World of Tanks || Top 10: WORST TANKS

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. Today I’m looking at the in World of Tanks!


World of Tanks a online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Have an awesome countdown to 2018 everyone!
    I’m doing it live on stream right now 🙂

    • QuickyBaby Ooh, the poor Churchill GC. I’ve got over a thousand matches in mine, and MOE, and got the win rate over 46 percent. I only started playing it because of all the fun all the you tubers made of it.

    • You know what makes me laugh the most about WG? It isn’t their greed; that’s to be expected, it’s the hordes of bum lickers that jump in with “you are just shit, you don’t play right, stop whinging”, the second they see criticism. The stats just showed a very clear and undeniable bias against German tanks, probably the most popular with new players due to how well they are known. You have to be fucking dumb to not see or understand that that is to do with funnelling most new players towards premium purchases out of frustration of playing a line that was very effective in reality but shit in world of tanks.

      Matchmaking makes most of these tanks shit. I mean ffs playing against tanks 2 tiers above you is dumb beyond doubt with the stats on tiers the way they are but then you should all be aware of why the standard tiers up to about 8 get that treatment. Make it hard enough and all of a sudden players are considering premium ammo. Make it exspensive enough with repair costs and all of a sudden players are considering premium tanks to make back credits. You guys know this, it’s in your face and a load of companies have been called out recently for doing the exact same things on a smaller scale and this is the only community which doesn’t have the balls to actually say things how they are and want to sit with their tongues wedged in WG’s Arse for all of eternity. You get 2 tanks regularly priced at 30 quid each yet you STILL get cunts claiming “well it’s free to play”. It’s not free to play it’s a ridiculously steep learning curve that encourages and necessitates micro transactions. I mean you have idiots sitting here pointing out that most players are shit yet nobody wonders why that is.

      The whole thing is geared towards making money. You all know it, you all really do know it, yet you make excuses for them that amount to nothing other that “get good”. You guys sit there and see the King Tiger and captured Tiger 2 reskins with slight buffs for 30 quid each and don’t see why that’s completely fucking mad when the Tiger 2 standard is doing that bad to begin with? Don’t buff it, just charge the silly cunts to have the tank they love with very slightly more competitive stats. You guys really are dense sometimes.

      The players who play the most and have the most experience are the people who need to start calling this out to make for a better game, This used to be “ free to play so suck it up”, but now it’s, “ we have enough money to make 3 different games, all with decent player bases and we are still going to violate you anally”. What you don’t need is this pandering that a large group likes to do where they call out players ability rather than critique the ridiculous learning curve, set biases in certain lines and ridiculous disgusting matchmaking that’s there for no other reason other than to encourage players to part with money.

      Foch did it and I have done it before but when you are faced with people who’s opinion only means something because they have 6000 battles under belt but talk out of their arse all day anyway, it doesn’t help.

      Actually call them out on this or you don’t get anywhere, stop trying to feel superior about yourselves and actually moan about it like this video very very quietly does.

    • Hey quickbaby can I ask you something? Can you please make a video that explained about a female crew, please? I really want to know how female crew work and wich female crew must put it in the hardest tank to use ?

    • I have 3 marks on that Churchill GC, how does that make you feel XD

    • Happy new year!

  2. Btw, many players are starting to switch to war thunder , as it holds a more reality gameplay ,would you do war thunder gameplay ?

  3. The game is essentially broken and is becoming more broken with each and every heavily armoured tank added. The new tanks are always released with BOTH a big gun and heavy armour profiles. There are a lot of tanks now that are too weakly armoured and just take so much punishment from the new gun meta. Huge alpha and big penetration numbers are making a mess of tanks that are poorly armoured or sluggish. In many cases tanks are both sluggish and weakly protected that they cannot survive very long. I think war gaming needs to take a step back from this weird fantasy world they’ve created. Very few of the REAL tanks are any good. This should be called World Of Fake Tanks.

  4. it’s friking russian bias

  5. NO! The tiger 2 doesn t suck i love it sooooo much if anybody thinks that the tiger 2 is bad: i will find you and i will kill you ?

    • It has 185 frontal turret armor, it can get penned by some tier 7 tanks… that isn’t gonna cut it in a game where you have Skorpion Gs in every match.

    • I have the sexiest Tiger II, Three Marked and a full female crew to man it.

      (The 3 marks make it sexy)

  6. The top heavily armored tanks tier for tier and all classes caugh..caugh Russian side armor

  7. We can argue all day long about that there are a lot of shall we say “bad” players who prefers german vehicles or there is russian bias in the game but *5 out of 10* tanks are german on this list.

  8. I think it’s more enjoyable to play in something like a tiger II than a defender since you have a gun that can hit things

  9. I mean…. allmost all of these are great tanks.. I love the german tanks

  10. Tomasz Marcińczak

    I Pz is my the best tank.. but wtf? 2th place

    • It plays a lot like the Mutz and the Mutz ain’t bad. Much like the Tiger II it all comes down to operator error than the tank actually being bad.

