World of Tanks || Top Ten: NON-PREMIUM CREDIT MAKERS

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Source: QuickyBaby

World Tanks – Top Ten. Today I’m looking at the best 10 NON-premium tanks for making credits in World of Tanks!


World Tanks is a 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-7 with a 100% crew, a laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. MattL600's Technic

    *s o l v i e t s t u g*

  2. Shell from the hell

    Stug III G aint Soviet!!!

  3. Stug III G – “Everything else about this tank is fairly decent. It has some frontal armor the first German TD to have so along the line”… THINKING…….. HETZER

  4. Who is playing that archer? 😉

  5. why this video? :F this is world of premium tanks.. Normal tanks are just a cover up for selling permium tanks now.

  6. Stug III G is not Soviet…..oops.

  7. Top 10 average kills per game?

  8. I’d like to add a caveat to the honorable mention. Artillery is only profitable if you win, survive and take minimal damage, in addition to actually hitting things. Using consumables and repair costs are generally very expensive for arties.

  9. T-46? Wow.

  10. I️ got the PZ IV H without even thinking it was that good.
    I️ stand corrected to this day.

  11. Oh you cut your hair! (am i think wrong ?-?)

  12. I was thinking of picking up one of those tanks until you showed that the one I already have, the M44, tops the list when artillery is included.

  13. hey quickybaby, can you give us your feedback on this? Wargaming someone listens to you and may do something about it.

  14. next, top 10 gold spammers

  15. I am kinda surprised… No T67? I made shittons of money in it before I got a prem tank

  16. Play DERP, make cash… Got it

  17. Wow, I though the Sherman Firefly would be well placed in the list but …

  18. the stug does not have armer and you forget about the hetzer

  19. since O-I came out there ‘s really no reason to play KV-2

  20. QB, thank you for this. Not only does this seem as refreshing to you as it is to several of us, but this in an invaluable update for a lot of outdated information. It’s hard to find good stats on mid-tier non-premium tanks, and while many of us watch you to see excellence and study your decision-making process, I for one have no aspiration to become a run-n-gun brawler, and would only lose my shirt trying to fight in the high tiers. I have fun and make credits at Tier 5 and 6. I’m primarily an arty player to support my son, but I have lots of other tanks. Thank you for this list!

  21. In M4 it’s rarely below 10k for me.

  22. Oh thank goodnessss

  23. QuickyBaby really thinks, that a StuG is a “Sowjet” tank . . . GG QuickyBaby^^

  24. Please make a video that adressen if non tier 8 premiums can also make money. Because not everyone wants to spend €40 on a tank…

  25. Very usefull, thx Qb

  26. I still think that T-34 is the best ??

  27. lol 1 mistake and reported by hundreds of ppl. Don’t you feel memeing sometimes, youtube ?

  28. I think the Hetzer is also good for making credits

  29. I make around 8k credits on average games with my Pz 4 H.
    It is very fun tank indeed

  30. Soviet StuG?

    Actually Jingles.. wait.. you’re not Jingles..


  31. I thought the Luchs would be on here XD

  32. stug 3 is germany TD

  33. Hi @quickybaby . Nice comment.
    It would be cool if you add the information is before or after repairing etc. And if it’s with or without a premium account (if this is possible to say).

  34. Can you make a video with the old t-50-2, Chaffee, or VK – one of the original tier V scouts when they were able to see tier X matches?

  35. 7k per game, even as Profit, is pretty garbage 🙁

  36. Cool idea for the video! Keep it up

  37. I guess it’s a good advice to grind out a tank line from each of the nations and then go ham on the Marathons which reward certain Premium tanks upon completion

  38. I don’t know if I am the only one, but QuickyBaby makes me happy every video. 🙂

  39. i wait who is the pz4 auf. h, i played many games with that tank it is a very funny tank and make big credits.
    With premium i see often in this tank more than 25k plus, this is near a real premium tank.
    In good games the tank performance like a real premium, because of the cheap shell cost and the high alpha.

  40. Wtf where’s the kv-1 ?

  41. Awesome video. A lot of the tanks made sense, some were a suprise. Really enjoyed this.

  42. Stug III is TOTALLY Soviet Tank Hahahaha

  43. Talk about nerfs in economy – around year or two ago you would see profitability around 10k-12k credits among top three non-premium tanks, rivalling actiual tier V premiums. We would see BDR, T1 Heavy and I think StuG on top of the list there, if my memory serves me right.
    I especially remember T1 Heavy and BDR being an excellent money makers – doing 12-16k for me consistently, easily outperforming my Churchill III.

    Not any more, most likely due to premium ammo spam that is required and due to endless powercreep plaguing this poor game.

  44. Wow 9th place, a Soviet Stug 3 G in the German tech tree xD must cost like 500 dollars

  45. Jãÿdęñ Čłãrę

    1:41 DerpyBaby StuG III G is German not Russian 😉

  46. Would be nice to see top 10 non-premium tanks with Premium account.
    I think that would make tier 6-8 tanks way more profitable than the low tier ones.

  47. damn, pz4 was even more profitable when it still had the schmalturm and long 75

  48. I still want to point out that StuG III G is a SOVIET TD :3 Anyways, Keep up the gud vids QB

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