World of Tanks – Top 5 Tier X Mediums

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Source: Anfield


  1. It’s Saturday here, and in the UK at the time of uploading friend

  2. I love you!

  3. what up?

  4. Hey Anfield :3

  5. I had to put wot down today. I carry the game and people who do less than 1000 damage call me a retard for tactically retreating

  6. I had my suspicions that the 907 would be number one. I’m more suprised that you put the STB-1 on the list, given how much you dislike guns that require aiming. This list won’t change the top T10 med in my heart though.

  7. I’m going to guess before watching your list will be 1. t62a 2. tvp 3. obj 140 4. batchat 5. stb for the lols

  8. i remeber the first time i played the 907 i couldn’t believe how good it was. one of the first premiums that WG released where equal or better than their non premium counterpart. it all went downhill from there with that respect

  9. Anyone else see at 0:33 the E-100 shoot APCR, or am I just stupid?

  10. My favourite tanks change every week or so 🙂 I like a tank, I play it too much and I dont like it anymore.
    I have been really enjoying the leopard 1 and 121 lately.
    While they arent considered good tanks when played well they are still very potent in their own right. I 3 markedthe leo 1 and that thing was a joy to play with the amazing gun.

  11. Remember when the 907 had the T-54’s gun instead of this OP soviet X gun?
    Only pepperidge farm remembers….

  12. 140

  13. inb4 anfield lists 140/62a together

  14. Where is the Centu AX ?! *_*

  15. Top 5 Fridays??

  16. Where is the M48? FeelsBadMan

  17. Cover blown! Truth revealed! Anfield exposed as a white supremacist using alt-right memes! Derplorable! DERPLORABLE I tell you!

  18. rip worthless m48 fatton

  19. leopard 1 is a good tank. it would compete for #1 on my list. great all rounder 🙂

  20. I would’ve put the BatChat at number 1, but I love my auto loaders. They are just great.

  21. tbh bc25t is the best tank in the game but all in all this list is nice anfield

  22. It is sad that Cent AX not even considered.It needs a buff, maybe on dpm or armor.

  23. I thought this video was going to be a list of all the tier 10 Russian mediums.

  24. I would’ve put Leopard 1 on 5th place instead of STB, I feel like with leopard the gun is just so so much more reliable than STB also high top speed limit allows to cover a lot of ground very quickly which is helpful when trying to find enemies before the battle ends or change flanks quickly, idk the STB seems a bit dodgy for me

  25. tfw 121 isn’t on the list

  26. What about the t22 medium? Is it not as op as before anfield?

  27. All russian tanks r the best meds. Best dpm, best camo, best armour, best gun handling. Just play russians right?

  28. Really surprised to see the STB on the list, imo the Fatton shreds it. STB is certainly lower profile, but it doesn’t particularly have armour you can rely on like a cyka med which would be its only other real advantage over the M48. The Fatton gets infinitely better gun handling and its DPM is still excellent post-buff.

    I’d rate the STB closer to the Leopard 1, AMX 30 B, or Obj 430 at the bottom of the pile. Arguably better than the Leopard, but honestly I’d rank the 430 above it — the 430 has similar mobility due to the hovermed terrain resistances, superior gun handling, superior DPM, vastly superior turret armour, actually gets hull armour, with it only losing out on alpha and gun depression. And I’d rate the 430 as obsolete due to the other Russian meds, so that kinda shows what I think of the STB-1. Maybe if they didn’t implement stupid global accuracy nerfs, but they did so hey

  29. totally agree with you man :D. Those are top 5 <3

  30. Lame.  You pick a top tier tank that is not available in the tech tree.  Lame.

  31. T92 is best medium


    incredible incredible incredible incredible incredible!!!!!!!

  33. centurion instead of stb-1 any day. pretty much agree with the rest, although B-C would take n°1 spot in my heart 🙂

  34. Richard Komendanchik

    The patton armor is surprisingly bouncy just saying, the huge weak spot on top hurts, but it technically has the most frontal hull armor of any medium in the game

  35. Nice video, will there be a heavy tank version in the future?

  36. 5. STB-1
    4. E 50M
    3.Obj. 140
    2.TVP T50/51
    1.B-C 25 t ( Love Auto-Loader)

  37. great top 5 that’s exactly how i would put the rank i would argues the stb1 vs the patton but i can see why you chose the stb

  38. 1. Bat chat
    2. Tvp
    3. 62a
    4. Stb
    5. 140

    Remember I only own these 5 tier 10 meds so deal with it

  39. Barni Gesztelyi-Nagy

    1. BatChat
    2. 907
    3. Tvp
    4. Patton
    5. E50m

  40. was expecting to see Maus at number 1.

  41. 1. TVP
    2. Bat-Chat ( highest skill cap of all tanks in the game imo )
    3. STB-1
     ( people who say it sucks just don`t know how to play it imo. Simple tips: 1. use food instead of fire extinguisher 2. Positioning: closest ridge to where heavy tanks brawl. )
    4. Obj. 140
    5. E50M ( if nothing else, ramming capability puts it on the list)

    Never played Fatton , Leo, Centurion, Amx 30..and sadly I don`t have 907 so I can`t judge those. I have all listed above.

  42. I would replace the E50M with M48, but othervise i agree with your list.

  43. hey one question. There was campain for obj 907? If yes what was requirements. Tnx

    and Anfield I would make the same list as you

  44. Wtf? What about M48? Or M60 for that matter?

  45. Carlos Valenzuela

    Could you make one for each class Mr Anfield? Nice video ?

  46. [-SBN-] OfficialTanker

    2:33 Quickybaby Joke.

  47. No Cent AX?

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