World of Tanks || TO CLOSE TO CALL!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World Tanks. Today I’ve got a nail-biter for you in the T10 French wheeled light the EBR 105!


World Tanks is a Free 2 online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Hahaha i wasnt expecting a fail

  2. Replays of other people, I want to see

  3. No aty-no party.

  4. Given the discussion about the Mines falling damage, it seems like a good time to remind everyone that the various Suspension Upgrade equipments reduce your ramming and falling damage when you make sure to take the hit on the suspension. I find that often overlooked peice of equipment can be really useful if you’re the sort of person who is willing to sacrifice some HP to got to positions faster than the enemy would expect.

  5. maybe if they gave all frontline tanks +15% move speed might make the games quicker

  6. As usual, even though he knows what happened, he still makes it interesting to watch.

  7. You did say he appeared to be an experienced player QB… assessment validated!

  8. Pls top10

  9. There are at least three paths off the center hill apart from the main entry where you can go down the side with a better than 50% chance of taking no damage.

  10. QB when you run out of ideas, make a 30v30 Panhard EBR 75 (FL 10) so we can turn World of Tanks into Need For Speed

  11. Too*

  12. Logan McCutcheon

    Lights speed’s too slow, we must go straight to… ludicrous speed!

  13. Why dont we try and escape… Yes sure if you have an EBR105… What about other lights… No

  14. ebr 105 again

  15. Hey QuickyBaby I have a question to ask of you, buddy pal legend tank demon you get the idea. Would you or could you do a vid about the current spotting mechanics ? Pleeeease

  16. Thomas Hodgson-Jones

    I shotgunned one of these little cancer trucks with my GW Tiger P last week. It was beautiful!

  17. QB, I respect you as a youtuber and everything, but you need to stop abusing the game. EBR is broken (54% global we) and you know it, yet you are playing the EBR to promote the entire population to play it. I sincerely request that you try to play balanced but good tanks in the future, such as patton, tvp, or bc.

  18. Wow, terrible heartbreak…

  19. Speed buckets 🙁 Cartoon ride—

  20. Sławomir Grzegrzółka

    About FL: I feel the same as you but instead of feel forced to play it I quit after 5th one. I mean its never too late to give up on something that is not worth it, right? If anyone whos tired would do the same it would be clear message to WG that something is very wrong and I’m 100% sure they would fix it faster. Nothing hastens f2p more like quiting players.

  21. You could hear him reliving the combat in this commentary. Wonderful recollection!

  22. same OLD tired Maps in wot’s

  23. Jaiden Miscamble

    Too Close To Call*

  24. Great game!

  25. That Udes died before you even shot him

  26. do you want to know what is your error QB in the end ? you dosent jungle with it , thats why , but gg and nice game !

  27. Dont worry QB the Manticore is acutally a Chimera in the documents.

  28. EBR is OP

  29. the adrenalin would’ve killed me in that game

  30. Good vid but the player base really needs more than 1 video per week

  31. Your are only human. In pressure you pressed speed button while actually you were in speed mode…

  32. Did way better in that situatuon then most of the player base. Myself included…

  33. geez, mate. amazing, what you can do with anything in this game 🙂

  34. Bartholomew Macaluso

    You died…


  36. Amazing game as usual!! bout the end- apperently u r human 🙂

  37. I rly like you QB, but i’m glad you did not win this battle, simply because i hate wheeled vehicles. Anyway that was a good game GG.

  38. QB you should talk about how the EBR is OP, especially in FL, where they have all space to roar. Imagine you have a great game and use all your skills and suddenly an EBR, or even worse a flock of EBRs, come down on you and you are gone is less than 30sec. There is no way these tanks can move like this. Take a look at real footage of the EBR moving.

  39. No enemy weevil? These things are so undermining of the game if only one side has one the game is won. Nerf or get rid please WG.

  40. ‘You could do this in another light tank or even a fast medium tank….’. BS QB, absolute BS.

  41. never saw 390 dmg… everytime over 420

  42. I thought this replay was sped up, then i looked at the speedometer

  43. Imagine if this was 1.6 and you wouldn’t have taken damage from that AX,, ez win WP QB!!

  44. ‘Today I’m playing the OP AF EBR…’

  45. I would have held the last shot just a second longer…

  46. “There are no more lights, so i should have the best cammo rating.”
    UDES 03 in the enemy team: laughs in swedish*

  47. u can make a clip, how i killed u in my grille 15 and the rng gets my team to win 😀

  48. 戦士Critcritcrit

    You shot him and he followed you down, you started to cap so he just kept going forward of course he will come from below, if you shot him from the other side of the map he would’ve gone there instead and go to the cap from the upper side, it makes sense that he won’t go around the longer way. I watch your videos from a very long time and you are awesome✊?⭐ keep them coming.

  49. Maybe do a video on the medium changes? Show some gameplay with STB1 etc.

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