World of Tanks || Top 10: ARMORED TANKS

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World of Tanks – Top Ten. Today I’m looking at the armored tanks in World of Tanks!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

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  1. best penetrators or guns? I liked this list

  2. That tank at #6.. It is not a very popular tank. I hardly see it being used on the Asian server. I think if you are going to look for tier for tier, I reckon that Pz J will beat anyother tank

  3. KV-220-2 Beta T
    Tier 5

  4. guys trust me this armour doesnt work when enemy spams gold

  5. why no mauschen

  6. what about loyd gun carrier 0 mm armor thickness on front xd

  7. im just blown away the E75 isnt on here…… i mean ive seen people block well over 5K in it. just suprising.

  8. Nicolae Ioachim Trica

    Do the best snipers or the fastest tanks or the worst tanks, or the slowest tanks!

  9. Computer tanks are different than console tanks. Also different between consoles as in xbox and ps4

  10. Merry Christmas to you both and Happy New Year in your new home , and may it bring you lots of happy times .

  11. I wonder if TOP 10s can be done for tanks in the mobile app. I’m just casually bouncing gold rounds in my e100

  12. I am surprised the IS7 did not make this list.

  13. Georg Ludwig Rudolf Maercker

    Heathanry the maus IS the best at blocking, VB addict is full of shit

  14. Georg Ludwig Rudolf Maercker

    At least the maus has armor on the sides, unlike that faggot turtle

  15. Where was the KV4tress? Despicable

  16. T95 ????

  17. At 8 really?

  18. T95 is life T95 is love

  19. Can you really use the 51 and badger since they’ve been in the game a short time and people aren’t used to fighting them yet. You should take into account how long the vehicle had also been used.

  20. T95, the best scout in the entire game.

  21. armor has no point just press 2

  22. Top 10 lightly armored tanks?

    Gonna see UE 57 and american Scorpion in the list 😀

  23. I think some of those newer tanks have their artificial inflation. I didn’t catch how long the sample is from (I heard “from the last few months”, but that’s kinda vague), but as with all new tanks, people need time to learn where to shoot them. Some might not be on that list in a week or 2.

  24. It sums up how good is e100 recently 😀

  25. Top 10 best snipers in the game!! Rank them by… idk, the best accuracy at 300+ meters

  26. Havnt watched It yet, but pz2j #1?

  27. Hope he do Top 10 Best TD in the game

  28. giorgos panagopoulos

    type 5 is firstt
    amx easy paper

  29. H35 FTW

  30. Basically a list of tanks for retards.

  31. MERICA #1!!!

  32. QB could you pls do top 10 pay to win tanks

  33. Why do people keep saying the VK. 168 is a premium VK 100.01 P? It is the Mauschen with forward turret placement…
    I mean look at the models people…

  34. The AT8 surprised me. I was a big fan of the AT2 with its 200mm of armour so i should try the AT8 soon 🙂

  35. AT 8 is god damn beast !!, but where is E75

  36. I KNEW IT’S T95!!

  37. 10 worst tanks

  38. The mighty Grey Knight

    their u can see E100 becomes shit… it’s a super-heavy like the Maus… but it does not get this super armor buffs and cause of this it can not perform like a super-heavy cause u cant bounce Prem-rounds like a maus or type… u get shot into peaces and only your hitpoints help u…
    because it does nit matter how well u Angel when one plate is angelt enough another weakpoint is created…

  39. Type 4 and 5 heavies…The preferred tanks of players who’s moms have to make them wear a helmet when they go outside.

  40. Who still agree that war thunder is better than this piece of crap?

  41. That E3’s historical camo <3 😀

  42. Yeah T95, my favorite tank, got over 2000 battles in that beast.

  43. dislike for the E3 painting.

  44. Top 10 fastest tanks 🙂

  45. I was expecting the Kranvagn to be honest but then again it’s a very skill requiring tank.. it’s hull doesn’t bounce much only the turret… I love bouncing JgPz E 100 HEAT rounds XD

  46. 6:25 like all tanks with armor……..

  47. Extra Thick

  48. I love this tanks, to bad there are not many tanks with good armor in this game coz of bulshit premium ammo 🙁

  49. No.1: T18 when it was in the game

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