World of Tanks || Too Mutz of a Good Thing… Pz. 58 Mutz

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Source: QuickyBaby

Yesterday the T8 German Premium medium, the Pz. 58 Mutz, was released on the EU server and Mikzu is going to show you why you can never have too Mutz of a good thing…

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  1. That pun physically hurt me

  2. *looks at the video title*
    *bashes head against wall*

  3. 11:53 Omg….that joke….

  4. I’m really wondering what WG is thinking nowadays because this tank is
    effectively what the CDC needed to be gun-handling wise and terrain
    resistance value wise, it *IS* a superior CDC in all but top speed.

    Since they released this on the live server in this state they need to
    start buffing the CDC dispersion/bloom values and the terrain resistance
    values to make it on-par again.

  5. where u download 6th sense???????????
    PLEASE put down link

  6. To mutz credits? xD

  7. I am sorry to say this, QB, but it looks like you were forced to do video
    on Mutz.. Mikzu had amazing round, but yet something feels wrong so I had
    to click my second dislike ever for your videos.

  8. Oh as a medium tank player I love city maps. Even though large open maps
    should logicaly be more fun for mediums … the fact that all open maps are
    coridors with open ground where half of the team wait for a stupid guy to
    try to cross it, pretymuch negates it as open. City maps are fun since you
    can flank enemys withouth getting shot by a noob sitting in base.

  9. 8/10 Mutz players who I met yesterday, were people with around 3k battles
    and 300wn8 … Wargaming should realy pput a limit on who can buy premium
    vehicles. All of them got completley wrecked in the first 2 minuts of the
    game. I hate it when new t8 premiums get into the game. People who have no
    idea of high tier gameplay try to play theri tank like a t4.

  10. Looked like that game was a breeze. He made it look really easy. Great game

  11. Wait a second, shouldnt 9.14 test server be out by now?O.o

  12. Over powerd

  13. Start Your Engines and Open Your Wallets!

  14. 2000 base exp. far out

  15. will u ever start recording game play on the xbox one? @quickybaby

  16. That pun though…

  17. WG, just add more premium tanks, which are better than normal T8 tanks. :)

  18. KSI brought me here

  19. Manfred von Richthofen

    Jesus Christ why is the paint job so hideous?

  20. 6:00 soo funny

  21. Svetlomir Dimitrov

    Боклук си ти quicky, само рекламираш wargaming и неси побликувал твой
    реплей от сто години

  22. When does NA get this tank?

  23. This is not even close to the indien. The indien has much worse gun
    handling and is much much slower. This thing is leap years ahead and a
    straight upgrade vs the indien. Its no contest.

  24. 11:53 To mutze credits…. FeelsBadMan

  25. puns though hahahahaha

  26. quicky baby when you ever gonna get a new title video?

  27. QB can you do a review in the Jagteeger, its just i’ve never heard of
    it….. ;)

  28. man how you brits have this tank already? my murican entitlement is hurt.

  29. what’s wrong with the paint job this tank has… lol

  30. When will the 9.14 test server coming out for the US server

  31. damn too bad wargaming are not releasing this tank on the SEA server, do
    you have any ideas as to why?

  32. That joke was too mutz…..

  33. I’ve been waiting the whole week to get it and I finally did. I enjoy it to
    bits. I’ts my new favorite premium, 2’nd being Patton KR. I like it so much
    that I gifted one to my brother as well :)

  34. My god stop playing tank games while europe is flooded with stone age
    ISLAMIC immigrants, who rape our women and pick fights with our men.
    Go on the streets and get those corrupt politicians out of office. Stop
    voting for those crazy idiots who bring those people here.

  35. dat stat gloating

    99 out of 1 m80

  36. Like it. Not like this guy, but I have had pretty good games in it. Doing
    3000 damage is not a rare thing, and getting 60-100k creds is normal,
    unless you get yourself killed in the first minute.

  37. I really can’t wait for this tank to come to america! :)

  38. I would like to know when WG will bring out British light tanks and the
    rumored Italian tech tree. There are a lot of stuff they could do with

