World of Tanks – Too Clever By Half

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Source: Mighty Jingles

And now, just in time for the biggest change in World of Warships since the game went … here's a WOT video.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. Cool Jingles, you left 2,5 secs after your last word, so finally can stop the end of your vid before the next one starts !!

  2. I would love to see a video of nothing but E25s getting blown up

  3. the amazing part is that this guy isn’t loaded exclusively with gold.


  5. Just remember Jingles “If you can’t dazzle them with your brilliance, Baffle them with your bullshit.”

  6. No, we listen to you because it is the only thing playing in the lunch rooms during our daily 15 minute meal break from the salt mines 🙂

  7. Aleksandria_Samusenko_1stGTArmy

    This guy pretty lucky with all those bounces

  8. We watch because you are such a snappy dresser. Great replay and commentary as usual, I just wish you’d lighten up a bit.

    Thanks for the laughs.

  9. the amount of RNG this guy had is absurd!!

  10. TheLegendOf Arthur

    You’re not even a snappy dresser, Jingles, but your witty conversation knows no bounds.

  11. For a while I was wondering if the Cromwell had flipped his tank

  12. Imagine that E25 pay to win.

  13. 13:34 – “I understood that reference!”
    (Now I’ve remembered the “Where the Eagles Dare” War Thunder, when Jingles got almost all the video calling the player “Westy”, when his name was “Wrighty”. We all LOVE YOU, Jingles!!!)

  14. Beardfist TheGoldenOne

    My god that’s a badass carry!

  15. someone tell that man he needs a lower sensitivity

    but I feel the accuracy BS.. I play the JagdPanther…..

  16. The E25 in WoT blitz has 195mm of pen while a same tier medium with the same gun only has 150mm of pen.

    How does that make sense.

  17. Jingles I really miss your more historical videos were you would talk about a tank or ship and give us the history of them. More often than not I find myself going back and watching those videos because I love learning the history behind the ships and such from you.

  18. Thanks for continuing to make WoT videos, even though you don’t play much anymore. I don’t play much either.

  19. What is so unfair about the E25 is that it does not lose its camo rating while firing (and moving, too?) and that is just unacceptable. The only thing more unfair than that was the draconian nerf to arty’s view range in version 9.18.

  20. I’ve got the E25. Nice tank, and it’s the only TD I’ve got, so far, ’cause I’ve only been grinding tanks and arty. And I’m still shit at TD’s for I’m not very familiar with not having a turret..
    But with the little E25 you can stick your gun right in the ass of enemy heavy tanks and they won’t even be able to depress their guns to shoot you, and – lemme tell ya – that is FUN!

  21. 2:50 That’s PRECISELY why we watch your videos xD For the Jingles moments

  22. “lucky” for us on WOTB the sold the e25 and the cromwell B in a bundle for like 1100 gold with free legendary cammo and all equipment. But the funny part is, is the e25 is even more OP on WOT because instead of the 150mm of pen it gets on WOT pc its gets about 190mm of pen on WOTB. Im also one of the filthy people who bought the bundle and played 10 games in the e25 and aced ti twice.

  23. Man, slope armor to the rescue

  24. Глеб Маслов

    11:31 jingles
    he just shoot 2 times at trucks
    “angled armour” can`t save him from cromwell gun

  25. What exactly was his team mate in the other E25 doing? Why didn’t they stay together? Oh well, based on well his team mate did maybe he was better off by himself.

  26. I’m surprised Jingles didn’t “Yee Hawww!” every time the E-25 got airborne

  27. Jingles there are mechs in wot console for a limited time

  28. Not that op. If one of the last two tanks fired He they would’ve won.

  29. What’s wrong with the name Dave?

  30. Jingels do you have any plans for subnautica below zero ???

  31. So World of Warships Patch Video soon? lol

  32. Honestly, in that situation? The M44 was right to take the shot, even if the Hellcat wasn’t quite dead yet. The E-25 was clearly the VASTLY more threatening of the two remaining tanks, and killing or crippling him at the cost of technically teamkilling a mauled Hellcat with ZERO chance of surviving more than 5 or 6 seconds more? Well worth it.

  33. t67 ruins tier 5 MM, this ruins t7 mm. GJ wargaming you tools

  34. Wtf is that noise at 4:21

  35. this guy is painful to watch … missing so many shots … ramming arty !? letting the other arty reload ?!? wtf 😛

  36. Why look over the field at the end? Look toward the town. If he comes from the field you’ll have all the time in the world to aim.

  37. TankingLikeABoss _

    Asian Server represent 😛

  38. E25 the annoying cockroach = instant dislike and turning off video.

  39. eitheer its a replay bug or he is aimbotting…

  40. Jingles still on that GW2 kick

  41. I see Jingles vid, I click “like”. No fucks given.

  42. My e-25 isn’t op when I’m driving it. lol

  43. I play the E25 on stream alot and usually do pretty well with it. Not as good as My STRV S1 but still
    Wanna see a true master of Muppetry, come watch my streams.
    I provide so much saltiness that you all can take a break in the Mines

  44. Good marketing idea!

  45. I thought WG and WG contributors don’t care about players who use mods like autolock thru obstacles and tundra, kappa!

  46. I don’t get it, its like youtube is throttling your new videos. They are unwatchable for a couple days.

  47. I received mine for free on the US server after they removed it from sale.

    I didn’t even know there was an event going on that was giving it away. I was playing as normal and received it as my reward.

  48. Top tier e 25 replay. Shame Jingles. Shame.

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