World of Tanks || Tortoise – 9,000 Damage…

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Today SupeRadikas is going to show you how to carry in the T9 destroyer the – dominating the opposition!

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From 18:00-CET / 17:00-GMT / 12:00-EST

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. I hope you enjoy SupeRadikas kicking ass as much as I did!

    I’m Livestreaming tonight – 2 more missions till T-55A!

  2. Cool.

  3. Niiiice

  4. Matīss Brikmanis


  5. nice vid QB 

  6. Almost first!!

  7. nipples

  8. 5th comment, 139th view.

  9. U world Of tanks m8

    104 th fight me m8 I’ve got layers like an onion

  10. World of Bunkers xD

  11. I do want that tank but i can kill those things in my sleep and i once
    penned it with the 107 zis gun on the T-150 from 500 meters.

  12. Thanks for the kind words mr. Quickybaby.

  13. Herold der Vollkommenheit

    You can tell by his polite language and well chosen words that QB is an

  14. Claus is for to explains for ones simple rules for when you for fights big
    TD. Is may for to sounds simple but is most stupids is not for to
    understand! Is only ones rule. Don’t sits like stupids duck in front big
    TD gun! Why for? What is for all enemy do? Is T54 is fast is can drives
    behind Tortoise is Tortoise tracked! Is whats do? Is sits behind house
    like stupids duck for wait for Tortoise for to repairs and then is decide
    for to sits fronts gun! Is can only shoot one side TD! Is no haves
    turret! Is can’t shoots behind! Is cant shoots side! So for why sits in
    front? So is ones rule for to remember! Don’ts sits like stupids duck for
    be in fronts! Thank you for all stupids in replay for just sits in front
    so we for can watch 9,000 damage! Yes? YES! Claus for to paid dues. Time
    for after time. Claus for done sentence but for commit no crime! And for
    bads mistake? Claus for to make few! Claus for have share of sands kicked
    in face but Claus for to come through! Claus for to be champion my
    friends! And Claus for to be fighting till the end! Claus for to be
    champion? Claus for to be champion! Is no time for to be stupids for
    Claus for to be champion! Of WOT! If you for want to see Claus seconds
    replay just click Claus Kellerman for blue name on tops! Yes? YES!

  15. so basically it’s just a bunker on wheels

  16. i think he used aimbot for that clutch shoots ,but that’s none of my
    business :)

  17. 17th comment 😛 

  18. Tortoise is lucky there were no T95s on the enemy team.

  19. More like a “zone of danger”

  20. He was lucky they didn’t know his weakspot. T-43 was only one who shot his

  21. No mastery?!

  22. That t-54 did some really bad moves;he could have flanked the tortoise
    instead of acting like a heavy…

  23. I haven’t had this map for a very long time. Has it been removed or has the
    matchmakers map circle been just bad for me?

  24. Prea multa valoare


  25. QB what are your system specs? 

  26. We love you QB! Our standard bearer for intelligence, class and talent in
    a medium swamped by immaturity, bigotry mediocrity and nasty behavior.
    Thank you QB. May you. in the words of my now deceased (very sadly) child
    hood hero Mr Spock. *Live long and prosper*; both you and Peppidy

  27. this insanity has over 4000 dpm when maxed out with tea, it can kill 2 E75s
    in a minute

  28. why are these carries only possible this way when the enemy team is bad? :(

  29. “Outstounding” New word coined by QB!

  30. Quickybaby When will you do your Q and A

  31. The current meta has actually become a little more friendly towards fat
    armored TDs like this. They keep high view range while lighter, stealthier
    TDs do not. They have enough hit points to spend on active plays, stealthy
    TDs do not. And unless we’re talking about the T95, the mobility is to a
    point where you have at least some chance to respond to an unexpected

    Unfortunately, investing in armor rather than stealth is still a
    questionable choice because armor can be made instantly irrelevant with a
    press of the 2 key. Until that changes, I fear that TDs as a whole lack the
    potential to take matters into their own hands (unless of course the enemy
    team is horribly incompetent/inactive).

