World of Tanks – Tomato of the Day | Episode 7 #BestTeamNA

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  1. i understand the TD’s hanging back , but they should have moved to
    positions to support any push. All the heavy’s should have been moving to
    the city., with mediums to the field, again supported by some of the TD’s.
    Your clan mate was were he should have been, and most of the mediums were
    in the field as they should have been. The RU ‘s position is questionable
    as he is a scout, but the RU can act as a light medium. As it was he may
    not have felt he could scout with the team acting as they acted. The T-71
    ‘s death may have turned the game early due to no lights on the city or the
    center road going to the town. The heavy tanks still should have gone to
    the town. at the 12 minute 50 second mark, the game was already lost. Your
    take on team camper may very.

  2. noobs noobs

  3. As a DICED member I am ashamed 

    • +Lucas Dawson DICED is crapped… I got in the clan and I got kicked
      randomly without any warning or anything, I did nothing wrong just the
      commander didn’t want me…. POS

  4. At the beginning, the M103, Bat Chat, and VK are heading towards the city.
    The T110E5 for some reason heads north towards A1, followed by the E75.
    Meanwhile all the TD’s just line up on the ridge facing the city. That’s
    when the M103, Bat Chat, and VK head back to base (and I don’t blame them.)
    The T110E5 and E75 then camp base and don’t even bother backing up the
    mediums in the north.
    I just don’t get that ALL the TDs set up at base.
    Tomato soup!

  5. this is why there is artillery in the game. Tell the arty players to play
    regular tanks, and this is the result.

  6. Imangine that his team was monkeys then you will get it.

  7. Your clan mate did surprisingly well for his situation :P

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