World of Tanks || Toughest French Tank

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World of Tanks – AMX M4 mle. 49. Today jedipwnr going to demonstrate why the French , the AMX M4 mle. 49, one of the most resilient premiums ever.

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World of Tanks is a online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

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  1. The Guy Known As...


  2. crazy boy (crazyboy)

    I don’t know why, but my AMX40 has got the Kolobanov’s Medal. I suppose
    it was when I completed capture while ally KV-1 was blocking every enemy’s
    attacks but finally destroyed, not when I bounced all of enemy’s fire like
    this video.

  3. He always shoots not waiting for aim circle to minimize and still hits
    perfect shots

  4. In my opinion, the Patriot is superior to the Liberte. The Patriot has a
    200+ DPM advantage, at the cost of just 2mm of penetration. The Patriot
    also has .5 seconds faster aim time, and better dispersion values, and it
    sacrifices just .01 accuracy. The Patriot also has better P/W ratio and
    ground resistances. It has 3 degrees per second slower turret traverse, but
    it has 5 degrees faster tank traverse. The Patriot does have thinner
    armour, but it has better angles and fewer weak points than the Liberte.
    And finally, the Patriot has 20m more view range, and the shells, even
    though they do 20% less damage per shot, cost 75% less than the Liberte’s
    shells, thereby, the Patriot can be far more profitable.

  5. this tank is fucking retarded, i bought a t34 years ago and its entirely
    null and void thanks to this OP piece of shit

  6. This fucking op tank is ruining the game!

  7. Almost every Kolobanovs I see involves utter morons on the enemy team who
    all attack frontally one by one and apparently never heard of a thing
    called flanking. And there’s always … always a few captards.

  8. he is no match for my KV-2 Dealt with one HE shell 780hp (capolar pen)

  9. just come back to this game after a half year break, got my wz120 fully
    upgraded and i see this tank, close quarter battle and i bounced my first 2
    shots on this thing’s hull, third shot i shoot the coupla and finally pen.
    It is a fucking tier 10 122mm gun with i believe 249mm penetration and i
    cant do shit to the hull of this tank in 30 meters? what the fuck is this
    game? E5 buff impenetrable coupla IS3 buff IS6 buff?? do anyone care to
    know how SHIT is the T34-2? that piece of shit was buff and is still
    unplayable, no one ever drive those thing and is that not a clear
    indication of it being underpowered? strong and idoit proved tanks get
    stronger for no reason. Since the retarded premium ammo for silver bullshit
    was introduced years ago (to sell more premium tanks and premium accounts)
    armor has become irrelvent, and guess what, russian tanks are not affected
    because space armor! look at this french piece of shit, it has much much
    much more armor than an e100 or maus in tier 10. good luck boncing shots in
    you e100 and maus against normal players. Do you know what this replay is?
    this is T55A heavy tank mission 15 done, do you see any effort? NO, do you
    see any skills? NO. Fuck my life i tried for months to complete this
    mission in E100 and I only managed to do it once, while not winning the
    game so i have to do it again. Am i a bot? NO, I am a normal average player
    like the guy in this video with same WN8 rating and same win rate. what the
    fuck is this Wargaming? as a beta tester of this game i am extremely
    disappointed, as a long time supporter of Quicklybaby, I have to say I am
    even more disappointed. You are the number 1 channel in world of tanks, but
    you have never criticize wargaming anything in a real way. You accept
    whatever bullshit WG throw at us. “we see a jagdpanzer E100 so now we load
    a HEAT round”, seriously quickly? You kill that JPE100 but you know it has
    nothing to do with skills (even though you are a good player). Why are you
    not using your influence in the WOT community to do good to the game?? All
    you do is praise wargaming for this and that, an overpowered russian tank
    would become a “dangerous russian tank” instead of pointing out the obvious
    OP situation. You want real opinion on this game go watch SirFoch, see what
    a skilled player can do, dominating in an underpowered tank with standard
    ammo and explain to you why the tank is not worth it, or dominating in an
    overpowered tank and show you why is it overpowered. A person with real
    skills can make whatever tank works with standard ammo, and so is able to
    give you the most unbiased opinion of the game. No offence but i am just
    extremely disappointed to see the stage of the game right now. For the fan
    boys, trust me, after WG has sold enough of this OP premiums, there will be
    patches to nerf the fuck out of this, and they will introduce new OP fucks
    to the wallets. Rip my type 59, girls still believe this junk is over
    powered, rip IS6, even though this is still blessed with russian bias. Rip
    german heavy tanks, quickly is still calling them heavily armored. Well,
    after all, it is all business, it is just about money.
    (Beta tester)

