World of Tanks || Tortoise – 12 KILLS…

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Source: QuickyBaby

of || Tortoise – KILLS… Today The_good_names_are_taken is going to carry super hard in the T9 British Tank Destroyer the Tortoise!

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. On Quickybay’s video’s i always press Thumbs up then fullscreen =)

  2. dat T29. no clue

  3. Hey quickybaby could you posibley do a gamplay review of the E-50 ?

  4. how can i get better ping and better graphics

  5. Игра дерьмо! Херовая графика, тупорылая система маскировки (когда танк не
    видно в чистом поле), долгое сведение орудий, и т.д. Как в это вообще можно
    играть? Белорусы никчемные!

  6. Just to say : Statistically, everyone has allready had this “great
    matchmaking versus bad players”, event had it multiple times if you are
    around the 10k battles. And i don’t think you have done 12 kills everytime,
    so stop whining and enjoy the replay.

  7. WOW great replay

  8. That’s the one thing I really hate about WoT, especially while playing
    through the Brit TD line – the “shoot the commander’s hatch to destroy the
    tank” bit. Imagine how dumb it would have been in, say, Fury, if instead of
    desperately trying to outmaneuver the Tiger, Brad Pitt just tore it up by
    shooting at the damn hatch.

    Yeah, I know it’s some half-assed balance mechanic, but still.

    Armored Warfare has at least that sort of right – it’s a weak spot, but you
    aren’t going to cause catastrophic structural failure in the chassis by
    shooting it a few times.

  9. I think the tortoise is very good in a platoon when you can dubble its dpm
    and the meds cant go around you

  10. 6:14… did you really say 120 pounder? thats just out of my imagination

  11. I bet Good_Names forgot about the high pen on his HE. If it was normal HE,
    it makes sense to stick to AP, but with HESH he definitely should have been
    firing that.

  12. +merry jerry but the cent 7/1 has the worst dpm on any tier 9 tank

  13. Respect the Tortoise!

    Rita would be proud

  14. Still at tier 8 on this line. I’ve only fought against the tortoise in 2
    battles. 1st time was in a battle with the T95 that i got the invader medal
    with. 2nd time didn’t go so well, i’m looking forward to eventually getting
    this TD.

  15. Got excited when I saw a tortoise video. Thought for sure it was gonna be
    Rita Gamer. :(

  16. Lol last turtle replay was on the same map?!?

  17. Im french and i have a bad english but k love your video !

  18. “use the HE” unless he is like me, and your HE has 120mm of pen and you
    fire at a tank with 30mm of armor and do 100 odd damage every freaking
    time. My luck with HE penning is laughable, HESH shell from a 183 into the
    rear plate of a T110E5? nope 900 damage.

  19. I put springs and heavy spall liner in mine and surprised the snot out of
    quite a few people. Made it like the t28 us td. Course the t28 had way
    better frontal armor but man you can fire that gun. But i sold it just as
    fast as i could to get the t10.

  20. 6:20 120pounder?

  21. play spähpanzer RU 251

  22. I’m a big fan put a vid of a wolverine so I can learn how to use It

  23. Couldn’t help but chuckle when you said “One hundred and twenty pounder”
    QB, 😛 nice video as always

  24. I helped one today he got stuck in a really thin ally way and muts was
    shooting him in the ass so I killed the muts

  25. The Tortoise can actually get 4094 DPM with a rammer, vents, and Brothers
    in Arms. And if you use Pudding and Tea, you can get up to an even more
    ridiculous 4271 DPM. That means 10.68 RPM, with a 5.62 second reload, 1.49
    second aim time, and .27 accuracy. Its a good thing the Tortoise doesn’t
    have much of anything else going for it, otherwise it would be monstrously

  26. ah the tort.. love hate relationship.. some games it was amazing, but other
    games… just no

  27. ThatOneChelseaFan #KTBFFH

    Speaking of usernames, unless I totally forgot, I don’t know QB’s Irl name

  28. It’s op

  29. why doesnt he use the engine boost, in the consumables?

  30. Quickly. Which tank do you recommend between the E50m, the 62A, and the M48

  31. If u guys want to see more world of tanks I have a fury skit on my channel
    if I can get up to 20 subs ill post a different one … Click on my name to
    check it out

  32. Love the british td line up till the tier 10….go from good armored tds
    with pretty good dpm to a meh armored turreted derp td….

