World of Tanks – TOP 10: MEDIUM TANKS

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Source: QuickyBaby

of Tanks. Today I'm looking at the Top 10 best tanks in World of Tanks!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

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  1. Matilda…. my first love in this game…..

  2. But we have no german or chinese medium tanks….. come on wg

  3. I was surprised the t-54 wasn’t on the list. I love that tank. Also, the Pantera and / or the Standard B.

  4. hmm.. im seeing a very ”Communist” list here…

  5. You should do the win rates on all servers, everage them out then do the list.

  6. my top 3:
    1. prototipo standard b,
    2. e50,
    3. m46 patton.

  7. The best medium tank is Object279e ?

  8. So call it luckiest not best.

  9. Did the Batchat fell out of grace?

  10. Will you please do top 10 artillery in world of tanks.

  11. Next should be the Top 10 tankdestroyers

  12. What happened with t34-85m

  13. fuck aflac and no skip commercial..

  14. so have to ask,,,,
    this is the top pick tanks from players just because these tanks have a high win rate doesnt to me make them the best, it is all what people pick, do the same thing to your personal tanks and see what your top 10 will be, i really bet many players top 10 are different.
    so help me understand what you are trying to say about these tanks,

    • Tanks that perform well will have a higher win ratio from the start. Good players will continue playing tanks that perform well, thus increasing the win rate even further. Doesn’t that make win rate a pretty good metric to determine which tanks are “best”?

  15. not a single mention of the type-59

  16. in HK server lots of t34-85m have been used XD

  17. surprise that russian is in top, again. GJ wg in trust we faith the future.

  18. I was pleasantly surprised to see the Matilda on this list, at all, let alone in second place. I all but gave up playing World of Tanks, once I got better at World of Warships, but I still log on every few days to take my Matilda out of the garage. My only disappointment is that I seem to only be an average player.

    What do I like most about the Matilda?
    Being able to hit an enemy twice, BEFORE his sixth sense goes off!

    With a skilled crew and a gun rammer, the Matilda can not only beat the reload of almost everything else it might face, but the reload also beats out the aim time of other tanks. My favorite kill was just after a Hellcat had tricked me into firing and missing as it poked past a corner and pulled back. I can only imagine his surprise when he came out to shoot during my reload, but my reload beat his aim time (lucky for me, he was a one shot).

  19. Kinda surprised the Sherman firefly didnt make it.

  20. What about the Standard B and Progetto 46/65 ?

  21. I miss the Cromwell ?

  22. yep.. statistics are not missing on this one.. i got my obj430 yesterday as my 2nd tier 9 played about 10+ battles and my avrg dmg in high tiers went up from 900 at best to 1500 at least and 2000+ and it keeps growing. litteraly this is the tank in which you are completely sure you will not suck even if you lose quite often, because you will still be able to walk away with at least 1500 – 2000 dmg if you know where your keyboard is & how to use it. in my view this tank is the best because of 2 things – 1. it has everything a tank can have that you will need for a good game. i don’t know why should i keep grinding my is7 line when i can play 430 that has better gun, the same kind of armor and much better speed lmao; 2. when you buy this tank, you get it pretty much 90% maxed out. you don’t need to get hit in your balls every battle playing with catastrophicaly bad stock gun & turret to slowly crawl up to the max ones. you also don’t really need to buy max engine & tracks because the mobility is already on point. this tank is perfectly made for a new player to get comfortable in high tiers, to feel equal to others in high tier teams & also keep learning everything about the game. it is a shame that because of this priviledge for new players the balance of the game suffers quite a bit..

  23. I love these lists – im not that good in WoT but I do enjoy it alot.
    I need to go for a couple of new tanks and with a list like this – it kind of helps me to decide. I only wish there was less op russian tanks though.

  24. B-c 25 t?

  25. love that OBJ 430 and 430U it is absolutly good for brawl. This tank side scrapping is awesome, By the way Quick Baby you forget how awful and painful it is when you try to do OBJ 430 Line . You know how the pain to play T43 and T44 it need to grind the turret even with the most powerful turret it hard to penetrate armor . CMIIW

  26. what about leopard pta and leopard 1

  27. Sander Groot Wassink

    Quacky, where is the amx 30

  28. why no progetto 46?

  29. what about NA ?

  30. E 50 m is weak

  31. The T-34-1 is one of the worst stock grinds in the game.

  32. I would be curious if you could do a comparison between EU servers and NA servers top ten? Would be interesting to see if there is any difference between them and how NA player play…

  33. Wargaming is trying to make this game more simple all the time. HE sandbox changes are just made to make the game easier to bad players., so you dont have to know when it is smart to fire HE and when to fire AP. Wargaming believes that simplifying the game will make the player base larger and make them more money.

  34. I was expecting the Pz 4 H,

  35. I did NOT expect to see the T-34-1 here…

  36. WHERE IS M3 LEE???

  37. Pramakas Suryanegara

    Current meta: don’t use german

  38. t20, wow

  39. Clickbait!!

  40. I really expected the T44 to be in that list

  41. Nice video thx

  42. Haven’t even watched the video, I’m calling 430u is going to be #1.

  43. who cares? or, who asked YOU ? running out of content? … Lame

  44. really great effort plz do heavy tanks

  45. Lucky for you that the E50M didn’t make it to the top 10…

  46. Thank you QB, you read that spreadsheet really well, couldn’t have done it myself.

  47. I’m surprised there’s no Centurions here

  48. I recently switched from WoWs to wot again and prefer Mediums. And your recent videos helps me a lot to get back into the meta again

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