  39. aaaaaand… the US server gets it last ~

  40. so many mutz jokes… at least it’s ogre now…

  41. Mutz is the animal in the coat of arms of the City Bern in Switzerland.

  42. I feel that the Mutz might struggle with ammo capacity.

  43. in my opinion the Mutz is a slower, less dpm but better armored cdc, and
    armor is overrated in world of tanks. plus it doesn’t feel “unique” like
    the cdc, as u said its similar to a Indian panzer. I feel like WG is taking
    a clone path aka ripper Patton, worse pershing, panther 88 same if not
    worse than the panther 2, t54 mod 1, clone of t54 with t44 stats and
    different turret and much slower, STA 2 similar to the STA 1 with a
    terrible pen and the new fv4202 a much, much, much worse cen mark 1 with a
    fv4202 hull/turret kinda. what happened to unique tanks like the cdc, super
    p, type 59, KV-5 and t-34-3 kinda. i know there was the m4a1 “ravioli”, but
    that’s no really unique, that’s just a M4A3E8 with a 105mm at tier 8… I
    want “unique” prem tank that doesn’t have a “similar” tier and class
    comparison. Also this tank doesn’t have a “amazing” feature, for example,
    cdc – massive speed, gun performance and gun depression, t54 mod 1 –
    amazing armor, Type 59 – is a Type 59 XD at least the ripper patton looks
    amazing this thing (Mutz) is… well lets say ugly, but that’s my opinion

  44. Why does a tank such as the kv-5 get preferential matchmaking when this

  45. when does it come out on the US servers?

  46. Please WG show some love to NA I want a Mutz so bad!

  47. Q/b you totally missed your chance to troll peppy back for once.

    You should have offered her some nice vodka to drink after she visited the
    dentist to numb the pain.

    I would all come out of the side of her numb mouth ! 😉

    My family has a long tradition of practical jokes. I believe it’s my Irish
    ancestry that does it. My great grandfather shook chains under my GG bed
    and she asked him if he heard anything he said no. MY grandfather put a
    frog in my grandmothers oven once before she went to make food in it.

    It was a cold oven of course so don’t worry. We don’t believe in cruelty to

    Just people :)

  48. In the Swiss German dialect spoken in Bern the word “Mutz” means bear. So
    now you no the connection between the name and the painting on the tank.

  49. Great upload as always keep it up

  50. go get one qb you love it

  51. Wuuuuut if this can get on this channel

  52. It has the Maus

  53. Oh hey QB Can you play War Thunder? It has some pretty cool tanks not seen
    in WoT

  54. I didn’t even know there were even swiss armored vehicles!

  55. I hate these videos showcasing “good” games in WoT. If you played like
    Mikzu on Siegfried Line with that kind of match up then 9/10 times you are
    going to be killed within the first few minutes.
    Getting to the edge of the cap circle in a Tier 9 game that early in a tank
    with lousy DPM and crap armour like the Mutz is a reliable way of getting
    an early trip back to the garage.
    There’s an awful lot of luck involved.

  56. lets be honest
    first place where he go … usually they rape u there for first couple min
    and they wont let u alive so he had a lot of luck
    number 2 almost full is 3 saw one shot tank and don’t kill him ( no one do
    it ) even the tomato

  57. so, Mutz or the Patton kr? pls help.

  58. You can’t call him a Putz but he is a hard rocking Mutz!

  59. Pz. 58 Deez Mutz!!!

  60. Only if only the super Pershing had the speed this thing does it would own
    the battlefield

  61. World of Tanks is the best game in the World of Tanks. ;-)

  62. nuclearsharkattack

    Complete master class in the Pz 58, what a game and what a player. Well
    done sir. All killer, no filler.

  63. WG must be milking the EU server because nobody is playing/buying most of
    the premium tanks QB reviews in his videos. The Muts is not out yet on the
    NA server but if you look at the ones he’s reviewed recently they just
    aren’t really showing up on the NA server.

  64. Ugh! That pun is terrible. With a joke like it seems like you’re preparing
    for fatherhood.

  65. Christian Schmeizl

    i picked one up myself an had a ace tanker game in the 11th round i played
    it … its truely a beast

  66. amazing game and monster credit payout. this is the best tier 8 premium
    I’ve seen since possibly the AMX CDC. this thing is definitely gonna
    replace my panther 88.

  67. Those puns tho.

  68. Can you do a ARL 44 video

  69. What’s happening with your mod? I can’t see the experience of my opponents.

  70. hi qb why is the t10 listed as an is8 in the post game stats?

  71. you should be a sports commentator

  72. Maybe in the next future we will see some Jap arty’s and TD’s

  73. Quickybaby, that pun was horrendous.

  74. kijken ook nederlanders dit ???

  75. QB, I’m thinking on going up the Chinese medium line, do you think they are
    good? Also wondering about the Japanese meds.

  76. Hi, i bred some help with my WoT because I never hear their voices in the
    tanks and no sound is turned off, how can I fix it?

  77. +QuickyBaby have you secretly trained your pronounciation of german tanks?
    You said tiger in a very german way 😀
    Now you only need to train on saying panther, loepard and Jagd-

  78. we dont have that on the NA survers we have our own tank that we get

  79. Do you get given free gold from wargaming?

  80. Wow….what a nice game….can’t wait to play at my house…travelling is a

  81. You heard it guys, you can NEVER have too Mutz credits

  82. I’ve bought Mutz yesterday. I found some crew without even a first perk. 2h
    into a game and over 3k dmg, 6 kills making 99 245 credits. Avrage earnings
    are around 50k per battle.
    Just watch out for that turret, it aint that bouncy.

