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World of Tanks. Today I’ve got a double dose of infrequently featured vehicles the M 41 90 and the AMX M4 49 Liberté!

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

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  1. Object 263 Tech Tree Showcase – live now!

  2. Really, suntanned englishmen? I thought they we’re either pale, or red. Still, how many video’s have you put up, the number of tanks in the game, im sure there are plenty of vehicles you never covered, let alone artillery.

  3. Match maker is terrible. Even though there are ‘only’ 3 tier 10s, because the maps have corridors, there will be 1+ tier 10 at each choke point. Meaning you would rather get more top tier games and suffer those other games with more tier 10s in a match, because you will see them wherever you go anyway.

  4. Hey QB, nice that the new MM is working for you and giving you top tier games in your T8 Prems. I’m getting about 1 in 15 atm on the Asia Server, most being bottom tier.
    Also, the T34 is no fun at the moment – so slow and the rate of fire!!! With this MM I’ve had to park it… 🙁

  5. ”balanced”

  6. I’m wondered about the Centurion I which is not anymore tier 8 with the new premium tank coming. The gun is just terrible.

  7. Solution. Remove the gold round

  8. Hes evolved from a basement dwelling potato to a basement dwelling baked potato.

  9. Common top tier my ass. I played 20 games that other day and was top tier 2 times. And bottom 13 times and middle 5 times. Top tier… unicum matchmaking. No offense I love u Qb

  10. Anirban Chakrabarti

    QB: thick frontal french armour
    Me: smiles like a complete retard

  11. Yoel Merino Quintero

    it’s just too much only-shooting-premium around this days

  12. The black dog is my most played tank and I only take 6 HEAT rounds. I have no problem with you using them but I feel that if you put yourself in a good situation you can do well without them.

  13. Yea I feel special mm tanks do suffer from new mm system

  14. “hey, buy these tanks before wg realizes how much coins they are giving us” hmm sounds like hes advertising for WG considering they watch his vids im sure. im starting to think QB is a scam. after ive been subbed to him for 3 years

  15. I enjoy my premium matchmaking tanks still… I like tier 8 in general, its were I am most comfortable playing. But i get tired of always being bottom tier IE tier 10 matches in my 8s, which even with the matchmaking changes seems to happen all too often.

  16. love the liberte

  17. There is no historical background in this game anymore

  18. What I can complain about is the IS-6. It used to meet only 3 tier 9s in a battle and once in 5 battles. But now? It can meet 6-7 tier 9 and also tier 10..And with 175 pen and that awful gun handling, it is useless. I haven’t play with Is-6 in ages. And it used to be my favorite:((

  19. Quickybaby’s gameplay it’s retarded as many,many of you … he don’t have a real job,he just milking money from stupids like you , the same shit Wargaming does… this is my last comment here and you can go fuck yourself and also trown yourself into a water,i don’t care what you do in future but let the smart people to wake up or to know the truth. Some of them will thank me later… You are just a bunch of obsessed monkeys (Quickybaby must have a big dick) but many people want to know the truth and i just told them. Who has something personal with me,send me a message and we can meet somewhere 🙂 . Stop trying to be offensive by thinking you affect me when you say that my grammar sucks… it may sucks,i am not a fkin english teacher/translator or an englishman but at least i don’t suck others guys dicks.

  20. big frech frontal armour sounds so wrong, lol

  21. Dear Mr QB, we realize you haven’t upload as much content promoting premium tanks. Id like to remind you to do it as soon as possible, as outlined in the contract.
    Best Regards, Serb.

  22. I never use premium shells anyway lul

  23. QuickyBaby you never pablisht löwe on your chanal

  24. Quickybaby the soundquality when you speak out a “s” is really bad it sounds not as good as in your other good videos , well , thats my only dissapointment . Unless that , great video!

  25. I have T34 and KV-5, and I actually prefer the KV-5 for grinding credits.
    The KV-5 feels like a stronger tank in Tier 9 games than the T34 in Tier 10 games.
    The KV-5 could use a little buff on the premium ammo, it has 219mm. Most tier 8 tanks have around that on their standard round. I am fine with the 167mm penetration it has on the standard round, aslong as it keeps the pref. matchmaking.

    The T34 desperately needs a mobility buff in my opinion, I have such a hard time to get a good game out of the tank.


    Play the Archer, the tier 5 British tank destroyer on the FV4005 line.

  27. Quickybaby don’t worry be happy

  28. Extremely common? 😀 really? I see t6 with T8 like 1/10… that is really common 😀

  29. Hey QB
    I did not play my pref MM tier 8 any more. Because you always get 5 tier 9 and the rest is tier 8, so you have to fire only gold ammo to do damage, so where is the fun?
    It is like tier 9-10 games, you get hit by gold ammo in 80-90 of the times you get hit, not so much fun either. I dont like tier 7+ games any more, it is like all the fun and most of the skill is removed.

