World of Tanks – Tombstone

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In todays' , two players who go on to achieve greatness. One them does it without being a dick.

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  1. That was a pretty good rendition Jingles, it was in tune!

  2. that cover was actually pretty good

  3. that not a Chaffee its the M4 Sherman, The Battle of the Bulge movie says so, Must be true 😀

  4. Great plays! Almost as good as the soundtrack

  5. Jingles singing the Benny Hill theme probably gets a copyright strike anyway = LMAO. Great video as always, my friend.

  6. Dried Frog Pills,,, got a new job as Bursar?

  7. Oh Jingles, now I want to repeatedly pat the top of your noggin. Your Benny Hill was epic! The only thing that would have made this more Benny Hill would be to have Rita prancing about scantily clad being chased by you in a pic in pic side show to the main vid.
    Long live Benny Jingles!

  8. Poor ben hill must be rolling in his grave laughing his ass off.

  9. Jeffrey Southerland

    Nice video, thanks for posting.

  10. I thought the best kolobanovs was when wolf capped in encounter with his amx that had a romulan cloak and killed his teammate also?

  11. Yakety Sax. A tune SO known in the general domain that multiple companies claim to own it.
    Thanks for the fun video.

  12. What an absolutely based fight.

  13. Telling each other useful info? Things have changed since my days on the NA server.

  14. Thank you for that Terry Pratchetts reference. Made my day 🙂

  15. What song does the opening theme come from?

  16. Give yourself more credit sir. The music was actually not too bad. I challenge anyone else to do better.

  17. While it’s not the same game I can attest that the NA server can be completely toxic if you play WOTB

  18. My favorite tank is the 35t. The Cz tank. The reason was because in it I was able to kill 10 tanks and win. The only 10 kill streak I ever had.

  19. Actually, Jingles, that was a really decent version of “Yackity Sax”. I was listening to the either the 50’s or 60’s channel on SiriusXM a couple of days ago and heard the original Boots Randolph recording of “Yackity Sax.” Really bitchin’ song and like I said, you did it really well.

  20. Thanks for the laughs today, and the great replay and commentary as usual!

  21. Dried Frogpills, always love spotting a Pratchett reference in the wild!

  22. tier 6 is best tier. should be renamed to KV2 TIER

  23. Matheus Ferreira

    10/10 Benny Hill

  24. i wouldn’t test the copyright overlords , i know a channel that got struck for singing acapella “Lola , she was a showgirl” – yeah 5 words !!

  25. I liked the music

  26. Jingles video game morals police strikes again….

  27. Henty Cat Sanctuary

    the best replay ever

  28. you mentioned the copyright claims and now I miss the Panzer 2J fight (starring your mate in the navy) and the OK Corral theme

  29. A. Scott Bennett

    WG really needs to do something about crappy play like that guy…. First offense should be a month ban then the second is life ban!!

  30. Is copyright worries the reason the Combat South Woodlands Vietnam reenactment airsoft videos are gone as well? I haven’t been able to find them on the channel and I’m guessing it’s because of the ‘Paint It Black’ intro music. I meant to ask on the Q&A bit I didn’t make it in.

  31. I love this video, this was a CLASSIC jingles video!

  32. Best rendition of Benny Hill in 2022.

  33. Quality beats from DJ Jingles

  34. You singing Yakety Sax and then saying “You’re welcome!” killed me lol

  35. Thanks Jingles. Still hearing the original in my head.
    Keep having fun.

  36. Damage records on any ship that has to shoot mostly HE , arent really records. Damage records are the guys who get 300k dmg in their yamato with AP, or in a monty, maybe colombo. Or the DD’s with torps. Relying on fires to get the damage in, isnt exactly a skill requirement

  37. This video is epic for multiple reasons. You’re the best :*)

  38. The dried frog pills? Jingles, I had no idea you are a Terry Pratchett fan.

  39. We appreciate the extra effort Jingles

  40. Don’t worry Jingles, no algorithm will ever try to claim that.

  41. Lol actually Jingles you allmoust make me believe that we would get that WoWs video LOL!! Well i dont know if you have gonne in to the Obi Wan but this last episode actually is a lot better then the previus ones. Not perfect but way better then the crap that we have get until now. Check that 😉

  42. #JinglesSings

  43. Request more Jingles covers

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