World of Tanks – Top 5 Tier X Heavy Tanks Updated

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  1. Super Conqueror? GOLD SPAM ALERT!!!!

  2. No Russian tank? Yup Russian bias confirmed. kappa.

  3. Teletha 'Tessa' Testarossa

    113. Reliable. With that gun. OK.
    The only reliable thing about it was reliably missing shots from 10m, reliably giving me migraines.

  4. TBH just check what the pro players use. 15vs15 is a potato fest. doesn’t matter what we use since we don’t got a proper ranked system yet.

  5. So 5A or 113 for randoms?

  6. Did enjoy. Good metric.

  7. So the worst standard heavies are
    Pz VII

    • The e100 is not a bad heavy

    • E100 is good
      E5 is still very good and versatile tank
      Kranvagen requires a lot of skill but is very rewarding
      But yeah, Pz VII and IS-4 are not up the task

    • >E5
      >Very good

    • The Brainsmasher i have kranvagn and i play with that tank like Swedish Cuckold. I never take lead, i stay back, when my opponent makes mistake , i punish them when i reload , run back to my teammates ass. It is a good tank but in city maps if you are top tier, you face with pressure more than other tanks. 300 gold ammo pen is not enough from far distance against super heavies too. Arty damages like hell. It is arty magnet. So that tank just needs some pen buff and hull armor buff a little bit. For gun handling, aiming time says 2.5 but i feel like 3.4.. I dont know why i feel, just you have to wait a little bit then shoot. After 220 matches and 2nd mark, i feel this tank would be good.

    • The IS7 is sucha good tank.

  8. Well done sir, thank you. I am wondering where the 110E5 would be more cupola nerf.

  9. Nice vidya Anfield. Looking forward to the Medium and TD vid

  10. My first thought on seeing this video was that you had to update it to put the 5A and S Conq in the top two spots. Real question though, is where is the m4 54 kappa?

  11. I never see anyone play the 113 on NA

  12. Goodness me how much gold do you spam????

  13. How will patch 22 change the composition of the list in your opinion Anfield? Thanks always enjoy these.

  14. More please!

  15. 5A is so good but the third mark is too hard in my opinion… However, I have 3,8k average damage and this tank give no WN8 (only 3,4k WN8 for 3,8k damage) that’s really awfull… 🙁
    Bad players can play this tank a little bit please ?

  16. and now, top 10 tier5 heavy tanks!

  17. Supprised type 5 wasn’t in the top 5, they almost always seem to be at the top of the team lists for damage in randoms.

  18. Before watching the video….1. Super Conq. 2. Maus 3. WZ 111-5A

  19. those are some shitty game play under the commentary, i cringed too hard and closed my eye way too many times, but the commentary itself is good.

    Let’s not talk about gold spam or not a single regular rounds was fired in this entire clip because I don’t care about that. What frustrates me is your ammo selection and misplays, which cost you potential damage and lost you shit ton of HP.

    more than 65% of the shots was not necessary with gold in this entire video, especially that 5A game, where you even missed a shot on scout due to heat’s low shell velocity. I understand that to keep DPM up, you can’t simply reload half way, but this is ridiculous.

    Similarly in the maus games, that way you slow peaked over the corner for those TDs was awful.

    you rushed to get these clips out and its reflective in these games.

    • I yolo’d a bunch of games to get the footage i needed so yeah they’re not good games but its not supposed to be about the gameplay.

      Still complaining about gold in 2k18 holy

      more gold whining

      i was yoloing not try harding

      yes. exactly.

    • not complaining about gold, but the point is you could have done the same damage and more with a different shell type. 5A has heat as gold, if you were in the 50B in that clip, there is absolutely no point in firing AP since APCR is better in every way, which was why i didn’t use the first clip as an example.

      you know what I am talking about, for things like 50B, tpye 5, etc that has gold round that is better in every way. On the other hand switching between two shell type that has its own advantage and disadvantage (ie. if you have ap and heat) there will be a situational use. thus not all gold and better

  20. Anfield <3, can we have Top 5 Tier IX-X Artillery Vehicles Updated video ? (it's a joke)

  21. It would be interesting to see a series that you talk about what changes you believe certain tanks need in order to be balanced properly. Be that buffing “perfectly balanced” tanks like the IS-4, or bringing the competition back down to it. You have a deep understanding (way more than me lol) of the meta and what makes certain tanks good/bad so you’re qualified for this XD

  22. even more happy that i got 2X improved equipment on wz-111-5a…when it is top 1, what would you put it on as a tank nr 2? pls make a video or answer me 🙂 would be really happy then

  23. Thibault Giesbertz

    medium tanks next?

  24. I dunno, Type 5 vs. Maus. Wouldn’t type 5 get like a 12/10 on skill floor? 😛

  25. I thought Type 5 would be top 1 lol, skill floor 10 and skill ceiling maybe 9? Hard to choose if I load all premium HE or some standard! hehe 😀

  26. What about IS7. I feel like it needs a buff. In the current meta the only advantage it has over a 5a or super C is its turret and side armour.

