World of Tanks || TOO FAST, TOO STRONG!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World Tanks. Today we’re going to be making bold aggressive plays and push the advantage they create!


World Tanks is a 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. *My team’s heavies go into TD positions and the scout does not do a scouting run, while me and the other meds have no fire support*
    Me: Yeah. The game is won…by the other team. XD

  2. Thumbs up for the failed attempt to end the first game with a ram kill from above and the honesty about it. No guts, no glory!

  3. Hey Quickybaby, I’ve been trying to find a good Premium tank for High DPM and good mobility. I’m in Australia so I play on the Australian server.
    I have been looking at the VK45.03 Tier 7 German Heavy as I watched your video. But I’m so used to playing heavy i wanted to change it up a bit and run a medium tank.
    I watched your review on the Super Pershing and I was very Interested but then there were strong down side to it and well, put me off the tank even though lots of people recommended i should get it?
    I just want to know, What tier 7-8 Premium would you highly recommend me for the DPM and decent credit/experience maker – Don’t stress about the costs, I can afford to get any tank 🙂

  4. German tech tree?

  5. Ah i was waiting for this video!

  6. It’s a fine video. But, alas, it is ONLY showing how much the soviet tanks are OP, especially when you know them IRL… Wargaming has made a true Sci-Fi game with this one…

  7. has anyone had a problem of installing world of tanks or world of warships? I cant get them to install from the game center no matter what I do

  8. I used to play with you back when you did clan wars in QSF. Does the clan still continue or did it break down? I don’t play anymore but still watch some of your videos from time to time.

  9. Quickybaby, I have never requested a tank being played but I would like to see you do a video playing Panther II. The way world of tanks is right now with all the buffs and prems, I feel the Panther II like the Tiger II has been badly power creeped. I can barely, get through the Panther II… maybe you can give some pointers on this tank because I am struggling.

  10. Downward Deviance

    Would like it if you covered rigged matches, have experienced far too many of them. Examples are when you get 100% aimed in and no matter what, shot falls to very outer edge of aim circle, almost always to favor of opponent. Was playing T-67 and shooting from cover against T-50 who had about 5-10% cover with corner of building, took 4 shots, none fell to center of aim and 3 hit the corner of building at the very edge of aim ring. If not 100% aimed in had 4 out of 5 shots fall OUTSIDE of aim ring by 1-3 inches (on screen), so basically increasing aim bloom by 50-300%. In all matches were these occurrences happen, every one a rofltstomp, usually ~3-15, and other players in platoon pointed out same issues in replay. My question is why would WG bend the odds so much to favor one side? Also have had an increasing number of matches where my team is all tomatoes, including myself and all but 3-5 of apposing team is unicums. Since last update this has become increasingly prevalent to the point that it can no longer be considered just chance. Seems WG is bunching the Unicums against the tomatoes. Last match I played, my team was ALL <50%, with 10 of the less the 44% while the apposing team was ALL >60% except for the two arties who where ~45%. Needless to say it was a very un-fun 0-15 bloodbath. I wouldn’t mind the unfair match ups so much if I didn’t have the full bore RNG hate going at the same time (actually shot at the side of a Russian LTTB, fully aimed in with T-30 (maxed out) and only caused 84 damage and no crits, meanwhile he shot my turret after that for 364 damage, killed my commander and killed my gun). It’s crap like this that is turning off players. I find its better to play during the week at odd hours as you don’t run into this WG BS as much during those times.

  11. Hello everyone! I’m an ex WoT player and haven’t played it in a few years. I’ve been playing War Thunder for the past 2 years and have been feeling pretty nostalgic for World of Tanks recently. I was wondering if World of Tanks is worth getting back into?

  12. QuasiHornet3516 Gamerhapm


  13. I liked that t55a strategy

  14. *”Reward” Tanks that Real and Normal PLayers cannot ever hope to get per their own individual Meritocratic Efforts should NEVER be as good as ‘Real’ in game tanks* on the techtree and same vs Premiums that anyone can buy or earn as they play.

    It just breaks things when overly too good “Reward” tanks like the Obj. 263 or such heavy and others that are just flatly _Better_ than tanks Real players can hope to own/earn/buy.

    Now sure, the other answer is to allow such tanks to be very good,
    BUT ONLY USEABLE in Clan Wars or Special Mode “Events,” such where only such kinds of groups are the ones playing anyways…. Or make it where such tanks can only queue games in side modes or such into games with other such tanks….. etc.

    Since not just anyone can get them, it being in turn less about the players and more which clan groups they buy or ‘earn’ their way into; in no case being an open fair system to the little guys to have hopes of getting prizes the same if forced to then still fight them.