  83. Do you guys have any idea of when the amx 1949 (futur fcm 50t’s place
    holder) will be out ?

  84. uli uli uli indeed.

  85. really skilled player, not even spamming gold ammo like other guys

  86. 6:31 You almost admitted that FV 4202 will be a piece of shit, lol

  87. His vxm rating is effi or wn8? It’s effi isn- it? I noticed wn8 is more
    friendly, team seem a lot more red when using effi, and if I’m green with
    wn8, Im still yellow with effi. I switched back to effi yesterday,
    motivates me more to progress! :P

  88. he says the player is a fantastic one.. so what might qb actually be?! a

  89. Jadgt-ea-gar? Jadgtiger? QB messed up? Lol

  90. Yesterday in WOT, I killed four unicorns xD I’m so good!

  91. Pz. 58 Mutz or Panther 8,8?

  92. Can someone please tell me how i play good with the tier 4 M3 Lee, i always
    seem to just die and not do any damage to anyone!

  93. Torilla tavataan!

  94. Looks like a german CDC, (with a little less horsepower). Awesome round.
    Congrat! Keep it up Quicky!!

  95. It’s op… Nerf it….

    Just kidding! Great game

  96. ArmoredGamingSalad

    Those puns…

  97. 김민재 (BatKong)

    totally balanced… awesome

  98. QB what graphics do you use on WoT

  99. Circon had a good game in the mutz, but he lost in the end

  100. Puh 🙂 i have done a Ace Tanker in the Mutz shortly before Mikzufin with
    3100 DMG and 1500 Spotting DMG 🙂 @ Mikzufin very nice round, i wish i had
    so much luck… when i take a
    position like this the enemy is Focus on me 🙁 or the arty is one shot me^^

  101. When will NA release this tank…. We just got the M46 KR, so a month

  102. Balázs Iró (irobacsi)

    Too mutz credits 😀 i love you man!

  103. “90milimeters of awesome” -QuickyBaby, 2016

  104. Its a better Indien Panzer with mutch better aimtime and all the hidenstats
    are better at the Pz58. Also in the speed and ground resistance are mutch
    Its a mutch better Indien Panzer.

  105. nice tank!

  106. I am thinking about buying this but i dont know. I already got the CDC and
    i dont have that much money to spend. I could buy it but then i got no
    money left for the next month. I am struggeling at the moment. :(

  107. Leader Of KaRu gaming

    are he Finish?
    because fin and SUOMI PERKELE!! :D

  108. I will never ace this tank xD So far i have only gotten second class with

  109. Torilla tavataan

  110. But you can never have to mutz Imao

  111. £45? – I thought you mention this to WG about the cost of the packages…
    Oh well, let’s hope they act and change it.

  112. When does this tank come out for purchase in the NA store?

  113. Can’t wait for WG to add other swiss vehicles like Nahkampfkanone I and II,
    as well as the MOWAG Pirat with a 90mm gun, the MOWAG light tank, Mowag
    HM-13 Gepard, K+W 30, Panzerkanone 68 ( 155mm SPG)and maybe Panzer 61 and
    68 as regular tier 9 and 10 vehicles

  114. too mutz butts

  115. Did he say Pz 58 Mutz released in EU server? How about in NA server? I hope
    they release that tank in NA server with FV4202 (P) in premium shop for
    players those don’t have Tier X Centurion AX

  116. god damn puns quicky. lol

  117. Serious skills displayed. Well done.

  118. Finally, a good player making good decisions and not panic spamming gold

  119. Gold noob

  120. What a game!!!!!! GG mate!!!!

  121. This guy mutz have been feeling very comfortable with the brand new tank..
    Pardon the pun, i’ll drown myself in mayonnaise..

    Oh yeah, Quicky, i have posted a replay on quickybaby’s replay with a
    heartbreaking end on the Skoda T 25.. Pardon me for pointing it out here, i
    can’t seem to email you the link for the replay..

  122. That Pun Title :D

  123. Actually you should never autoaim at someone is hulldown, doesn’t matter
    how good the turret is :D

  124. This tank is very ugly

  125. Hey Quickybaby, really awesome sauce video :). I have a WoT replay which is
    quite silly, it includes my platoon mate getting stuck and me using him as
    bait. If you would be interested in this replay, where should I send this
    to? If you reply to this you will make my life complete 🙂 :).

  126. Why is there a IS8?

  127. why do i have “TheFochYou” everywhere to my right ?