  33. Tortoise is designed for taking a beating? I troll people all day long
    brawling in that thing.

  34. you try to make your vids all dramatic will he kill them or wont he can he
    catch them cant he but yet hes on 10 kills and u said in the title he gets
    12 you do this all the time spoil the outcome of the game by having the
    result in the title 🙁 good replays i enjoy them but that is a big turn off

  35. All they have to shoot is the commander’s hatch in the right top side… I
    don’t know why antibody is shooting him there.

  36. Highest DPM in the game? I have 1.77 second reload time on my Matilda.

  37. Thisisfuckingannoying

    the side MG IS NOT A WEAKSPOT

  38. The Tortoise … or as Rita Gamer calls it, The Tur’twas.

  39. Having played the first video game where tanks looked like an “H” with a
    barrel attached, World of Tanks has incredible graphics but lets the
    players cheat in a way that the first generation games didn’t. Not only can
    you see thru hills, buildings, and even shoot thru obstructions, you never
    throw a track or have a turret/gun disabled until you’ve died. Indeed the
    World of Battleships is even more unrealistic since nearly every real fleet
    action takes place on the open sea and not darting around islands or
    shooting down carrier aircraft like plinking pop cans. I enjoy them both
    but I still have an old Sega Saturn system and tank game that despite its
    shortcomings, gives a better feel of what tank combat is like in many ways
    than this..

  40. 120 pounder gun….

  41. Anu, QB always does World of Tanks videos, QB great vid man.

  42. My favorite tank in the game. 3 marks, all skills/perks for it, and i LOVE
    being in tier10 games.

    on xbox..

  43. I think he was right not to rely on the HESH a lot. It underperforms all
    the time, and just as much if you hit tanks that by any and all standards
    you should devastate. Pen or no, it just seems to me to chronically

  44. Pretty sure this is the same Map the last tortoise gameplay you uploaded?

  45. I have this tank and most games do very well with it. If not in the open,
    better if u have a med to cover u also. Like u said if they get your
    tracks, its most time bad

  46. Should be named “snapping turtle” lol!

  47. dam good gun

  48. dam good gun

  49. great game True North Strong and Free

  50. This reminds me of a replay on this map in this tank that I saw a year or
    so ago. Anyone else remember that one?

  51. Tortoise the dpm beast <3

  52. Quickie baby you already showed this video

  53. 3:39 , “Rip apart tanks while not getting flanked.” Get’s flanked right at
    that moment:D

  54. i wish WG would buff the centurion 7/1’s dpm (on wot blitz)

  55. never been a fan of the British tds (even though I love the meds), until I
    saw this video. btw if anyone wants to platoon on blitz my account is

  56. @Karsten Niehuis oh stfu asshole

  57. wow he has only red player killed what a performance who I werst been one
    of them you trust me dead

  58. why can’t the NA server give me that mm

  59. “Let’s just hope they don’t get the tortoise on his back.”

  60. what about FV215 183 with HESH rounds. Doesnt it have better dpm

  61. Hello QuickyBaby, since I dont have proper PC to play this game I am
    watching your vids a lot. First of all I dont like Tortoise, never played
    this tank but I never had trouble destroying it. It is really hard to miss
    weak spots. He did not had support from any teammate during the battle and
    he could be burned so easily. Bad opponents he had there.
    1. T37 totaly open his flank, that is novice mistake.
    2. T54 tried to come arounf but he did not put enough effort in there.
    3. FV 201 just popup from the corner as novice with open flank.
    4.T26E4, while Tortoise was dealing with T54 and FV, he was just standing
    there and doing nothing.
    5. Kv3 came from behind and froze his self there insted to stick his front
    to T a55.
    6. Pz muts, same as FV, peak from corner in so frong way to do it. Easily
    7. T29, looks like he lost something over there lol
    8. Obj 704 was a real threat but he was bit open there. I think it is not
    position for him there in the first place.
    Thats all. Keep up with a good work QB.

  62. actually according to the WOT stats the Conway haves a DPM of 3077 and the
    Tortoise 3000. So the Conway haves a better DPM… but the armor is very
    bad haha.

