World of Tanks || Top Tanks – Tier 9

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – Top Tanks – E-75 and ace tankers in two of the at Tier 9 on the mines map!

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. Nice Video Qb


  2. Admiral Sir Peter the 3rd

    Of course it would be nice if there wasn’t such a large amount of gold spam

  3. Quickybaby can show me how to have more fbs like you
    Example: 70(90) fbs please tell me. Thanks

  4. Conqueror is probably my favourite tier 9 tank. The gun on it is simply
    amazing to push out damage. Fv215b gets an even better gun but the hull on
    the 215b is so damn annoying with all it’s weakspots.

  5. Willie Watt (Lomion)

    Both of these tanks have a very high “Ace” tanker requirement, took over
    1300 base Exp on the T-54 for the ace recently. Despite numerous good games
    in the E-75 still haven’t manager it yet.

  6. hi QB did you try to use 105 with majority of apcr. its quite funny to use
    and it helps a bit with dpm aiming and penetration output unfortunatly with
    medium tank alpha

  7. what does Unicum mean?

  8. +QuickybabyTV I sent you 11k game replay on twitter and you didn’t feature
    it? K den…

  9. I like the T54 but i like my is7 better.

  10. Tier 10 – Object 140 and WT Auf E 100Tier 8 – IS 3 and ISU 152Tier 7 – T 29
    and E 25Tier 6 – OI or KV2 and FV304 or CromwellTier 5 – OI EXP and AT 2 or
    T 67Tier 4 – Hetzer and MatildaTier 3 – Cruiser 2 and PZ 1CTier 2 – BT Art
    and PZ 2JTier 1 – T1 Cunningham These are just my opinion, based off the
    tanks that give me the most trouble on the battlefield 🙂 Tier 10’s a
    little odd though, definitely the Waffle, but the 140 could be swapped out
    for what ever.

  11. Pavel Mičan (SirGlorg)

    that spotting maneuver with t-54 is truly interesting. I’ve never thought
    of doing that, with my luck I’d stay tracked half way towards the gap in
    the rocks 😀 But it feels very strong once you make it, gg

  12. Centurion? That thing is a bloody legend.

  13. tfw there is no Ovj 430 II. FeelsBadMan

  14. i man handled an e75 with a mutz. albeit i was using gold and he was the
    last tank alive. i shot him 3 times when he was shooting someone else and
    blew his tracks off to let everyone else help because at that point he was
    coming after me lol

  15. All those millimiitaa’s! Jajaja!

  16. Its always good to see that a T 54 is not shooting Heat….but i never saw
    one sidescraping :-/

  17. how do you guys think the t-54 compares to the wz-120?

  18. qb you can try playing E-75 on china server,i get pent by gold ammo almost
    every game,armor means nothing on china server

  19. are you going tankfest this y ear quickybaby?

  20. Out of interest, does anyone know where retired tanks go? Are they all
    sold, or kept somewhere for a “rainy day”. The Challenger 1 was retired,
    but they can’t be privately bought, and you cant exactly afford to scrap
    chobham armour. Its like they just disappeared. Is there a secret
    underground base somewhere with reams of tanks ready to be reactivated?

  21. #BlameJohnHammond

  22. any t 34 85 vids?

  23. I think that Jagdtiger and the T30 are the best tier 9 tanks, but i also
    like every tier 9 medium, too.

  24. That second game was absolute bloody slaughter lol xD

    Tell me you felt a little bad for the other team QB xD That was pure,
    unadulterated nastiness.

  25. anonymous “i see you” !

    E-75 is, purely the King of Tier 9 and have a good advantage in tier 10, in
    my opinion.

  26. Quickybaby,I have noticed you have done a review on the ISU-152 but not the
    SU-152. Are you planning on it in the future or no?