    • It’s straight line speed and completely impenetrable turret make it an excellent tank for newer players or aggressors in general, the issue with it is the low skill floor. You cannot really angle, your gun is accurate but the DPM is so low that having any incredible impact relies on games lasting long. The IS-7 is not necessarily underpowered, just lacks skill ceiling for a list like this.

    • Reverse sidescraping takes care of the Pike nose issue and then the gun and armor make it shine. I’d take it over the 113 and do. I’d have the same trouble between the S-Conq and the Wz but would take mobility unless I know what map I’m getting. Both of these and the Maus and Type 5 are Clan Wars favorites.

  27. Without pudding , S. Conq moves like T95. Top speed says 34 kmH but when you drove that tank you barely will see 34 without pudding and tea. So you need to play one game with ur prem tank and next game with S.conq because of Economy.

  28. Honorable Mention goes to Idiot Proof IS-7

    • You mean Type 5? Because you have to aim in IS7 even with gold. Yeah ridiculous right? Then there is rng to fuck up every russian tank that aimed instead of left it to the Stalin himself. On the other hand, type 5 doesn’t even have to hit a tank to do a 500 dmg. LoL. If that is not idiot proof idk what is.

  29. Stalin is NOT happy !!

  30. cant wait for the next, after obj.705a and next T-10 follow-up shows up 😉
    just in case they change the meta
    really liked 705a on testserver

  31. 1080 60, finally thanks

  32. IS-4 sucks donkey ass, and I have one.

  33. Does this apply for clan wars?

  34. wz because of the slow shell speed compared with other tierx it cant be no 1 for me

  35. Would love to see you do top 5 lists for the classes Anfeels… minus arty of course

  36. Top 5 arty next?

  37. Just started to watch and gonna say Super Conq will be #1 … well, I lost … but still don’t know the #1 … interesting what will it be? 5A or IS7?

  38. Surprised to see the T57 anywhere near top 5 tbh, I don’t dislike the tank but I think the gun handling, mobility, and armour profile let it down. Not to say it’s bad, but considering the power level of Tier 10 heavies nowadays it’s not among the best. I’d also rate the 50 B over it pretty easily, though I understand why you didn’t. My list would be:

    5. Maus – Gun isn’t nearly as good as it once was, mobility is limiting on certain maps/carry situations, but the ridiculously OP armour values make it obscenely strong in close quarter brawls. You need gold for a chance of penetrating unless you’re playing a Tier 10 TD or can roll dice particularly well.

    4. APCR IS-7 – think it’s very underrated, APCR and the recent buffs makes its gun handling absolutely workable, solves the pen issue, and it’s a fast heavy so it’s highly flexible while still boasting good hull armour against standard rounds, and the best-in-game turret. The only thing wrong with it is the DPM, which puts it behind the other fast heavies.

    3. Type 5 – Suffers the same issues as the Maus regarding mobility, and the armour is worse against premium/high pen TD’s (though impenetrable against standard because balans), but the gun is far superior to the Maus to the point where it’s game breaking. HE gun that will consistently do 500+ damage to every tank in the game, has all the perks that go alongside that such as not having to pen or aim as much, *and* can pen paper tanks or rear/side armour for 1400 damage. Completely broken and overpowered tank.

    2. Super Conq – Almost 215b levels of firepower, 10 degrees of depression, far better armour profile. Like you said, the only downside being mobility and frontal hull inconsistency.

    1. WZ 5A or 113 – In my opinion the 5A takes the cake due to the superior frontal depression, LFP that can bait pubbies, and primarily the extra 50 alpha without losing base DPM over the 113, making the effective DPM better. It’s worse situationally than the Super Heavies and Super Conq, but the flexibility makes it the overall winner. Very mobile, good depression angles, strong turret, very threatening gun.

  39. Anfield where is Russian love the mighty IS 7???

  40. what about the kranvagn?

  41. Yeah my Top 5 would be Type 5, SC, 5A, 113, 50B in that order 😛
    Good vid though interesting choices

  42. ty anfield for the info and insight into heavy tanks. look fwd to playing more to become a better average player

  43. How would you rate the e100 in the current meta?

  44. namingisalwaysthehardestpart

    Super conq’s frontal armour isn’t good? Pffft

  45. The_black_Frank_White

    113? Sidescrap with 90mm?! Mhh, idk…

  46. Great video as always. Any chance of some advice as to what to do in the SConq when you’re matched up against a super-heavy and there’s loads of arty? I feel like you can’t afford to fuck about brawling in the city in those situations, and then going out in the open working ridge-lines just gets you shat on by clickers.

  47. WZ is surely the best, and S. Conq is also really good, but I think the 3rd is the IS-7.

  48. this is wrong type5 heavy should be on there

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