you fucking scrub, congratz on being on Jingles. 😛

  46. “I don’t feature artillery replays very often,but when I do…” nice meme Jingles !

  47. 140 is the weakest of the bunch, you can tell jingles hasn’t played wot in a very long time

  48. Th3_Pr0ph3cy / AP

    The Obj. 140 has the best frontal hull amour, a V-shaped side and is the fastest of the russian mediums. Why in all world should that machine be the weakest of all russian mediums?

  49. Herr Schicklgruber

    Designated Target perk on arty…

  50. Anal Prolapse In My Bum When I'm Filled With Cum

    Typical _____ is hard comment

    like pls. i need to feed my kids

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