  27. people gonna spam more gold in the t54…even when against paper armored

  28. e75 and e100 are great tanks. but for me grinding this line is very
    painful, with bad tanks at tier 4 and 7 and mediocre tanks at tier 6,7, and

  29. Hey QB, I’m having some real trouble with my M103 and was wondering if you
    could give me some tips on how to play it better. As always love the
    content, keep it up 🙂
    (If anyone else reads this could you also give me tips? I would really
    appreciate that)

  30. Favorite tanks include:
    T43 and the Comet
    Obj. 140 and T 62-A
    IS-3 and IS-6

  31. What about the is8

  32. hey, do u have a xbox if so do u have wot for it bro I love yo channel. you
    should help me on wot sometime

  33. my first of three tier 9s was the t30, followed by the m103 and the amx 30.
    I feel like the t30 is one of the most versatile tank destroyers, but it is
    far from the most powerful. It is essentially a t29 in every way but its
    gun, and it is quite a gun to have, even if you are grinding the 120mm
    instead of the 155. It has a full turret so it can retain camo as it aims
    anywhere it needs to. It is maneuverable and has the ability to duck on
    ridges or spin to brawl a medium or light. It unfortunately tends to leave
    enemies on low health, so an ally medium is very helpful.

  34. Are you on the Patch 9.14 Test Server or is it just me? In 9.14, you will
    be able to go up hills like he did on mines with the E-75.

  35. My arty takes more skill than these tanks.

  36. is3 at tier 8 for the heavies, mostly because of the armor capabilities,
    the mobility and definitely the gun penetration of 225 at tier 8

  37. does no-one on the Eu server fire gold or what? Come play on the SEA server
    and almost EVERY round fired at you is premium. In every tier. Its fucking

  38. I just recently upgraded my T-54. What an amazing tank. Fell in love with
    it the first game. Still working to the E-75.

  39. Well nice games there! one thing i’ve noticed here is, medium tanks are so
    OP because its DPM…. that way the heavy tanks can only have good games
    when fighting enemies 1 by 1… I think WG should do some rework on the DPM
    of the different classes…. for example, the medium tanks should have less
    alpha damage, so the heavy tanks can use its big alpha with low DPM and be
    competitive versus mediums… i’ve seen many battles where 2 heavy tanks
    can not stand a chance vs 2 medium tanks! only because they shoot so fast
    that the heavies barely shoot 1 or 2 shots before going back to garage…
    that + the fact that medium tanks almost always cause so many crits and a
    heavy tank gets an ammo rack in 1 of 50 shots….

    what do you think +QuickyBaby…?

  40. A LOT of mistakes in the first battle

  41. 4:40. Not much engine power. How da fuq you climbing that?!?

  42. quickybaby play t34

  43. i have only played 3 tier 9 tanks so far
    leopard pta and i hate it but perhaps it will get better once i unlock the
    last gun on it
    e75 dont really like it its a decent tank but 0.38 accuacy its not verry
    centurion 7/1 i didnt bother to unlock the engines so i was using the stock
    one and the second radio on it but i absolutly loved it and i regret
    selling it but i had to cas i needed the ax for the fv4202 mission and i
    love the ax just as much as the 7/1 had great results in both of them

  44. E-75 is the best tier 9 of World of Tank

  45. AMX 50 120?

  46. My whole team would’ve camped J1-2 while I try to win the hill alone. Must
    be nice to get teammates that support you…

  47. about getting the hill with t54 yea its easy with i platoon tried alone in
    random battle the most times you will be alone up there with 3-4 enemy
    tanks wile your alies have stop in opening geting kill by everything

  48. He looks like he is hungover

  49. Quicks, isn’t your favourite tank Centurion 7/1?

  50. E75 was nice until WG got the amazing idea of getting “Tard” ammo for
    silver and then this tank became crap, added to patch where they put the
    transmition at the front and changed a lot of things in gun handling, but
    still i have this tank with a 4 skill crew in my garage and 0 excellence
    marks because i never played it since that moment

  51. M53/M55 best tier9 vehicle tier for tier.

  52. I think I never saw you playing a VK 45.02B after the buff: it could be
    interesting to see a comparison between these two different German Tier IX
    (I also don’t remember you playing a Lowe ever)

  53. WZ-120 is one of my favorite tier 9 tanks. Out trading heavies is always

  54. Thitichote Chaimuang

    can you review how to play IS-7 and IS-4 please thank you.