  30. Nearly everyone has an E25 but IS6, Super p and defender are even more common =3=

  31. So much fun with premium rounds always. Just few days ago some IS-7 driver cried to me after the game as I was shooting premium rounds into hes lower plate with TVP VTU with 194mm standard pen, its never going trough an IS-7’s lower plate with slight angle and that was the only shot I had since I was shooting under a dead tank. This dude even had 20k games on hes account and was telling me to drive into the open and get hes trackwheel. Sure why not but he would’ve just turned towards me and hes team would’ve had shots on me too if I did that. “bots will be bots I wont waste my time into you” what a dick.

  32. I miss the old KV5 days… hopefully they increase the pen, you can`t really face only Tier 8 tanks with 167 mm pen.

  33. 2:25 the 90 mm of the ru 251 had hesh with 102 mm pen i believe or it was 120 but if the m41 gf has the same 90 mm shells, its just hesh

  34. The KV-5 is complete trash all tier 8 heavy tanks guns and tier 9 can penetrate KV-5 turret straight to the gun mantlet they don’t even need to aim at weak spots and talk about weak spots frontal armour is full of it even when you sidescraping it can be shot in the engine.
    The KV-5 is for very long forgotten by WG.
    And I forgot to talk about the trash gun too the tier 6 gun that can’t penetrate shit even with gold ammo.

  35. Justin justintheman

    How did the t25 and Strv 42 pen him?

  36. at low tiers all people use is gold these days :/ it is so frustrating and dumb!

  37. M 41 90 uses HEP rounds in the game. HEP is basically HESH, meaning High Explosive Capped (HEP), or High Explosive Squash Head (HESH). Therefore it has such a good penetration. Of course, in pracitice HESH (or HEP) works quite differently than in game.

  38. Well QB i have 2 prem. tank T-34-3 and panther 8,8 and i m in so fucked up with this new MM. I like more playing T-34-3 cause my agressive playstyle but when u re playing 8/10 against 9tier or full 8tier its not a fun…

  39. I have KV-5 IS-6 SuperPershing Panther8,8 Sta-2 T-54mod1 PantherM10 Rudy Fury Type64 Type62 CromwellB PzIV(S) M4A1Rev M41Blackdog SkorpionG M56Scorpion and most of the premium tier 5 mediums. While I am rubbish at driving newer meta premium tanks like STA-2, trying to go back to IS-6 and KV-5 feels bad most games.The other week Wargaming offered us half the value in gold on “old” premiums so we could upgrade to the new style French heavy premium or whatever, but I would have preferred some new options that excite players and make my tanks somewhat more relevant again.

  40. he is clearly getting in the vacation spirit

  41. Yesterday I had game with my T-54 doing 6900 dmg. Is that good?

  42. I have been playing my premium tanks to generate credits. But my premium tanks with preferential matchmaking, I’ve not been playing much at all. I’m also a little upset about the mutant (M6 premium) being sold when it was supposed to be a beta tank only.
    As to your other question about people spamming gold, the other day my Scout tank got hit by TankZila TD with the gold round. So yes I’ve seen a lot more gold shells flying every which way.

  43. @8:40 Yes! its not just you! Thanks for shining the light on preferential mm tanks issue after the new mm, i was wondering when will someone will bring that up.

  44. 3:50 yeah 25mm penetration that he can penetrate

  45. About the preferential MM, i had the Churchill 3 and it was a disgusting tank, just sold it.

  46. when comes update 9.20?

  47. Another video about a premium tank having a great game…Can we see Regular tanks do good instead? Is the game so broken that regular tanks can’t have amazing games anymore?

  48. Kv-5 is dead… have only played 10 games after after the mm chance and only had all tier 8 games… and it can’t pen these new op prem tanks and kv-5 armour is thin paper for them

  49. In the meantime, my STA-2 gets MAYBE one top tier game per day. It’s tier X in 8 games out of 10, and i’m not even kidding..

  50. Yeah if I had a dime for every premium ammo spamming twat that’s shot me in the last month I’d be rich. “oh its just what they have loaded” I’m fine with that I am NOT fine with the asshats that just spam it because they know that they don’t need to learn where to fucking shoot when they can just fire a premium shell at the thickest part of my armor and go through like the armors not even there. Sure I’m not the best at armor angling but it still pisses me off having the tank with the most armor in the match and the thickest part of it suddenly gets penned by a tank a tier lower because the bastards spamming premium shells.

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