World of Tanks – TOG!

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It's been far, far, far too long. See what I did there?

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  1. Gerhard van der Bank

    Sir. Jingles Attenborough

  2. Perhaps it would be a good week to give up all Russian games. Solidarity

  3. New drinking game: Drink a shot everytime Jingles says TOG.

    Lets see who will stand after 2 minutes into this video.

  4. AFK players ruin this game more than WG themselves!

  5. This felt more like a documentary than a gameplay!
    Hahaha, I love TOG’s and so do we all.

    Long Live the TOG!

  6. Hi Jingles, I love your videos, however in the context of recent events – wouldn’t you think it would be better to stop promoting WoT, WoWs and WT?

  7. Woke up to tog… will be good day

  8. Sorry, but WoT is a Russian company I believe. And in any event, whilst I appreciate your commentaries Jingles, I think that with REAL Russian tanks rolling into Ukraine, and such videos are in poor taste and shouls be suspended for the duration.

  9. nothing better than seeing yourself finally get a clan wars reward tank and celebrating with a jingles video!

  10. All hail the TOG!

  11. Lol tog dreadnought voice.

  12. I was thinking this would make a pleasant children’s book

  13. I think the Thunderbolt might have thrown the fire extinguisher out of the tank to make room for a large case of cola.

  14. Jingles must be in seven heaven, A TOG video

  15. -Drives to enemy cap
    -Refuses to elaborate further

  16. I’m surprised the togs spotter plane did get mote spotting damage lol.


  18. Bjørn Eirik Størkersen

    TOG – The OG!

  19. With the beginning of war in the Ukraine, I really needed this video. Thanks!

  20. Jingles: TOG II is slow it can’t reach higher than that

    Turbo Charger: Am I a joke to you ?

  21. ladies and gentlemen i present to you the new voice of planet earth a proud replacement for when we inevetiably lose sir attenborough

  22. Malcom Flibbleghast

    will you be in command of a Tog batallion as the commies land on bournemouth beach in apr?

  23. All this Tog talk make me wonder if I am really awake.

  24. Tog needs turbo and improved hardening to be THE tog

  25. NO for WoT, and russian agression!

  26. TOG, the vehicle that is legendary and stuff in great stories. Jingles, only you provide this unique and needed dose of humour. Thank you!!!

  27. I just realized that the TOG is the Ent of WoT

  28. Why are artys almost never reducing their distance to the targets in the end? Is shell travel time too difficult to understand for these muppets

  29. Ive never come across a thunderbolt who hasnt only slung gold

  30. My TOG is uninstalling WOT and all other War Gaming titles. Belarus, where WG develops these titles, allowed Russia to stage troops there for an illegal invasion of Ukraine. I refuse to give money to them until Putin withdraws his slave armies. FREEDOM FOR UKRAINE!! DEATH TO PUTIN!

  31. Or the guy in the Sherman was in fact even more of a gold spammer, then you thought in the first place, because he could’ve very well just been dropping the firextinguisher for a premium consumable…

  32. so jingles has a word of the video yesterdays was potato (was said alot) todays word is TOG XD

  33. I have a turbo on my tog 😀

  34. churchill tank is fat slow and smoking thats how i describe the churchill

  35. I dont play WoT anymore, and when i did i played on console.
    I was a decent player, decent enough to earn myself a kolobanovs medal
    In a Tog
    On this map

  36. CrazyWarriorsCatFan

    We have Jingles to get us through the war

  37. Great documentary on this magnificent creature. Worth of David attenborough.

  38. And in typical world of tanks fashion, the afk jgpz4 comes back just to kill himself

  39. trip down memory lane, i too have used TOGG to block that bridge. and i too have used the “roll them in flour ” joke. jingles is king

  40. hilarious usernames of the people that sent you these replays recently: 1st RainbowGlitterFarts now SexyNoodleDragon.

  41. Need more WORLD OF TOG vids. It’s been so long that I forgot I was jonesing for more

  42. The M41 was very lucky to get hit after the cap was won.

  43. Russian tanks are rolling in Ukraine IRL and Jingles manage to release af tank video without mentioning it… Please comment on the situation Jingles!

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