World of Tanks || Tortoise – 1 vs 8

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World of Tanks – Tortoise. Today Punch100 of the RU is going to go 1 vs in the tank with the highest DpM in the game, the T9 British tank destroyer, the Tortoise!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play published by and is available as a free download here:

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  1. Hi everyone, I noticed that this video has an echo from the microphone – SORRY ABOUT THAT! Wasn’t going to re-record because I really enjoyed the commentary.

    If you utterly can’t bare it, don’t watch this rollercoaster ride and I’ll make sure it’s fixed for next time!

  2. omg that fucking stupid pig! What an idiot! Such a heartbreak! Arty always ruins good carry games

  3. It’s not much of an echo, don’t worry about it

  4. One in a billion this one. The armor is super pathetic and that “mobility” makes it a pure suffering…

  5. Is the bagder slow

  6. Next is Franch Heavy Tanks review?

  7. If I was on the t34’s team I would be beyond pissed if they ended up losing. I don’t give anything to the reds but I won’t suicide either to deny medals. The tortoise should have been more patient at the end though, he had about 2 mins to spare to defend the cap if the Arty made a play for it. Ton of bushes to hide in. I’ll let greenies farm deserved medals but never reds. Wins>all

  8. The Archer is technically slower…. 😉

  9. looked like he lagged out or had high ping. happened to me before on several occasions, unfortunately

  10. Wow, he was camping base the entire team…why would you upload such a battle, there is no skill in it…

  11. Heavy td scout? Wargaming pls

  12. Respect to the t34. Fuck the scumbag arty.

  13. Says the microphone is broken

    Me:Whats broken?!

    Oh it is

  14. Nah he thought his teammate killed him

  15. Loved the gameplay
    Tortoise is my favorite tank of all time totally kicks ass in wot blitz and wot for PC

  16. Russians….

  17. That T34 might’ve been reloading still. Didn’t pay attention to when he last fired. If not, the T34 could’ve won with an HE to the roof, or even an AP to overmatch. Oh well. I usually raise my barrel when certain death is coming and I’m reloading, so… Dead loader/damaged ammo rack?

  18. why u writed that with the microi wouldnt even know it xD

  19. It belittles the achievement if someone “gives” it to you. You didn’t fully earn it that way.

    That T34 may have been able to get him killed by coming up behind him or even holding him in place for artillery to hit/splash him (he was on less than 60). Artillery played it properly. Which is ironic considering the win rate of the artillery player.

  20. That idiotic selfish arty player -_-

  21. 9k dmg and its not enough

  22. churchill VII is also slow as hell…but salute to the T34. Nice work from him!

  23. Good on the t34. Not many people would if done that.

  24. Notice how the description doesn’t say “It’s one of my favorite games of all time” but just “it’s available as a free download”……rip WoT ??

  25. That T34 is the true hero of this game 🙂

  26. I don’t really understand how that T34 gets so much respect in the comments while the arty gets hate? Unlike the T34 the arty actually tried to win instead of screwing his team over and basically snatching a draw (or a defeat for all he knew) from the jaws of victory. I wouldn’t want some guy like that on my team, throwing the game. It amazes me how that is somehow seen as some incredible act of “honor” or whatever while the arty is getting flamed for actually wanting to win.

  27. I kinda hate the Tortoise….so slow and the armour is quite irrelevant as EVERYBODY knows the weak points

  28. Nicolae Ioachim Trică

    T34 giving up the fight – ” what a nice player, offering the Turtoise a chance for the rarest medal in the game! ”

    Batchat arty capping for the draw – ” what a f****** scumbag! ”


    T34 capping for the draw – ” what a brave guy, he refused to give up! ”
    Batchat arty giving up the fight – ” what a coward scumbag! ”


  29. wow I just had a similar game in my revalorize in this map.the match ended in defeat cuz me and enemy arty were both camping and I was driving around the cap and he shotted me two times in a row .wtf is that bullshit

  30. why he didnt get kolobanov’s medal??

  31. last t34 are your friend ? 😀

  32. For me I think the slowest tanks in game are:
    •at line
    • tog

  33. Funny thing is that next patch the AT2 (the tier 5 not very good TD) is getting massively nerfed and the tortoise (very good tank) is getting massively armor buffed… gg WG.

  34. Sabbir Ahamed Maruf

    I love that t34 guys. Love that guy so much. Keep up man

  35. Arty crew in the end:-WTA…no way we ll aborting CAP,even for an incompetent team as mine!Points are points! Tortoise crew in the end:-Aborting CAP in this case will be a total waste of our personal reserve,so we ll take it as it is!Arty crew:-Blindfiring is our only option so…TAKE THAT YOU ROYAL OCCUPANTS…SHIIIT!Tortoise crew:-Hmm was that a shell impact by that sky cancer behind us?Well glad we didn’t parked on that position lads.OK,whose for a cup of tea while we’re waiting for CAP?

  36. Respect to t34

  37. Udayakumar Ratnasabapathy

    8:03 wot happend to arse and butt ????????

  38. Elprofessor|البروفيسور

    matilda BP is slower

  39. that T34B just DCed. Happens to me every day (sometimes in most crucial moments of the battle). so annoying.

  40. I think the most up fucked thing for him was not only that it was a clicker watch the XVM stats of him 🙂

  41. The Echo is awesome ….. ????

  42. more confirmation that artillery is a cancer

  43. FirestreakRodimusPr

    Good for the arty to force a draw and ruin this dude’s game. Especially after that t34 threw his tank away.

  44. LOL I watched this video 5 days ago on other channel:

    He was camper no wonder he lost!

  45. One of the best replays I`ve ever seen, awesome!

  46. crap, I thought they’d patch up this month so before weekend’s %15 discount ended I spent like 40k free exp and purchased 183 🙁 I could have had excess 1M right now in my non premium acc.

  47. Some tanks have very weak cupolas like Tortoise, M103, Tiger 1/2, KV line, T-34-3….etc. a cupola should be strong from the front, sides and rear well decent armor.

  48. The Churchill 7 goes 10 km/h…

  49. I assumed that the T34 disconnected

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