  11. Should’ve allowed the M3 Lee to slip in this comparison.

  12. Tiger II is fine everything else is OP.

  13. *top 10 tanks people are doing badly with recently

  14. Pls QB, play the Churchill GC. We need this moment in history.

  15. No Stuhrer Emil?? I thought it was horrible.

  16. Su 121 24 is so bad omg. The tier8 TD french premiun tank is better then that…

  17. Those Soviets really hate the Germans. Taking the most powerful tank of WW2, in the Tiger 2 and reducing it to a joke is disgraceful Wargaming.

  18. Just checked my stats got 540 games in my Tiger II and a 57% winrate. The Tiger II is fine people are morons.

  19. Don’t forget that everyone has to grind the tanks, and the stock tanks are always worse.
    A stock Indienpanzer is just complete garbage. Bad penetration and it won’t get even near to that top speed.

  20. I doubt Black Prince was far from this top 10.

  21. Told ya Im not surprised at all.. half of them are german tanks.

  22. Forgot Churchill Gun Carrier was in the game.
    That’s how bad it is

  23. Churchill GC is very easy to get an Ace Tanker

  24. I expected to see Tog here.

  25. @Quickybaby. Big fan of you, great video. But do you fix your webcam anytime soon? The colorcorrection is off. It is set to sunlight but you use an artifitial light setup there. This makes the pictures “red”. Please make a white balance check : ) or you just keep looking like this orange-skinned us-president :)…I wish a great 2018 to you.

  26. Branko Dimitrijevic

    I can see you ppaying the winner next video

  27. but he has good games in it ?

  28. QuickyBaby you could make a top 10 best lines to grind. Have a happy new year

  29. ahahahha i new it that Churchill GC xD

  30. I know Tiger P isn’t in the list, but I think it should have some buff too(compare to the tiger, it just WORSE)

  31. I actually have really good winrates in the tiger 2 and jt88. position them right and they’re still deadly.

  32. -lol Tiger II is one of my best tanks at 60% on 325 battles.
    -The problem that I had on the Indien Panzer was none of the mentioned, but it was the gun handling. When I played it the gun handling was awful.
    -Looks like this is THE time for people who want to 3-mark the FV 215B for a long time XD with so many bad players in it, this makes it a lot easier.

    I hope you had a great evening and wish you the best for this new year QB!

  33. What to surprise comparing their WR? What surprise me the most is something like SAu-40 or T-34-2 or Type 95 didn’t included in the list. QB, please, next time if you don’t have any good way to compare them, at least do it based on your opinion.

  34. The gun carrier… is the worst? I normally dont post negative comments but…. oof! What about the chi nu or chi ni…. those grinds suck…

  35. Where is the stock t34-2 x)

  36. Its not the tanks its the players

  37. Ślązak Grzesiek

    4:32 Ultra long repairing of tracks(45s) – that makes that TD underpowered

  38. So to sum it up WG give all tanks a big gun and lots of armour make the game even more generic than it is now.

  39. Thank you for featuring these tanks! Now I’m going to bring these tanks out in battle and watch other players underestimate them because they got branded as the worst tanks by Quickybaby.

  40. Best scout tank ?

  41. Sirocco The Hunter

    Funny thing with the Churchill GC actually…

    I got my first mark of excellence on the tank before I even researched the main gun

  42. 1 and 2 is hot worst

  43. They cannot buff Leo because it would become OP hahahahaha

  44. In ww2 the german tanks were so much better than the russians and now in the game they are just underpowered:(

  45. Leopard 1 was my first tier 10 tank few years ago. 🙁

    I have like 20% win on fv215b, helping out with that low global %. I grinded it right before the replacement and barely touched it.

  46. Do a top 10 favourite tanks for each tier except tier 1

  47. I expected the tiger 1 on here

  48. HAPPY NEW YEAR – Basing the ten worst tanks solely on win/loss ratio tells very little.  It is a team game and it would appear that other than win rate there are many factors that contribute to a tank being the worst tank; damage done by tier, silver earned, player style (which you cannot account for).  Many factors and this was based solely on one. Skewed at best….one man’s garbage is another man’s treasure.  Match making is also a factor.

  49. Nice video. However, for 60% of tanks I have a feeling that the winratio is bad, because all players play russian “I dont need to do anything and it bounces” tanks. And then, when they get bored, they transfer to these beauties. And they suffer and rage. Because for example Leopard 1, Indien Panzer, Tiger II, Panther 8.8 (my favourite) and SU-122-54 have to be played differently. They are truly hard to master, they have to be in second or third line, which is hard when you are a heavy tank (Tiger II) and everyone is yelling at you. I like these tanks, but I can see why they have bad win ratio. Because its a higher science than to rely on your armor, automaticly lock enemy and hit him with awesome alpha. I don’t want to insult players of russian tanks, but you just can’t play every tank the same way. Which most of players don’t realize.
    Btw. Great video, carry on 🙂

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