  55. you’re not early and we don’t want to hear a joke.



  58. I agree with you about the E-75. I Love mine. I choose it over the Maus and
    occasionally even the E-100. It is just awesome to play.

    Unfortunately, I chose to get the WZ-120 instead of the T-54. On paper it
    appears to have a better gun (which is true for the most part) and pretty
    much the same armor. (Not even CLOSE, the WZ-120 stinks) so much so I
    haven’t even gotten close to the 121. Oh how I regret that choice…

  59. t-54 is of course no doubt the mos tOP tier9 :
    1.bias 2.bad balance to win

  60. E75 is 9.5tier…

  61. The grind from the T54 lightweight to the T54 is so long, i stopped playing
    WOT, started AW and got all T4 and one T5 there in the time it would have
    taken to get a third of the required XP.^^

  62. 8:10, you said that T 55A is a soviet med, nope, its a german med.

  63. Quicky, if you have 80 mm of side armour… USE AUTO BOUNCE ANGLE WHEN SIDE
    SCRAPING, you always over angle

  64. My 2 favorite tanks at tier 9 as well. I prefer to play the E75 instead of
    the E100

  65. “E-75 is a Heavy Heavy”

    *Laughs in VK4502B*

  66. E75 mountain goat wtf O_o

  67. I think that the su-152 Is one of the best tier 7 tanks because of its
    magical Dpm with the 122mms

  68. Can you make a clip on the t-44 having problems like hell on it :(

  69. I think the M103 is one of the best due to it’s hit points, speed for a
    heavy tank, it’s awesome gun, and good turret and frontal armour (not the
    lower plate)

  70. No conqueror?

  71. 2:24 thats a weird looking E-75 going to the hill

  72. the e75 isn’t that armored guys, WG secretly buffs the tanks used by
    anybody who makes them money. like QB

  73. T-54 has two good guns, which one is better?
    Did you know that you can penetrate E-75 with 80-100 penetration. You just
    have to shoot at this little “ears” on the turret.

  74. Best tanks at each tier: t1: t1cunningham; t2: micromaus; t3: pz1c; t4:
    hetzer, Luchs; t5: Chaffee, ELC, Kv1, o-i exp; t6: Cromwell, O-I, t34-85;
    t7: t29, E25, Comet; t8: IS-3, obj. 416, RU251; t9: t54, E75, conqueror,
    ST-I; t10: Cent AX, T110E5, T-22 Sr, obj 263, Obj 140

  75. wow! only wow!

  76. The in game voices seemed a little loud for the first replay

  77. can you do a world of tanks blitz review and show some game play as you
    play it right ?

  78. Hey QB,greetings fron germany. 2 really nice Games. I enjoy my t-54 too
    when i’m playing it accressively. But i did the experience That the turret
    can sometimes be a Little weak( e.g. Penetration by Löwe). Could you maybe
    do a tank Review o. The e-50M and the obj. 261?

  79. These can be QB favourite tanks but :

    1) T54 – expensive to run due to overuse of gold ammo when meeting tier X
    vehicles and also many tier IX. Once I get my hands on t62a and obj 140 I
    will stop playing T54

    2) E75 – the low rate of fire (every 15 sec or so) can be a serious
    disadvantage, thus I essentially stopped playing the tank.

  80. Hokage Minato -Mattix

    Why are wargaming not using SS or nationalsozialism logos on the tanks?

  81. I though for a second “Holy sh*t this chest is hairy!”

  82. E75 .. please … WZ-111 mod. 1-4 master race!

  83. “Their dangerous, squishy artillery players.”