  128. Quickybaby, you said at 5:45 that this tank have 212 mm of penetration
    It’s false, 212 is the pene of the CDC, the 58 Mutz has 226

  129. I had 3k dmg in my first round in this tank but then there was the fucking
    RNG hwo let an enemy Centurion 7/1 alive with 1 hp

  130. hello :)

  131. Those *PUNS* though.

  132. +QuickyBaby in your tank review you didn’t say if it’s worth the money. I
    have tanks to make credits and don’t have a leopard 1 to use my leopard
    prot crew in yet, do you think it’s wise to spend the money on this tank in
    that case? or do you think the T54mod1 is a tank you can have more fun

  133. Can you talk about world of tank on Xbox one too many problems pls

  134. Super pershing or Mutz

  135. What happened to daily vids?, we loved them!! :-(

  136. Oh no… there is some Sch-Mutz on my Mutz ;)

  137. its a swiss tank not german

  138. Hey QB are you going to do a review on 121 please? :)

  139. i think it’s alot better then indien panzer with better gun control and
    seems faster so i think it’s way better but hey somebody likes some tanks
    and do good in them and some not it’s all about personal preferences

  140. Can anyone give me some tips for someone who is new to the game? Thanks.

  141. Nice price for tank

  142. Ain’t uli uli uli just a lemming-clans(RSOP/TSOP/etc) thing, not all Finns?

  143. i no longer trust QB for this kind of quick replays.

  144. Great tank, but I am not going to buy it. Because I already have 2 tier 8
    premium tanks, the T-54 First Prototype and the AMX CDC. So it is a little
    overkill to buy another one, Considering I only played 6k games ;)

  145. (Hand to the face) really quickybaby. You can never have to mutz. I’m
    disappointed in you.

  146. that pun was way too mutz…


  147. I have been killed soooooo many times today… I hate it

  148. Oh the title…

  149. I think there’s a big big misplay when he is engaging IS-3 at the end. The
    is3 should simply go for him considering he is one shot and IS3 has 80%.
    The IS3 could finish our hero and then get away from the 704. I was
    surprised that he just went to hunt the IS3. But luckily the IS3 is a noob
    and he choose to take a shoot from BL10

  150. #autopermaban

  151. When is this going to be available on the American shop

  152. encountered a lot of mutz tanks from yesterday to today and it really felt
    like its a bit slower and slightly more armored version of amx cdc seen
    only terrible players in them so it was incredibly easy to take down

  153. Nice video! But can you make a video for rhm? :D

  154. will you do a review the object 704 pls? i just buyed it and i dont know
    how to play in it

  155. Oh, im early time to make a joke… War Thunder tank Physics

  156. I killed one… it felt very mutz refreshing

  157. look at my KV-3 replay

  158. Mr. Quickybaby, can you please check your replays, i got one i believe you
    will really like. ME in my TVP (airborne682) getting a radley walters and
    overall a very good game, i want to hear your opinion of the battle, and
    what i do right and wrong :)

  159. wow amaizing game bro

  160. your start in videos are always same but i think that is fun :)

  161. This is the thing that i like, No gold spam or gold at all just pure skill.

  162. did the Tiger2 and T29 camp the base all game?

  163. QB can you make a review about how to improve wn8? I have about 10k battles
    and my wn8 is only 1183 🙁 …..

  164. 2good4you xD great game I really enjoyed it and I finally learned a new
    position after like 12 videos xD gj m8 keep it up and if you could posible
    do a team training room to play with your subs it will be awesome ?
    anyways guys like this comment if you liked the idea od the training room
    so he read it and leave back the no and just do it ?

  165. whoeps a little editing fail there, ow well still nice video :D

  166. Awesome sauce! Good game mikzu ;)

  167. Strange machine

  168. Plz Plz do a review of the T26E4 SuperPershing :)

  169. Heq QB,can you do a review on a T30,tier 9 american tank destroyer…? I
    just got it and I think is great but I really need top gun,engine,radio and
    a new tank(T110E4 😉 ) PLS,help your subscriber…!

  170. suomalainen spotattu! Torilla tavataan!! PERKELE!!??

  171. The puns are real

  172. Great video again qb keep it up

  173. Balkanski Tutorijali

    Yeah Good game ;)

  174. Suomi mainittu torilla tavataan! tai siis… tavattiin jo :D

  175. Haha to much of a good thing was the theme I had to make a presentation of!
    for my FCE certificate?

  176. Nice Game! 😀 hope you will gamplay my replay

  177. How I keen-send to u may reapply?

  178. hallo

  179. hey Quicky baby i want to ask you if you know when is the test server
    avalible on American server. ?

  180. im 84 . :)

  181. #autopermaban

  182. Can you do a review of the new T110E5?

  183. just going to download it now and watch it on my tablet:)

  184. 4th XD

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