World of Tanks – Top 5 Tier X Heavies

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  1. Hello Anfield :3

  2. omg all!! tanks 3 MARK!! O,o

  3. TheBlackStoneRanger

    MAUS and that rice rocket OP af now. arty has laser accuarcy now. whole patch is utter BS

  4. Veljko the animal

    AMX 50B is best for me 😉 nice video Anfield

  5. It's not what you think

    Fuck you I love my type 4

  6. Akuretaki Nikolay

    do top 5 arty <3

  7. I have 2 marks in my maus and I use exclusively AP and HE rounds. You DONT need premium rounds to do good in the tank the normal pen is fine, gold rounds are for rich/no skill ppl

  8. E5 and M48 are still my fav T10s. I have all these but the 50B and the 113. I’m almost to the 50B, but the 113 I haven’t even started yet.

  9. love the vid but what’s up with the mic?? lots of echoe . one more thing i have to mention ,i despise the amount of goldshells you load on every tank eith no reasonactually aiming would be so hard in a 4 shot autoloader

  10. Good video

  11. So basically anything that didn’t make it into this video need a buff, right?

  12. Type 5 Weeabo tank?

  13. Maybe a nerf of turret armor back to 240 or maybe even to 220 on the maus would balance it, maybe increase side turret to 240 from 210 to make angling the turret still just as effective? Or maybe decrease DPM from its VERY high amount to a midpoint between it current amount and previous would be a good idea. ANYTHING but the track-damage coming back, plz.

  14. Anfield do more guides and map strategy and positions please

  15. I’m currently grinding out the Type 4 Heavy and idk which gun is better, the non derp or the derp?

  16. RIP E100 FeelsBadMan

  17. in your opinion is the VK 72.01 worth the grind from the VK B?

  18. Does Anybody have any tips for grinding the t49?
    I’m on my way to getting the t57
    but the t49 is something I’m really struggling with.
    it doesn’t seem to handle well at all and since i still have the stock gun the gun is next to useless.
    I’m running binos and camo net but it still seems like a bad spotting tank and in general a bad light tank.

  19. The end of the world

  20. From what little of the Wargaming League I’ve seen, it seems like the Type 5 is used more than either the T110E5 or the FV215B. Could be wrong about that though. And in pub battles it certainly seems like it would be the better tank for less-experienced players who might not have what it takes to master the FV215.

    As for the Maus, I personally think that WG should just reduce the DPM and HP by 100. Should still be a stronk tenk, but more dependent on the armor than the firepower.

  21. do more Tank destroyers gameplay

  22. Letmeopenyourthroat

    Pls make another list addressing the “underdogs”. I’d like to hear your options on tanks that don’t make it on your top 5.
    Nice video by the way :p

  23. I found disgusting to see a Maus in Prokhorovka at the WGLNA.
    That’s like the perfect example of how they screwed the meta by making a tank overly superior to the rest

  24. you Shot sooooooo much gold WHY

  25. is-4? 100% better than maus 🙂

  26. 1. Maus
    2. 113
    3. Is-7
    5. Type 5

    I dont understand why you would ever play the 215B it may have good gun handling but the tank is to slow and without armour to compensate the tank is almost unplayable in random battles, plus the flat engine deck makes it super easy to be dealt a large ammount of damage from HE rounds. The 215b inflexibility make it useless for competitive, since the game has evolved into flank skirmishes and flexing fights. Unless your tank is so strong that you can force enemys to fight you and you have overwhelming advantage in a brawl you are going to lose in almost every heavy besides a maus or a T57. The 50b has fallen out of favor recently due to APCR’s weakness vrs the super heavy meta. The pen you lose over distance and the general randomness of the game means that if you cant pen then theres no point. This is why most teams go for the T57 since its 340mm pen HEAT ammunition can shred maus where the 50b cannot. Also the 50b is not mobile enough, where you could have a bat chat the 50b just simply doesnt cut it anymore. At least for competitive WGL.

  27. I’ve never seen a top 5 with more obvious first place :p
    Also, are you sick? You sound strange

  28. Is the 50B worth grinding if I already have a t57 heavy? Or should I go toward to batchat first? I absolutely love the lorr. 40t I’m not sure which tank line would better suit something similar to that tank

  29. what, no E-hundredful?

  30. Haven’t watched, Maus is obviously number 1.

  31. This was a good list have to agree with all of it even though i do love my T57 heavy cause i like to brawl more i can accept the 50 b is better all around. I do hope you do other tiers as well like tier 9 and 8 stuff in the future as well cause not all of us will get all the tier X tanks. Great video.

  32. Dont ever buy them. As a heavy player, only 50b, fv215b and t110e5 is considerable from all the heavy branch. Rest are complete useless trash. Just get yourself medium/light hit the 2 key and you are ok. Also use bushes all the time and when its time to circle moronicly useless heavies do it with autoaim.
    Its that easy 🙂 just dont play with heavies they are completely useless piece of shits now.

  33. Hi Anfield, there is a premium tank swap on EU. Maybe you could do a top 5 premium tank video?

  34. Love my 50b. It’s the only heavy tank I enjoy playing because I don’t have to rely on the team to keep me alive.

  35. Really fcking APCR as standard on MAUS? and you have fcking 40 apcr

  36. Hey Anfield, I would be curious of hearing your thoughts on the top 5 true heavy tanks. I mean tanks that actually do what a heavy tank is supposed to do: brawl and use their armour (e.g. Maus, IS-4, etc.). Keep up the good work!

  37. Great video and yes great call about war gaming and it’s ever more ridiculous tweaking of the game. I’m more convinced than ever that they really don’t understand what they are doing.

  38. grand finals have been boring as fuck to watch in the first place, even before the possible use of maus XD

  39. Glad you made a top heavy video 😀 Wish i could press the thumb up again.
    Now i have to get them all :p

  40. The Maus is not even a funny joke at this point.

  41. object 260 would be my number one

  42. Noobs are even owning in the Maus now. The global average win rate with a Maus is now 56%…. leave it to WG to screwup Tier X battles.

  43. That FV on the list made me cringe af, it’s barely played in pubs and whenever you face it it’s swiss cheese. Other than that I’d agree with the rest.

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