World of Tanks || Too Easy…

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. Today OriginalEasy going to do just that, make this game look like a cake walk…

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  1. I hope you enjoy this massacre!

    American Medium Tech Tree Showcase – live now 🙂

  2. Man! What a match!

  3. Poor arcade tank game

  4. Holy shit this was epic.

  5. Literally was just in a game with him on my team hahaha

  6. If I was in the same position, I know I would have been killed when that T34 came around that corner. And plus it’s not the hardest tank to use. Still, it was good playing an guess I’m just salty that someone of similar age has a better win rate by 30%

  7. Hey does anyone know why do I have sudden FPS drops while playing?

  8. just loss 38k credits :/ what would happend that he wasn’t jousing premium account ….70-80k credits losed :/

  9. Anyone else notice Mountain Man on the other team?

  10. I had so much fun watching this game 😀

  11. KV-2_Sniper_Tank_да

    I see mountain man on the other team. He is a very good NA player.

  12. Call it as it is – that tanks is woefully op. Doesn’t take a genius to realise that.

  13. damn that IS driver got a brain fart after easy went fast and furious mode in that maneuver that he almost don’t have time to react to easy.

  14. well played originaleasy…thanks QBY for showing us

  15. Easy making it look easy ………………… Great game 🙂

  16. Aleksandar Kospenda

    This kid is really intelligent, i fucking love his aggressive playstyle.

  17. best replay I ever saw

  18. congrats and wtf to all haters. He did very well, pure skill for me

  19. liem thanh Nghuyen

    wow amazing replay
    :))))) i guess IS4 it lag 😛 maybe be he noob

  20. IS-4 bot and T-34 banana.

  21. well played

  22. His clan tag in Hawaiian means gay

  23. Anythings possible with daddy’s credit card

  24. Czech top three tiers are OP AF.

  25. I read ‘MAHOU’ and I realized what was going on

  26. when will u do another give away
    also how do u get the national crew voices?

  27. Disgusting autoloader.

  28. Great Replay ! 😀

  29. Really good work on that battle,though he got a bit lucky quite a few time.Borsig missing him,T34 missing him,M103 not even firing at him,second time when the T34 was slower on the reflexes when he went yolo around the corner,and the IS4,yoloing it trying to ram him but failing miserably,on a large medium tank that was stuck on a corner,amazing.

  30. see quickybaby’s face at 0:49 XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD LMAO

  31. perhaps the most amazing gameplay i ever saw on replay… OriginalEasy is so awesome..!! 😉

  32. Quickybaby Can you help my Channel out

  33. 체코 사기다

  34. All tier x Light tanks Has been changed

  35. Best replay I’ve seen here in months. This guy is a god.

  36. So let’s see : 1 OP tank check . 2 Reroll check .3 some strange aiming and shooting check … Wg at his best double check

  37. quicky baby how to fix the application was unable to start correctly on wot??

  38. Still stuck at TVP VTU …..

    (Researched it like 2 yrs. ago, but I thought that it was so bad so I didn’t save up for it)

  39. another proof that many people are so retarded and WoT is infested with this kind of retards… sad! So much sad fails in this game.

  40. For all the Tomatoes saying he’s using aimbot please don’t talk until you get at least 1.5k wn8. That’s just good marksmanship he gave lead while on the move. His reticle was moving because both the tanks were on the move and your turret + gun are moving in the same time.

  41. unbelievable stupidity 😀 cg to super game 🙂

  42. In today’s episode, Quicky shows us how someone who stat pads and spams a lot of premium round in an OP medium autoloader clubs seals.

  43. Wow that was a massacre,did he miss more then 2 shoot?amaizing easy game …i dont think that would anyone make that kind of score..once in a life time……

  44. Besides we won’t see replays like this anymore next patch. That M53 will have splashed him to death long ago.

  45. Tom's Game Replays

    i have 120 battles in this tank with 37 % wr and 2.2k average damage just struggling to get the hang of this tank

  46. LOL….this is why you never pass up a sure win…

  47. hey…what about tire 11 , 12 13…. I have just watched the video…

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