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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – T71. In 9.18 the M41 Walker was neutered yet it's rarely played cousin the T71 is better than ever – is it to the top dog?

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  1. 3,5k dmg done, 28 shells left, complains how tanks has low ammo count because he carries million HEAT rounds, seems legit…

  2. Just over the weekend I was looking for recent T71 videos, and couldn’t find any, but I knew you were doing the American light tanks and prayed to RJG-zus you might do one! Thank you kindly!

    T71 had always been my favorite light tank. Always thought it had some nice Fangs! Glad to hear it hasn’t changed much and can now get some of the respect it deserves!

    As for favorite high tier light tanks, I have to go with the RU251. Quick. Agile. Stealthy. Good gun. Good view range. there just is nothing to complain about with it!

    Thanks again for the video. Love your channel! Keep up the great work!

  3. Nadeema Nadeema

    plz plz play tank tiegr i

  4. 13-75 and bc12t are really nice.

  5. The t71 looks way better in wot blitz

  6. Quickybaby shitting on shitters… a lot of tomatoes you’re going against.

  7. the T71 was already in previous versions the best tier7 scout even better than the m41…. this was and still IS a killing machine, but you noobs – yes QB you too – just cant recognize it… 😛

  8. social3ngin33rin

    So I now have a tier 7 “seal” clubber?
    Amx 105 🙂

  9. The T71 is a real pain when playing tier 5-6 tanks.. Light tanks in general at the low tiers are a real pain.

  10. yep WG fail, both tier8 autoloaders are no better than their tier7 brother… the new amx12t just doesnt cut it either!

  11. T71 was my favourite already, now even more. But you should try the AMX 13 57, it got good!

  12. I like it. Good job my mann…

  13. Buff the ELC’s engine! We want out speed demon back!

  14. I have been playing the ru251, t49 & amx 13 90 at tier 9…the amx 13 90 is severely lacking and needs both a speed & viewrange buff to keep up!

  15. Wotko s Vokurkou

    Here is ur 9.18 -> all balance between LTs is just fked up. I would say, that TOP DOG is the AMX 13 57F at tier7. Also i dont get why WG criples M41 and place in game tank as BC 12t, which has effectively almost same magazine capacity and has 1/2 the reload… Does ppl in the WG game dev. center use a brain?

  16. i think in the next patch there will be a massive nerv to all light tanks (under T8) because the mm just makes them extremly strong

  17. Imo WG has screwed up big time on light tanks in patch 9.18…

  18. Humayun al Rafi Zuha

    The ELC…..

  19. T71 is my favourite tank since a loong time ago. Much fun! You can stay invisible like a boss in it too.

  20. Before people run out to grind T71, without complex equipment, gold ammo and consumables it is an absolute dog incapable of hitting anything on the move and struggling to penetrate same-tier tanks. I always enjoy QB videos but for T71 in particular I can assure you it will not play and handle like that for the average person.

  21. But look at new B-C 12t, I love that tank even it’s not so long he’s added but his gun is terrible, I can do +2K dmg but it’s totally hard. that T71 looks much better

  22. Yes, finally my T71 is coming good again. I had it before the Bulldog and I was so sad when the Bulldog was introduced. But this is good news for my T71, I got a pretty good crew in it.

  23. dimitris fountoulis

    T49 for ever 😛

  24. I love the amx 13 90 in the new patch.

  25. you should try the WZ – 132A

  26. Thitichote Chaimuang

    now T71 need to nerf lol

  27. Roberts safonovs

    I like the name!TOP DOG :d

  28. Hey QB. Just adding my 2 cents. The new tier VIII light tank is utter garbage compared to the T71. 4 rounds mag and 20 sec reload gets thrashed all the time. Steer clear from that one.

  29. How does this tank get to keep its autoloader and not the SPC1!

  30. like: yeah the french lighttanks specialise in autoloaders and suddenly T71

  31. …and then there are the premium light tanks that just got buffed up a whole tier without nerf. I can tell you that it is a lot of fun to kill tier 6 heavies with three HE shells!

  32. Compared to this the 13 75 is a joke. Why did it need a nerf again?

  33. I got 9 frags to in 9.18, while driving T49 with 152mm.

  34. T-71 has always been my favourite tier 7 lite tank, bulldog is huge had worse camo and was inferior as a scout there are numerous more reasons why I preffered the 71 including reload of the 71’s clip which is epic……!

    WG now need to introduce the other varient as a premium at tier 7 which would be fantastic.

  35. Try the type 64 QB!

  36. they killed Bulldog…bastards

  37. Auto-loader cancer, ruined WoT for me and the reason why I stopped playing.

  38. I like the elc it’s a low tanks fast well it was and they added 3s to reload and I have a gun rammer and vents my reload was 10s now it’s 13 ?

  39. Well… I am just glad I got the T49 before patch 9.18

  40. the t71 is now the walker of the bulldog!

  41. Armas Jürgenson

    heres a funny fact bulldog has the exact same autoloader and reloads longer gj wg

  42. Bulldog got over nerfed and now is a stinker.

  43. I_am_not_stupid _

    Bulldog is ruined, it was nerfed too hard

  44. Bulldog needed the clip size nerf, it was stupidly overpowered at tier 7 with its speed, view range, and the stupidly high magazine potential, absolutely awful to play against

  45. Flying Berserker

    everyone complains about tier x light tanks, but **** tanks pen armoured tanks like bosses in the front 230 and 240 pen its ridiculous , they should nerf the guns pen and give more view range , make LT feels like true light tanks.

    Its so damm hard wargaming putting light tanks class with best view range best cammo, best rate of fire, and worst pen and worst armour and health, why they have to put 230 or 240 pen on LT??

  46. i think the t71 is a little bit too good but its ok. The bulldog is really bad with the autoloader they should buff it to 20 sec and give it 170 alpha.

  47. Trung Duc Nguyen

    T49 derp gun

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