  84. Hey QB, Which is using T-54 Gun?
    D-54 or D-10T2S?

  85. Really good video Quickybaby!

  86. Such a good idea, should definitely do all tiers!

  87. this video should be titled “Tanks John Harmon Sells”

  88. Easy to play agressive when u have fps over 60,what can i do with fps max

  89. Could you do a video on the Tiger 2?

  90. Hey quickybaby, can you make a video where you explain what the strongest
    and the weakest features are and how to take tanks out the easiest way from
    tier 8, 9 and 10?

  91. LMAO the face and way you said 12:11

  92. I still regret selling the E 75 for the E 100. E 100 only works with
    premspam which a standard account player like me can’t afford.
    E 75 was such a beast.

    It’s the best looking tank in the game as well I think. Next to the Leopard
    one and T-55A of course. Go Germany!

  93. All these years I thought that the splash indicator for artillery showed
    where the round landed, not where the shot came from. Duh. What a valuable

  94. I’ll never be good as you i watch every video from you but i cannot get
    good i just die plz i nide training

  95. Im I the only one who didnt know what tanks could climb that hill in 5:00

  96. 2:22 russian E75?

  97. QB I have a replay where i finished HT15 for the obj260 but i died and it
    was up to my team to get me my secondary and we would have won until our
    obj140 jumped off the cliff for 1400 HP and blamed it on bad game
    physics…so i lost. Could you do a commentary on this pls?

  98. Am I really watching Quicky? That E75 moves quite differently. Good game

  99. The E75 has such an obvious lower plate though….I pen that plate 99% of
    the time–so much that the E75 isn’t much of a threat to me.

  100. But.. But… Centurion 7/1… ST-I..

  101. Calabi-Yau Manifold

    Would love an E75 HD remodel

  102. VeryUnfriendlySpoon

    QuickyBaby demonstrates to all those HEAT spamming dipshit T-54 drivers how
    you are supposed to play this Russian MEDIUM tank. Move fast, shoot faster,
    and never let your opponents use their armour.

  103. Why is it always “we” “our” etc? I’m not playing the game! It’s really
    weird and slightly annoying.

  104. Lorraine 40t beast t9

  105. Garman Tank The Best

  106. When is your Q&A?

  107. Huh, never realized there were shadows on the mini-map, Also *Why* is there
    no ‘I’ on the mini-map?

  108. Quickybaby are you going to do a review on the T-10

  109. AnotherIdiot PlayingGames

    this video also shows two tanks that are completely broken by premium ammo.

  110. Tanks most likely to carry tier for tier:tier 1: t1cunningham, tier 2:
    captured hotchkiss, tier 3: panzer 2J, tier 4: Matilda or derp hetzer, tier
    5: derp KV1 w/ HEAT, tier 6: OI, tier 7: SU 122 44, tier 8: hmm…I don’t
    know, so I’m just gonna say ISU 152, tier 9: T54, tier 10: I think E50M,
    because armor, mobility, and pinpoint accurate gun.

  111. Ricardo Hernandez Alvarez

    I’m grinding both of them, as I had them in WoT Blitz but couldn’t carry
    them into WoT PC. In Blitz the E75 was my favorite beast, but the T-54 not
    so much as the maps are shorter and mobility is not as important as in WoT

  112. QB screw-up count:2 1. Called the IS7 an E75 2. said it was a platoon of
    soviet t9 mediums, T55A is German.

  113. quickybyaby my favourite tank is the cromwell and i think that the cromwell
    is the best tank in tier6…what du you think?

  114. +QuickyBaby funly enough I had an heartbrake in the E75today, are you
    ready… An 8k damage loss… Against a t54 XD, anyway it’s just a
    coincidence. I uploaded it to the quickybaby replay website if you want to
    cry a bit

  115. Aleksejs Dudarjonoks

    Great games Quicky! It’s awesome to watch your vids and eat at the same
    time, lovin it.