  63. I have played the Tortoise on the Test server and I think its worth it.

  64. Experimental Type 5 Ho-Ri tank destroyer search this please! Premium? Tier
    7 or 8?

  65. I watched that replay yesterday lol. I predicted it would make it!

  66. you did not talk intact with the video, so it was hard for me to watch
    because i would know what happened 30 sec. later but other wise great

  67. I need like 160,000 more xp on my at 15 to get the tortoise

  68. Why is áleas that map in the tortoise the last replay about the tortoise
    wars in that map XD

  69. Heroic Play >w<)b!!


  71. Yeah it can rip tomatoes apart who have no clue about tracking shots.

  72. Highest dpm in game? What about deathstar and fv4005 with Hesh 2 x 1750=

  73. am i the only one who goes for the lower plate on the tortoise?

  74. Qb you could think more about the title :
    “12 kills” so you already that he kills all artys at the end…

  75. where and do we send you our replays?

  76. 120 pounder? really QB?

  77. world of people who can’t flank and track :)

  78. Snow Man Agario & More

    Cool, so op :D

  79. In the blue corner very angry indeed by quickybaby saying her beloved
    tortoise is basicly crap =Rita Gamer. in the red corner a VERY scared
    quickybaby. gentlemen , place your bets… money is on Rita heh

  80. Great success! :D

  81. Poor skill but really nice game. Congratz

  82. Thanks for another great video, most appreciated!

  83. Enemy team is full of blood red and orange players. Wish I could get that

  84. 6:17 120 pounder gun? OH MY GOD!?

    Is that the RATTE?!

  85. Very strong

  86. Nguyenthanhloc Nguyen

    t34 10 kills hahaha

  87. This seems like a deja vu…

  88. that was a sweet game, thx quickybaby. Next time though, could you please
    not put the amount of kills in the title, it ruined the suspense for me in
    the end…

  89. well all tanks r “good” – all depends on randoms – oposite team – how they
    work with u :)

  90. QB shut up the tort rules!!! The 183 suckkkks balls I hate it. My tort I
    have an avg of 2k dmg per game its an epic TD. with BiA Rammers vents you
    can shoot a 120mm round every 5.99 sec. even when you lose a loader happens
    a lot… your ROF is like 8 sec… not bad. This is a epic TD and I love it
    a lot.

  91. i had exactly 4k dpm in my tortoise, think i got the reload down to 5.99
    seconds. i liked it alot actually

  92. Halfway through the AT-15, can’t wait.

  93. `Wow me and a friend got 13 kills together. I got 11 kills of that and we
    carried the whole team, life 15k damage in total and i didnt get on here!

  94. I have so much work to do in my Tortoise.

  95. RNG being balanced as normal… QQ

  96. What if it’s armor get buff hehehe like the T95

  97. Im 19k games in to this game and ~2k wn8 and the DPM of this tank still
    surprises me from time to time :p

  98. without a premium account he would have lost money

  99. Such a good tank, for getting easy damage on when you shoot it in the top

  100. Random question, how rare is the Type 59 on PC? Xbox just got it, and it’s
    everywhere. Multiple per game, and on release, we had full games of them.

  101. Youve posted a like exact alike battle before same map same side similar
    spawn position goes same places and end game same thing

  102. This tank is much like the T95. Can take a beating and dish one out — in
    the right situation. But usually it is just frustrating as hell.

  103. Shrek The Psychotherapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  104. And it’s still not good enough for TD-15-4

  105. The Tortoise is the pain you have to endure before you get to the payoff
    that is one-shotting half the tanks in your game with the Deathstar

  106. Tortise is sorta crap, by time u get 2 battle ur team is at thier base or
    circleing you

  107. Best tank

  108. Hey uploaded it on my Birthday! :)

  109. The Tortoise is a terrible tank that only does well against morons who sit
    in front of you trading health. The tank wilts as soon as it has to go up
    against players who have even a shred of intelligence.

  110. i already knew he would win because the titel says he got 12

  111. Hey QB! Can you make a video about the french light tank line because I
    struggle a bit with the 12 t after the lovely elc amx! And Some people day
    that after the elc it wil become good
    If you get the 13 90. Whats Tour opinion about this And maybe you have
    Some Nice gameplay about the french light tank line? I really would like a
    video about it! See ya And Carry on!

  112. Damn, 120pdr!! That’s quite a gun 🙂 6:14

  113. Pls stop saying how much kills in the title/Description 🙁 it just says
    what happens in the vid…

  114. with a rammer, vents, pudding&tea and brothers in arms the dpm is 5500 if
    you fire hesh

  115. Su-122-44 reloads like 20% faster than the Tortoise….

  116. b4 i knew about the tort i made the big mistake of trying to 1v1 a tort in
    a is-3

  117. if u have a mark of excellence in a tank and then sell it but buy t back
    later, do you keep the mark EF excellence?
    BTW plz ignore the picture lol

  118. I just had a match in which I was about to get my first Kolabonovs when
    Arty killed me at ca. 250m with about 2 secs of aiming time. I really hope
    this match will take my mind off how bullshit the RNG in WoT actually is.

