World of Tanks – TOP 10: TANK DESTROYERS

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Today I’m looking at the Top 10 best tank destroyers in World of Tanks!


World of Tanks Free 2 Play published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

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    Huge thanks for all your support – have a great end to 2019 all 🙂

  2. For the first time ever i had to give you a thumbs down =/ . Win rate shouldn’t be the measuring stick to go by when it comes picking the best, and omitting premium tanks means you are not comparing all tanks within the game.

  3. im i the only one suprised that the tortoise didnt make the top 10 but 3 other tanks from the same line did lol.

  4. Players be like “The British tank destroyers are so bad ”
    Me: Are you sure about that?

  5. Really happy with your other hour-long videos. Glad that you actually went into a bit of detail for this one. Some of your other ones focused much less on the actual reason behind the statistical differences and focused solely on the best by win rate. So please, continue with this style of in-depth analysis. Anyone can look at the WR and the averages of the tanks, some people need the in depth knowledge we have after a long time of playing. Keep up the hard work!

  6. Does WOT have better developers than our War Thunder devs? (ex. Do they listen to complaints and fix them instead of adding vehicles?)

  7. Never thought about that… But I do play my Object 268-4 like a big heavy.

  8. It seems to me that armour is far from useless in current meta. It follows that gold spam is far from a meta problem.

    • Those british tds just have much more armor, than anyone have pen on even Premium ammo 😛 and their weakspots are so small, that you need several shots even with Premium to pen them.

  9. You forgot my tier 6 Jackson. I have over a 54% win rate and think the Jackson is severely ignored for how good it is.

  10. Why am I not surprise? this facking top 1 is broken as fack can easily win a flank with proper support and hell even own a flank if its top tier

  11. 3 brit tds in top ten AWESOME ,i wish the lights should been there too and not in state of an pinjata with to less candy in

  12. Helo man i like you videos… Please make best tier x tank

  13. Sebastian Florentin

    I was so glad to see the obj268 v4 in first place i love it .I purchased this TD few days ago.

  14. this series is awesome, thx qb

  15. Surprised the T110E3 wasn’t on the list.

  16. Please do top 10: Lights aswell 🙂

  17. Now do one with free + prem in the same video so we can see all the pay2win

  18. I like how wg tried to promote the German tds and literally none of sicnificance is in the tech tree

  19. The 268 V4 is still op.

  20. Funny that chinese TD is in this list, and it’s soviet original – SU85b is not.

  21. I like the AT15A better than AT7

  22. Hi Guys can you help me?My WoT wont start.I press play WoT window shows up for 1 second and dissaperes.

  23. Keep up the good work QB and have a great new year..!! 😉

  24. Where is SU100? ?

  25. my first ace is in at8

  26. HETZER ?????

  27. I think evey time I ask you to list them in description, its hard follow your talk.

  28. Had 1 game with t67 and didn’t like it never played it again

  29. World of cum

  30. Conway the best

  31. mate pls do it with the spg pls it will be fun

  32. What am I doing wrong in the AT2? I suck in it

  33. Love that there is only 3 tanks above tier 7. Keep going!

  34. Damn…might have to revisit the Brit heavy TDs

  35. do not separate the standard and premium tanks; let us see how they compare to each other

  36. e25 by far the best TD in the game.

  37. You could also make a video about the 10 worst tank destroyers.

  38. The title is wrong. These are the top 10 non-premium TDs.

  39. I don’t need to watch the video to know that the t67 is at least number 3

  40. Wait what that doesn’t make any sense where is the hetzer???

  41. Is Jpanther good tank destroyer?

  42. where is the Hetzer 105 HE

  43. QuickyBaby where is the T30?

  44. What happened to the black market guy?

  45. I’m surprised there isn’t ISU-152

  46. كايجي ساما

    What about Rhm? E25? They both are great..

  47. The T-shirts and hoodies were my favorite part. A shame there’s no golf shirts.

  48. They should give the FCMPak40 the same speed as the Marder 38t, even if it is a tier lower.
    Just Kidding.

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