World of Tanks – TOP 10: HEAVY TANKS

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World of Tanks. Today I’m looking at the Top 10 best heavy tanks in World of Tanks!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play game published by Wargaming is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents a toolbox.


  1. Id love to see more of these QB.

  2. m6a2e1,troll front armor,so glad i have one


  4. I would of liked to see your top 10 ten first before you did wot stats. I was not surprised at the conqueror because as i think a lot of inexperience tankers use it and it gets high exsplosived plus artied alot.

  5. No od dnes expime Činu a Francúzov 🙂

  6. I’d like to see more of this type of video.

  7. That was quite a shock. Surprised the Kranvagen wasn’t up there

  8. Still waiting on the KV-2S (S for Stalin) with wheels, quadruple barrel inverse autoreloading 152 mm derp, 350/300/300 armor, 50 mm spaced armor all over, 95/65 km/h top speed, 30 P/W and a unique camo featuring Stalin’s moustache underneath the guns and the inscription “one death is a tragedy, a million deaths is a statistic -J.V. Stalin”.

  9. Man, haven’t played tanks in a while and it’s crazy how the game changed. You didn’t even mention my boys T110E5 and the AMX 50B, are they not fantastic anymore?
    Great video though, I definitely did not expect some of those choices.

  10. I love my AMX M4 51. Also having some MASSIVe fun with my VK 100.01.

  11. My favourite tanks are tiger 2 and e75… i can’t get why people dont like these tanks 🙁

  12. No 10 T29
    No 9 Maus
    No 8 wz 111 14
    No 7 50 TP
    No 6 vk 1001 p
    No 5 obj 705
    No 4 OI
    No 3 wz 111 5a
    No 2 O NI
    No 1 amx m4 51

  13. when i went down the 60tp line i kept the 50tp i liked it so much

  14. Top 10 mediums

  15. The T29 was The first tank I fell in love with in 2013 when I started playing and even the first tank I really learned how to play well. That line was also the first line I ever grinded. I started a new account 3 years ago and the T29 was the first tank I HAD to get in my garage right off the bat. Still love it. Merica! Lol.

  16. Broetchen 86.0 Digital

    Missing the qb cam in the bottom left ?

  17. “the maus is packing a X in rate”.. you means “the maus packs a X win rate”. You’re speaking like a Russian English learner.

  18. What about the TOG 2? Are you suggesting that the worst tank in the game is not worthy of a top 10 list?

  19. Now that was a shocker, with the French Heavy tank coming in first place, as I would have bet that it would have been one of the Soveit tanks in that spot!

  20. Obj. 430U is best heavy….

  21. Now that you released this list, ALL these stats will drop because the bots will think they will automatically git gud with these tanks.

    But they won’t.

  22. Make topp10 fun tanks in game with 4 hetzer and 6 kv2

  23. Would be awsome if u made a top 10 of the best tech tree lines to grind over all for a new player.
    Me and my brother can seem to agree on what lines are the best/easiest to grind?

  24. the biggest like for the fact that you omitted clan wars etc tanks.

  25. I own the O-I, and I have to say:

    70% of my games or either never getting to combat or getting penetrated frontally

  26. You forgot to add the UE 57

  27. Please do top 10 tank destroyes

  28. suprised there was no kv1 or obj 257 that things a beast i average 2k damage in it

  29. how i never see you play SPG’s

  30. Could you make a top artillery tanks to play? 🙂

  31. E5 ded? :'(

  32. No way theeeeeeeeese are lies cuz no is7 omg so i should sell my first t10 tank omg im sad i think it’s tha best

  33. But we know the Super Conq is one of, if not the best tech tree heavy in the game. I think this list is not so much the Top 10 heavies but the top 10 easiest to play/not suck in heavies. So there is scope for another top 10 tanks series but you’d have to eliminate the variation in player ability somehow.

  34. Medium pls 🙂

  35. Do this for mediums pls

  36. @QuickyBaby If you took a sample of players of similar ability and then compared the win rates you could refine these Top 10’s to more accurately classify the best tanks.

  37. French tanks are best, everybody knows that…(Hi, Claus)

  38. Top ten Easy grinding tech trees!

  39. I like these top 10 videos. You should do a top 10 out of your favourite tanks inside world of tanks.

  40. Top 10 TD’s

  41. top 10 tier X tanks for SH

  42. Thank you for coming back to Youtube on a more regular basis, I always love your videos

  43. 1:49 thicc I love that word say it again please

  44. you got pay by wot so fuck off noob

  45. We all want the TOP 10 SPG… LoL (11:38 hmm… spoiler screen?)

  46. Exceuse me, did you just say that O-Ni is a huge step up over tier VI? ye, not being able to fight on any rigde or even some flats unless you’re standing sideways is a huge step up

  47. Wow the Russian bias NOT confirmed. THAT’s a big surprise to me, 🙂
    Loved the video – more in the series definitely please QB 🙂

  48. i honestly expected t29 to be higher on the list

  49. This is why russians Arent nerfed^^

    Also – many Tier ix in The list ..

  50. wheres the kv-2
    im disappointed

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