  116. Guys, what are you using for a gun at the T54?

  117. With this tank i got my first 6000+ damage in a match vs tier 10

  118. this E 75 is trying to push up onto the hill LOL

  119. ACE_stealth251 [ACE]

    Lol at 2:30-2:40 mate that’s a IS-7 not a E75…


  121. #Y0u0nlyLif30nc3 #Yolo

    why should I watch on twitch and again on youtube!?

  122. #Y0u0nlyLif30nc3 #Yolo

    Bad hair day?^^

  123. What about the VK.45.02.B?

  124. Gabelhelm Sogarbraten

    i think after he buff im actually enjoying the vk 45 02b more than the e75
    its just so awesome to see jagerus panic when you drive towards them
    bouncing everything and punching through their lower plate every 12 seconds

  125. E75 REALLY needs a DPM buff, its fire rate is just to slow to be
    competative against tanks like the T10 M103 and Conqueror, higher alpha
    than all three but the fire rate is damn near double compared to the 120mm
    on the US and British heavies, and a good 4 seconds slower than the 122 on
    the T10, plus all three of them having 257-259mm of average pen compared to
    the 128mm with only 246mm of pen.

  126. what about other 9tier tanks that deserve a video like this, like the
    czechoslovakian medium tank, russian heavy sti, wz 111 1-4, m46 patton and
    many others? 🙁 just feel sad about those :(

  127. E75 ultimate mountain goat ahahahah

  128. Sidescraping in the t54?How in the world would you succeed??

  129. Bruh u done like 5 games of the e75,do a game of the Lowe because u have no
    video of it.

  130. Shrek The Psychotherapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  131. note, turret side and rear on the E75 is 160mm, 252 frontal turret, 160mm
    upper front plate angled at a good 50 degrees or more, lower plate is
    130mm, side hull and rear hull is 120mm

  132. E 75 the comet the cromwell and the Tiger are my favourite tanks

  133. RollOut Maximilian Dragos

    why do I have the feeling this is the second time I saw the first replay ?

  134. Stop shitting on yourself about how good the t54 is and how much you
    recommend it. It is a broken tank made only for gold ammo usage and
    horrendously op compared to the others. Hope it gets nerfed and brought in
    line with the other t9 meds

  135. Well, the farm on the T-54 is not so fun. The t-44 gun is a bit
    desapointing at tier 9.

  136. i always get a patrol duty in my e 75 if im trying to kill the half of the
    enemy team

  137. lxljessicalxl77 lynn

    love ur vids bet u get this alot but keep tanking quicky

  138. The conqueror is better than the E75

  139. So, apart from the Soviets, what other medium tanks out there are worth
    going to? I’m primarily a heavy/TD driver (I play on console), but want to
    add flexibility to my game play. I see a lot of Soviet tanks on the
    console, and as such want to get something else, to change it up a bit. Any
    suggestions? I enjoy a good brawl, but to me, that’s what heavies are for,
    so I’d prefer high mobility

  140. IDK QB…I like my WZ-120…rate of fire isn’t as much as the T54…unless
    you use the 100mm….but 249mm 440 alpha and got my reload up to 6.5…..

  141. I thought the centurion 7/1 also woud be there.

  142. One thing I don’t understand. Why are 99.99% of Test Server players ALWAYS
    Russian? They’re too bad to make actual accounts on the live servers?

  143. I think the T-10 is a perfect balance of mobility speed and armor with a
    amazing gun I have the E-75 but in most situations I would take the T-10
    over the E-75 .

