World of Tanks – Tomato of the Day | Canada Hater! | Episode 17

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Source: Svatekl2

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  1. “A patriot to his country” everyone in Canada hates Quebec, there is
    literally a political party dedicated to making Quebec its own country

  2. no dont send him to the forums. Oh my god now there will be discussions
    about how stupid canada is on the orth america forum.. fuuck

  3. A better decision for the KV-1 was to push the Sherman 3 into the open so
    the enemy team kills the Sherman instead.

  4. Tea drinking crumpet munching British chap

    He needs to do what I normally do when someone pulls that shit on me…
    Leave my desk and go make a cup of coffee, they get bored and leave by the
    time I get back.

  5. Vojtěch Světlík

    please send those replays to WG. :)

  6. gerald wittingen

    I like how the video is 4:20 blazing it long ;P

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