  32. 4:53 Outstanding + Astounding = *Outstounding*

  33. M8 i r8 8/8

  34. Jan Košumberský

    Tortoise is my main tank right now and while its power is unmatched in most
    games, the poor traverse speed makes it easy for medium tanks to make you
    cry. It was a nice gameplay, but he got very lucky, that the t-54 player
    didnt know how to play the tank. He could have easily get behind him and
    secure the game. That is what i have learned from playing this tank..the
    t-54 is the worst nightmare for Tortoise and personally i think its kind of
    overpowered. In a platoon with someone to cover your back, the tortoise
    will dominate the game. Looking forward to your stream! ;-)

  35. that t 54 played so bad. he could wait tiger or go in when torto fired

  36. Please Update Crew & Perk skill. Thank you

  37. T54 dał dupy to retard

  38. This is so unrealistic. In a real game everybody aims for the cupola xD lol

    Where are half the enemies even shooting?! Lolol

  39. Vegeta, what does the scouter say about his power level?
    IT’S OVER 9000!!!!

  40. Off-topic: If a white guy says: ,, Hey,nigga!How are you doing, my friend?”

    Do you think he is racist?

  41. This is quite a good game, very well played. Though, I wonder where the
    enemy team were aiming? The tumor of a weakpoint on top of the tank is hard
    to miss! The tortoise has a very good gun with excellent gun handling.
    Though, in regards to a tier 9 TD, I’d chose the JagdTiger over the

  42. I love Tortoise more than FV215 183 because the hell of dpm of this TD are
    the nightmare for enemy

  43. I think that’s the one thing that gets people to lose so often is that they
    are so afraid to use their hit points to do what they need to do. 

  44. I can never seem to get the hang on of tanks with no turret though i guess
    that’s one of the flaws of being a light tank driver :)

  45. This is the issue with WoT, huge damage from SPG, TD’s that have better
    armor and dpm than HT’s. TDs seem to be able to take more hits then HTs
    while doing a lot more damage. Wargaming better fix it up before Armored
    Warfares comes out since they know what balance means.

  46. New word alert OUTSTOUNDING :D

  47. super video merci quickybaby meme si je comprend pratiquement pas un mot de
    se que tu raconte 

  48. mais j’y arrive

  49. That weak spot though – you’ll always be down one loader. Makes some
    Tortoise drivers actually consider spall liners and large med kits so you
    can exploit it’s fire rate longer before the loader inevitably dies because
    everybody and their dog is shooting at that weak spot..

    I do okay in it and it has it’s moments (Sitting on one stripe with it,
    just barely). I haven’t played the game for about a month, I’m curious to
    know if the 9.6 patch means that weak spot is getting hit significantly

  50. “Doing the one shot with the second shot…” QB you are so funny!

  51. Excellent frontal armor? Hah. On paper, sure, but in practice, you’re
    going to get penetrating shots just about everywhere.

  52. hi quickybaby (sry 4 spam) but could you please watch my replay that i have
    uploaded? i wanna hear your opinion. Its the SU-152 with 7 kills

  53. Magoskillz Magoskillz

    thx for the vids!!!

  54. If I was him I would have fallen off the edge of the pathway into the water
    because how bad I am at driving 

  55. The player on T54 is just a stupid one, he could round tortoise while Tiger
    1 shot him in his track!!! He missed this chance and lost. What an asshole.

  56. All in all the stupid enemy team. Lol.

  57. i approve of those Command and Conquer games on the desktop

  58. I wish that the Xbox 360 version could save replays . I had the worst
    heartbreak in my JagdTiger, 9,675 damage done and the last two tanks cap
    out. 🙁

  59. +QuickyBabyTV Where can i send my replay to you?

  60. I kinda wished QB would atleast make a DBZ reference when putting up a 9000
    damage video 

  61. You forgot to mention the terrible roof (25 mm) of this tank. It’s an
    auto-pen for 76 mm+ guns (so even a KV-1 can pen this tank frontally).
    Whenever I see this tank I just shoot there. It is impossible to miss, and
    a guarantee pen even for tanks like IS-6 unlike the loader’s hatch which
    sometimes bounce for no reason 

  62. QB u should play war thunder

  63. 3:06 IS-Tree :D

  64. Another weak point is the gun machine on the front ,they call me hacker
    when I destroy them with my IS-3 !!! :-)

  65. good plays by that t-54, he wasn’t taking anything for granted by tracking
    and spotting the tortoise. he simply got outplayed though, the way the
    tortoise relocated like that to funnel his enemies was very smart. idk if i
    could have thought of that in the heat of the battle.