    If it isn’t open for all players to win / earn / buy, etc.
    Then it should not be Overly Good / Better than “Real” tanks in the game all players can own if they want them enough to earn them or to buy them, such any said ‘normal’ less good tanks can see them and be forced to fight against them in normal game modes.
    (for real, it ruined things that already have population issues when I still played)

  15. Funny. My account has an obj 907 but i quit wot years ago…

  16. With a bit of more bad luck you wouldn’t have managed to get on hill… Happens more often than entering hill nearly undamashed… but as toptier the chance is better…

  17. Fast & furious

  18. You get a tiny xp bonus for surviving

  19. Love all the videos you do. Great job man. Keep up the great work. But i have a question and request. Have you ever tried the steam controller? Obviously for wot. And if so did you like it? If you have not tried it will you? Can you? And then can you share the controller button settings. On the controller setting page you can share your set up etc. Please please please.

  20. i got this tank twice,once in the test server and once in the live server.The first battle I had in that tank i did 3,9k damage and lost,but after i got it in my live account i always feel sad when playing it after i had a battle in my obj 140.This tank is like a baby 140 but with worse gun and hull armor

  21. Russian bias…. russian made bias

  22. Flaming sword_xxx

    U could charge money for ur knowledge have u considered making buyable training videos,? Who else would pay for it ???

  23. Quickybaby is broken. Pls nerf…

  24. No! We didn’t want that medal.. You did!

  25. The reward tanks are the only tanks that should be better than their tech tree counterparts. Hard-earned.

    • Premiums should also. Or at least different like EBR vs Lynx (autoloader and non autoloader). If I’m paying REAL MONEY I expect it to be better than something I could get for free.

  26. 5:53 thats russian bias for you nibbas 😛

  27. As someone who struggled to get a Radley Walters (finally did, but I only have the one, despite having several games with 7 kills), it’s infuriating watching you throw one away goofing around.

  28. Too fast Too strong: cry in Jap and China meds

  29. I personally have given up on all the missions. I am just an average player and only by luck can complete them. WoT has become a joke with all the op premium tanks now. Light tanks with wheels that stop 155 mm 286 pen AP shell. Tanks with 0 frontal weak spots etc. I play now only 1-2 hours a night because I just cant take all the bs this game is slinging. Dont get me wrong, if you are in the top 5% of players it is probably still fun to club all us lower skilled payers. If you are in the top clans you get rewarded with op tanks that you only spam skill from. No. WG is losing players quickly and unfortunately i may be 1 of them very soon.

  30. sananmuunnokset munansaannokset

    Lt 432 has soo good turret armor

  31. get the chieftan not the 907 ?

  32. Hey quickybaby I really enjoy your content and i was recently watching your video regarding “How you would fix” the game and in the case of premium ammo it occured to me that WG could limit the number a tank could carry into battle to only 10 rounds or so this way it would be a real consideration when and at who you fire it at. What are your thoughts on this? Thanks in advance and keep up the good work!

  33. qwertyuiopåasdfghjklöäzxcvbnm

    Only 1 mission to do to get T55A, that mission is LT-15, combined 7k needed but i’ve got only tier 8lt atm. yesterday i got 6,6k i was so mad didnt get it

  34. Buff a shitty cosplay tank and leave AMX30b useless wargaming logic :/

  35. Well, that second mission is one I will never be able to do… Thanks WG’ing… Thanks for *NOTHING*…

  36. Is this the reference to Magnus Carlsen’s “Too weak, too slow!” ?

  37. Jonathan Lachapelle

    yes there is a flat bonus exp if you stay alive!

  38. I’m really interested what you all think: Are russian tanks really much better than their counterparts? I hope for some good arguments!

  39. If you don’t play the T-55A enough Quickybaby, I’ll take it off your hands ?

  40. Quicky I was trying to pick up one of your T-Shirts do they ship to the USA? Couldn’t find it on the drop down menu. Love your videos by the way!

  41. No Tier 8 is high tier tier 1-4 low tier 5 6 7 mid tier 8 9 10 high tier

  42. T 55A in this battle Without Premium acc and personal reserve will lose -5000 credits…for such a result…Epic game, epic developer, epic WG ruleZzZz

  43. “The Better Players”…ehh QB u mean the people that failed themselves through missions throughout 40k games with ratings ranging from 1800-3000WGR?

  44. This map is a joke

  45. I swear your stuttering is getting worse QB

  46. tell me why you win every game and its look you play everytime against bots… so easly when i see yor game . but in the real games what normal people play you lose more games as win for buying credits and the machtmaking is so bad> , , but you are for wot , and not for the people that normal playing >>its albout the money and also for you , if i see your merchandise so please be real to the people and your videos.>and tell us what is wrong with wot ? please say more about that matchmaking skills , every game is now 2-15 4-15 or win like that is based on quick games and lose

  47. 3 marked this tank
    beast with HEAT

  48. And here i am barely ever getting 25.000 credits…

  49. When i got it i got ammoracked, set on fire broken engine. Amost every game. Pennertrated trough the turret front. I hated it, so i sold it. Maybe ill rebuy it.

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