World of Tanks || TKS 20 – TINY TOY TANK!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World Tanks – TKS 20. Today Wargaming gave a free Polish , the TKS 20. But is worth the garage slot?


World of Tanks Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Cutest tank in game :3

  2. Typical Polish tank,more ugly/wierd than French tanks:)

  3. TKS 20: “ThanKS (for) 20 (years)”


  4. 2x speed sounds like he’s on crack

  5. How many polish tanks does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Zero they still use candles.

  6. Yep. Free garage slot.

  7. WG never changes. Here is a garage slot

  8. What….no Ace Tanker game play? You always Ace the brand new tanks

  9. i play a long time ago not world of tanks naymore because the new graphics 2018 my pc is shit 🙁 but look at the garage so many humans :O

  10. There was a spate of these little tanks today, running around like children.

  11. This tank from Poland, me too xD

  12. this tank is a meme

  13. Is this pc only?

  14. Crew is 115% / 127% but BiA isn’t active?

  15. On the map monastery or abbey its near south camp some altar or was and i have onemal see some tank on it, trought its not normal acessible. Or im i wrong?

  16. Always love to see a polish tank exploding.

  17. why tks 20 always alone ?

    because it team kill

  18. Is that the t-72 under that tarp?

  19. Played 1 game…SOLD IT !

  20. IT’S SO CUTE

  21. Meanwhile: Leopard 1 with 45,xx% Winrate

  22. d e a t h _ s c r e a m _

    Technical Kill Self 20

  23. hey men just started wot any advice?

  24. The MTLS was one tank I loved. It was so much fun.

  25. I wanna see this thing rammed at full speed by Sheridan!

  26. Poland can space!

  27. It does definitely beat the Pz II D both on style points and penetration. 😉

  28. I will wait to play it…with so many in game atm, it’s hard to judge whats its true potential is. Your fighting the same tanks, with the exact same handicaps….. Maybe in a few weeks when there isn’t so many in pubs. I will see how good of a seal clubber it is.

  29. I was actually hoping that they’d do something with Polish tankettes, and while dissapointed at first, I am not very disappointed any longer.

  30. 2:40 the calculator. its so funny

  31. Sold it after 3 battles. Waste of time.

  32. Hmmm A new seal clubber maybe????

  33. A light tank without a turret?
    Now THIS is interesting.

  34. wtf, why so many stats for an unplayed tank?

  35. Why is this not avaible for the Asia server

  36. i hated the thing im just keeping it for the fact its a gift

  37. Thank you WG for the 2 free garage slots for this thing and the The T34s will come in handy

  38. Played a game. Won a game. It was all of these tanks. Pretty good tank for a free one. Tier 2 though I would have preferred a tier 3. Don’t get shot in the toosh. I lost 97% health and started on fire. Luckily I didn’t die.

  39. Кирилл Глушков
  40. Now I wanna derp them with bt-7 artilery

  41. i hate it and find it funny at times ..

  42. I have this tank in my game

  43. it’s a RC tank

  44. i wont play this tank once,tier 2 is to easy and unfair

  45. UE 57 say : i’m not alone

  46. I actually like this one, I play it like a td.

  47. Hahahahahhaha when i play with bt 7 and i see a enemy tsk 20 … i like ramm ir so hard hahahahahahha

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