  144. M103 for the win :)

  145. Tier for tier also the obj 704!

  146. Tier 6 plz

  147. I feel like the ST-1 is better tier 9 heavy armor wise. The lower plate on
    the e75 is really weak.

  148. Hey QB, is it right that you made a Instagram account, called
    ‘quickybaby_tv’? Or is it a fake one again?

  149. blame johnharmon :)

  150. People complain about heat ammo in this game, but there is really no point.
    In a tank with 200 pen at t9 so effectively a tigers pen 2 tiers up you
    really need that 330 pen it’s the only way you can get stuff done, and in
    my is7 it is annoying but I can appreciate why they need to use it against
    me and its up to me to try and find a better way to fight him instead of
    just complaining

  151. I really think that O Ho is pretty op even in a tier 10 game? when you are
    doing about 300damage to a E 100 every shot!

  152. Meh game, Quickybaby. Had 3 like that in a row… 8 total for the day…

  153. That T-49 didn’t fire HE into QB, he fired HEAT.

  154. Do a video about the jpanther 1 please

  155. My *only* tier 9 tanks… after 2 years of playing, the progression was
    simply, and easy: T-54, E 75… Is it really worth getting an E 100 or Obj.
    140/T-62A? Right now, I could care less. These two tanks ARE the funnest
    tanks to play.

    Otherwise: T-29, without a doubt. T-67: my most played and favorite tank to
    play (Even at bottom tier, I can always end up top-5 at the end of the
    game). Just started playing the Bulldog: soooo much fun, even though my WR8
    is pretty bad (47%). And three Russian mediums: T-34, T-34-85/Rudy, and
    KV-13 (such troll armor).

  156. I suck at playing the t-54 .. like I suck at this game in general, but i do
    significantly worse in this tank than in others

  157. Hey QB how much dmg would be good in a tier 7/8/9/10 tank especially a BC?

  158. and t54

  159. 2:21 calls IS-7 E-75, logic.

  160. e50 Master Race.

  161. I feel the t54 is just out classed by the m46 Patton at this time in the
    game. The Patton having better DPM and snapshot/on the move capabilities
    along with fantastic view range makes it a better tank. IMO all the t54 has
    going for it is it’s armour which is often hard to use with 5 degrees of
    gun depression instead of the amazing 10 on the Patton.

  162. I feel the t54 is just out classed by the m46 Patton at this time in the
    game. The Patton having better DPM and snapshot/on the move capabilities
    along with fantastic view range makes it a better tank. IMO all the t54 has
    going for it is it’s armour which is often hard to use with 5 degrees of
    gun depression instead of the amazing 10 on the Patton.

  163. I was just about to nap.

  164. Yep – the E75 is my spoilt child – it can’t do wrong…good gun, good armor
    – good brawler. T-54 is reliable; it won’t let you down – but – it’s less
    forgiving as a medium.

  165. I like the E-75. I crush them frequently in my ST-I, the true king of tier
    9 heavy tanks.

  166. Leader Of KaRu gaming

    think when Quickybaby see Maus and says that Ltractor is going to kill me

  167. Nooby-ass, lucky-ass, rng full round, did not enjoy a single moment of that
    e-75 game

  168. hey qb, im a player in QSF-L, watching you videos, you are great. the
    reason why im in this clan&why i play as good as now (2.7k recent wn8) but
    here is a critisim for you, you shall use your own hp for your platoonmates
    in my opinion. not in this only, but in some of your videos, your
    platoonmates die when you have +50-60 % hp and i think this shouldnt happen
    and having shared hp is the reason of platoons’ existance. I think, you
    shall be jumping in shots coming to your platoonmates more.

  169. CLAN PLS ? Qucky baby fun club :D

  170. nice video,I have e75

  171. Артём Брав

    75 корм для арты, 54 голдозависим. Т-10 – выбор нормальных людей. Льготная

  172. where is the 111 14?

  173. QB plays his T-54 like that while I play my Su-122-44 like that ??

  174. what kills me from the inside it that in the T54 game you see enemy T55A
    player is yellow, and im above green (dont use XVM, but friend told me
    that) and Im still stuck with LT-15 and MT-15 😛 oh well keep trying I
    guess :P

  175. M46 Patton is sad because no video of it has been made… :)

  176. centurion 7/1, quz… wel u know why :)

  177. this guy is completely ignoring me, quess im on his black list…
    Definitely not a nice guy , sure he has great vids, but ignored me

  178. I just have to say i love your reviews ???

  179. Hey guys, wanna hear a joke?

    Russians are good players.