  66. Anyone could have beat those baddies on the red team, that 54 could have
    taken a hit and moved around behind the tort real easy. Instead they played
    like chickens and threw the game for their team.

  67. U make great vids m8 keep on pls and don’t let the haters hate (:
    Also a big fan of u is pmn1999 check him out :DD 

  68. it’s funny that you call it a whale QB, my ex used to refer to fixed gun
    TD’s as “narwhals” because of the gun sticking out the front :D

  69. I’m utterly terrified when this thing points it’s cannon at me

  70. Quick tip, roof of the tank is like 30mm, easily overmatchable

  71. he’s lucky that auto loader was distracted and didn’t shoot him, it would
    have cut right through the front of the tank as long as he knew where to aim

    I like the tortoise be feel its armor is completely useless against players
    who know what their doing, no mater how well you play

  72. Really a good replay, nice gameplay

  73. This is the problem for me with most of the British turretless TD line; it
    doesn’t matter how good you are, it really only matters how good your enemy
    is. Don’t get me wrong, Super did everything right in that game. But the
    reason was still at 90% after engaging that many tanks at the start is that
    not a single one of them other than the T-43 hit him in the weakspot. 99%
    of the time, they’d all just aim there and trade health with him.

  74. should i buy the tortoise back?
    after this video i think im going to do that.

  75. always tds and meds doing these 10k games, this is y heavys are just bad

  76. what are the headstes/headphones you use quickybaby?

  77. played my first matches of wot today since a long time because pc was
    broken. got 1shot by arty twice xD but had some great games beside that.
    nice video qb

  78. Lol thought streams started at 6pm CST? I just tried to watch and u had
    just finished ur stream lol what am I missing?

  79. Great vid as always QB. Been watching loads since I started playing. Over
    2000 games now. Soon wont be a noob lol. What sound pack/mod do you use?

  80. Nice video QuickyPickle hahahah 

  81. T 35 better

  82. TOR TOR!

  83. Love my Tortoise! Only had it long enough for a half dozen games but
    already in love. What a gun!

  84. Nice battle! Makes me want to buy it back! 🙂
    I had such a bad start with my Torty, 12 very first battles straight losing
    streak, even though I free XPd to top gun after just 3 battles., Armor
    really isn’t that good in tier 9 and 10 battles, but yes, sometimes the
    enemy got overconfident and got surprised by the excellent gun arc and RoF,
    best aspects of this tank definitely.

  85. I don’t think ive ever bounced of a tortoise, but this gun just makes the
    Foch completely pointless 

  86. No it is 1:30 to cap alone

  87. Not a very clever t 54 

  88. I feel like the Tortoise is the T18’s big, fat, stronger british cousin.

  89. Jean-Pierre Cloup

    He did everything right this game no doubt about that, but good lord, the
    enemies had no clue how to play… Thats what you need in turretless TDs
    most of the time. And the amount of skill that you can put in something
    that goes 20 kph and has a huge “shoot me here” tumor on top isnt very
    high. You cant even go hulldown in it, you ll get shot and wont be able to
    Any decent player who manages to get close will fuck you up in no time,
    just because its so fucking slow…

  90. I also have a Tortoise round carry vid on my channel. that top 120 with a
    rammer and 100% crew loads a round every 4 seconds and with over 400 dmg
    per hit and one of the largest gun angles with heavy armor without moving,
    its one of the most awesome DPM TD’s in the game.

