World of Tanks – Tomato of the Day | Episode 9 Special kind of Tomato

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  1. really wtfucking fuck

  2. Maybe EBay account or something like this

  3. I don’t like team killing, but …….

  4. hay que divertirse. perdi mi tiempo viendo este video. y que se jodan las

  5. noob story is bullshit! I hate when people speaking about it! Let me tell
    you, I got 46% win rate, got just over 700 wn8 but all of this is not my
    fault, cause of 100 battles (which is the amount of battles I used to play
    per day, aprox.) i end up in 10-25% win chance in 75 of them. So let
    someone tell me that my stats are my fault?? I can play WoT i know, just my
    stats are not based on gold shells and super unicum bullshit stat story!

  6. my persenal rating is 4700 but i know to play. this guy needs to be
    reportted that much!!!

  7. i have been playing wot more than 2 years and i have never seen this, this
    was probably pure trolling or maybe setting up a mission from someone in
    the enemy team, however, this player needs a lifetime ban

  8. intro music? :D

  9. How does this surprise us? Literally every game on Console my team does
    this shit, WoT needs to keep these scrubs together and not on teams were
    people want t have fun and win, losing is even fun if it was a good loss…
    not like this…

  10. He maybe knew the E-100 and the E-100 had a mission?
    But it is still not okay and then its a kind of rigging the mission

  11. I enjoyed watching the video apart from one thing…. That sound when the
    video switches (or whatever) is the most annoying sound ever.

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