  180. #Blamejohnharmon

  181. Great series, keep it going!

  182. so many views in 36 mins quickly your awsome

  183. I think the amx cdc is amazing tier for tier i whatched your video on it so
    had to buy it like if you agree

  184. Nice video i have a question who can help me to 40 subs

  185. the hetzer is the best tier 4

  186. that first game was really bad actually

  187. QB please also do this with tier X

  188. Am I the only one who finds the T-54 unplayable without premium account? I
    just keep losing credits even if I win and do good amount of damage. The AP
    shells costs even more than APCR shell at the tier X T-62A and the repairs
    are quite expansive as well. -20,000 credits is not a rare game for me in
    the T-54…

  189. T30 FTW

  190. Mr. spritzig spritzig

    ” well you can always press your 2 key ” that pronounciasion

  191. How you didnt get shot at by arty in that position is beyond my reasoning.

  192. Be like QuickyBaby be aggressive baby!

  193. cheeky ram

  194. T-10 review!

  195. e100 or maus…. help

  196. when is there gonna be another good guy vid?

  197. Make this a series QB!! I see potential in a series like that

  198. Beautiful move with the T-54, taking the low ground. Unicorn at work!

  199. so many jutters and droped frames in this video

  200. yayaya i am lord, yayaya :D

  201. T-10 best tier 9

  202. great turret armor ??? are you living in sometime before 9.0 release ???

  203. Conqueror

  204. Quickybaby can you make a video about the new super test tanks? Ex. Grille
    15, T25 Pilot and the rest?

  205. 2:23 Its an is 7 qb

  206. lol it’s an is7 not e75

  207. ST-1 > everything not a ST-1

  208. I am working on getting the t54, I’m at the t34 but I’m not sure if I want
    to go the light tank route to the t54 or the med tank route, what do you

  209. Last time I came this early I was in my ru251

  210. QB its actually 160*mm of Side turret armour :p

  211. I don’t even play this game on P.C…

  212. my fav is STI. no matter how shitty my skill is from not playing too long.
    i always get ace from playing it. my baby

  213. T54 is dodgy af
    If you click you 2 key you can add
    Best pen

    To its top of the class

    Thats why its so popular
    Because russia


    2:24 “This E75 is trying to get up on the hill” Wait what? E75 is not an
    IS7 :O #blameQB :D

  215. 2:24 ”This e75 is trying to get up into the hill”… its a is7…

  216. Im 10mins late so lets make a joke. my life ……

  217. Hey QB you should get back into AW; it’s growing quite fast

  218. I recently bought the conqueror and I am very satisfied with it’s gun; so
    accurate! But it needs the wet ammo rack plus safe stowage for the

  219. I find that in my T-10 I can easily beat an E-75 one on one

  220. Almost 17 minute video up for five minutes and already 1 thumb down, some
    people… Who could hate QB?

    (Besides that guy who accused you of having someone play for you because
    you took your hands off the keyboard of course)

  221. Thanks QB, I was getting bored with all my subscriptions, haha

  222. 345th one to watch this

  223. 354th, YES!!

  224. 281st

  225. Joshua the Scotsman

    I’m early! quick, lets make a joke…
    the Russian playerbase

  226. yeah pls a conqueror gameplay :(

  227. 20 people saying first… twitch live announcements :(

  228. all most first

  229. Hello stream

  230. Conqueror :(

  231. gb you rock

  232. 12th like!!!!

  233. after 39 sec you get 49 views very GOOD.

  234. looks interesting

  235. first

  236. Under 301 club!!!

  237. suck my dick

  238. sweet series! (:

  239. FIRST

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