  91. it’s luck that the enemy team piled up the mid because most of the time i
    see people pile drive north or south but mid is rare. good play by you

  92. The Tortoise frontal armor is terrible. The thing has so many weakpoints
    its armor might as wdll be mediocre. Anything can pretty can pen the lower
    plate at tier 9 and even the left side of gun

  93. Are you gonna like the Cromwell Berlin 

  94. 9:30 Had the T-54 been aware that the Tortoise was tracked, he could’ve
    ended the game right then and there.
    But nooooo~

  95. When QB said 3.38k dpm I was like 🙁
    it has 4000+ dpm with reload of under 5 sec (I have it at 4.99 without BIA,
    so I believe it can get down to 4.8~ish)
    I think this guy got it under 5 seconds, which is awsome
    (btw, when tortoise has that much ammo to spam, what did British do when
    they designed FV215B which is just as large and only gave it 20 something
    shells to fire?)

  96. always this kind of games are true only with a bunch of retards ..( enemy
    team ) … didn’t see a good layer attack him , just fking flank and he was
    dead… but no, all are idiots… not that special this replay, is just
    special because u must get a team full of idiots like this… 🙂 

  97. don’t rise it up , look at enemy behavior… they are actualy retards…
    not something special on tortoise

  98. Love my Tortoise. Pretty much all the British TDs except the AT8 are
    fantastic. Usually though the enemy tanks at tier 9 have enough penetration
    to pierce the Tortoise’s armor its HP pool is very good allowing it to take
    multiple shots.

  99. Seriously, WG needs to add a second opinion on tortoises next tank. It
    needs am huge chunk of metal to bite off and not an arty-TD.. i hope
    someone is with me but i feel that tortoise should go to like a bigger

  100. Hey QB, I am -8 GMT and didn’t get home till this evening. Hope you
    completed the two missions you needed. So I watched you play with RSOP from
    back in November 2014. That was some pretty good stuff there! Good luck and
    good gaming. Oh, and this Tortoise game was amazing.

  101. Is the htc good?

  102. Tortoise: The best tank at t9… 1. Its a td but has 2000 hp which is more
    than any other t9. 2. The gun Has very high dpm, good pen, accurate and
    fast aiming time 3. it has very good frontal armour. 4. it has good gun
    The downsides of it is that its slow and that it has a huge weakspot. When
    does it get nerfed?

  103. Oh god, so much armor and such a rate of fire on a 120mm gun… This is so
    shocking and so insane on so many levels from you British! XD

  104. Outstounding video QB

  105. Will you make reviews on all the tanks you get by doing the missions?

  106. The machine gun beside main gun is really weak and you lose your loader

  107. Torty lower guns were a frustrating & tedious grind. Am loving the top
    gun, but everyone knows to hit that HUGE commander’s cupola.

  108. anyone else notice that superadikas team only killed 14 tanks =)

  109. Panb Pinday Pibn

    Im still on my at-2 for 183 line , but i unlocked all to conway i like
    conway but gun derpreson is realy bad so not goign well only 2k average dmg
    , i wos yesterday looking at other line 183 line and i saw i will have all
    top guns unlocked when i start to grind it 😉 my so far favourite is
    charioteer so good game got one readlyes , a lot of high calibars , my
    highst dmg is 6.4 k i did my td 15 for t28 htc mission with charioteer in
    my opinion charioteer is op i have all 4 girls in it but i moved tham in my
    conway so no more sixth sense :(

  110. how do i send a replay?

  111. well he should have loaded HESH on the IS and Tiger I as well :D

  112. can i get the enemy team pls? i need to do 5k dmg in TD but my team is
    always good enough and steals the dmg :D

  113. hi Q.B. is3 good or tiger II? please help me. and why?

  114. OH MY GOD!!!!, that was close

  115. Sweet lettuce chomping TD! 🙂
    As for pickle juice it could have been worse……….. Bin juice! :D

  116. Great replay, if I have one criticism, I say he was lucky to get away with
    that 1v3 situation.

    As soon as he had both the T54 and the Tiger infront of him, and they
    werent coming out, he should have backed off and broken contact. This way
    Artillery wouldnt be able to see him, and they would have to come out and
    hunt him. I always do that in a TD if someone hides behind cover like that.

  117. I have no problems in my 112 to pen a tortoise in his weakspot with regular
    ammo. and it has the same gun as the IS

  118. Qb talking shit as always. Last time i heard him talking about tortoise he
    said its an extreme bad tank…

  119. like

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