  119. Awsome video quickybaby I play blitz and I have around 110k experience and
    I’m feeling the burn of grinding lol

  120. Ah, the legendary Tortwaaaaz.

  121. Hey QB, pls dont be angry with me, but didnt u find a better replay with a
    Toroise? :/ I mean, in this kind of matchmaking on a map like this, the
    Tortoise is just OP. “good_names” had much of luck with this bad enemy
    gameplay, cuz he could dead there easily, but I think you know it. My point
    is, there are much more worse-case scenarios for a Tortoise which would
    give a better show. Pls dont think I want to flame, that are just my
    thinkings. Nevertheless, another good video, thanks for it.

    And sorry for this realy bad english, I am a german gentleman and cannot
    speak this wonderful language very good. I wish I could do it better, but

  122. artys kills you actually faster

  123. LOL 8.01 mins in you say will he get the last 3 tanks which are arty, lol
    he done 9 kills and your title tells us he gets 12 kills so err yeah we do
    know Quickybay :-)

  124. You forgot mentioning the gun mantlet as a weak point.

  125. 120pdr?? 😀 Thats a big gun

  126. this video is reuploaded

  127. Debating whether or not the Tortoise or the T95 gets to be called the Doom

  128. i need to start grinding my at15 again because i really really want one of
    these (i own almost all the ultra heavy armour in the game from the is4 to
    the is7 to the maus to the e100 to the jpze100 and this is really the last
    one i want the japenese heavies not so much and i dont really care about
    the death star) but as far as ive heard the at15 is being buffed in 9.14 a
    little armour wise and i think the mantlet weak point is either being
    removed or made way smaller so nows a good time to start

  129. omg im grindin now this line :O

  130. lol this is quite an easy tank to kill for me the only reason he did so
    well was because he fought mostly incompetent players in this match and
    also top tier

  131. “The_good_names_are_taken” yup thats true xD

  132. why should i use the tortoise when i can use a jagdtiger?

  133. It’s always a shame to me how so many tanks in Wot don’t really vaguely
    represent the tanks they’re meant to represent :/ like most tanks can mount
    guns they could never did/were designed to in reality and so many tanks
    which in reality had great armour, don’t in game (for what they’re going up

  134. WOT_PLAY # World of Tanks


  135. Wow this makes me wanna get the tortoise, as soon as I get it I will most
    likely get penetrated like everywhere

  136. ‘120 Pounder’ – Now that is a gun! XD

  137. So OP…

  138. Very bad aiming throughout this replay.


    The last replay of a Tortoise was also on this map ;)


  141. The title removes any suspense in the game! Why bother watch after he
    killed the mutz.

  142. First comment will never be possible for me on one of QB’s videos… Deal
    with it.

  143. Am I the only one here who doesn’t play wot but instead watches

  144. Don’t you have another Tortoise replay on Windstorm on this channel?

  145. Love your vids QB

  146. Oh, I am early, I have to say something funny ………………………Oh
    yeah, World of Tanks artillery !

  147. super cool quickybaby! i love your videos

  148. people have no life if they can comment first within the first 10 seconds
    of the video being uploaded

  149. I ACTUALLY just got goosebumps seeing that there was a QB video.

  150. Great replay, thx QB.

  151. Noke | CS:GO and More!


  152. brit tanks are the best, they give me great target practice in my leopard

  153. (._.) ( I: ) (.-.) ( :I )
    They see me rollin
    (._.) ( I: ) (.-.) ( :I )
    They hatin

  154. You do want to mess around if im driving the tortoise

  155. how is that grind? im on T5 right now in this line

  156. LoL Turtle

  157. That moment when you comment before watching the video :)

  158. SU-100 and SU-152

  159. I love you qb. Definitely in a creepy way

  160. 7th

    No one cares

  161. 😀 DOOM TURTLE :D

  162. King tenk!!!!

  163. Uploaded 1 minute ago and i cant get the first comment!

  164. got here 10 seconds too late!

  165. second?

  166. Mate Jakov Višnjić

    first? :D

  167. First thumbs up!!

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