  10. Nothing can explain how op this tank is but this video: no aim no problem
    (in a French tank on the move), super strong frontal armor (super tiny
    cupola weakspot off curse), very high penetration premium rounds. WG has to
    think more about their premium tanks policies since recently they’re only
    making them way stronger than the normal counterparts… Or maybe they just
    want to.

  11. QB can you do some more arty gameplay

  12. Quicky could possibly do a review of the jagdpanzer iv? just noticed that
    it seems to have been buffed to a point that you can get close to 3100dpm
    with the 88mm L56.

  13. The Liberte needs to be nerfed in some way or another. It is just too
    effective on the battlefield.

  14. People will think at the end : Oh this will be a heartbreak, theM53/55 will
    just kill him,but
    NOPE!, that stupid M53/55 rush in and die =.=’

  15. my question for quickybaby is what does he think of the video that
    wargamingnet about bringing in modern day warfare tanks into World of Tanks
    whether they should be at tire 11 to 12 or have their own individual branch
    and if he’s going to put a video out about his opinion on this

  16. Quicky do you even grind tanks anymore, or do you just have enough free

  17. Yo that ending with the arty was hilarious ?

  18. Alessandro Marcozzi

    how Can i send replay’s to QB?

  19. I don’t understand the confusion over owning BOTH the T26E5 and the T26E5
    P. That’s like saying, “Why would I want the T26E5 when I already have the

    If I have both the T26E5 and the T26E5 P, then I get twice as many shots at
    x2 XP per day for my T29 crew. If I have the T34, the T26E5 and the T26E5
    P, I get 3 sets of double XP.

  20. Quickybaby can you do a T-44 review, since it’s played mostly by noobs,
    including me, to show us what that little machine can do, it would be nice

  21. Thodoris Michalarias

    so I was scrolling down your videos and I noticed that you haven’t done a
    pershing review.Like the t8 med tank. You know……. american tree

  22. hay quickybaby i uploaded a replay called Ace Tanker VK 30.01 (H) in game
    name is blackcandyballs check it out plz

  23. VGgameplay for the French. I understand why ppl don’t want the paint job on
    the French & American. But, I’d love the option to paint some of my tanks

  24. Skjørestad Benjamin

    i have a question. I have played wot in five years and i just started on
    the russian td line. I want to free exp my way to the isu-152. So im going
    to by some gold (NOOOB!). But do i need to have exp on my elite tanks to
    get free exp or can i just do the gold over to free exp without exp on my
    elite tanks??

  25. Anyone know why QBs modpack isn’t working with the latest update?

  26. they gave blitz the M60

  27. Le wild M53/55 suddenly appears

  28. Saturday’s are for the boys

  29. 10:37

    *manly screams intensify*

  30. You have english as game launguage but the crew members speak french how
    can i also do that

  31. Nice gameplay, more of this, qb. Like.

  32. I do love the fact the liberte has a chicken on the side of it

  33. Ahahahah Quickybaby doesnt know how to read Pwner

  34. and a big secret about this tank. ALWAYS get freaking ONE shot buy Tier
    9,10 arty , some times tier 8.

  35. What is dpm

  36. So I was trying to review a proper review of the T7 Panther Medium, oddly
    enough QB you haven’t reviewed it. I am at odds what to equipment on it,
    what to train, you should consider a review of it.

  37. build plane ban upper demonstrate propose flee.

  38. i have a quick question about the wot updates i have windows 7 and i have and it says i have the latest version client do i need windows 10
    to get ?


  40. Hey guys, I’m about to download this game. I see there’s an invite code in
    the description so thank you QuickyBaby but I was wondering if you guys
    know of a better one?
    Also, I’ve done some research and it seems like I’ll be a medium tank
    driver but I’m not sure. Anyone know what line I should work on first?
    Don’t worry, I’m not a kid, I’m 24. I’ll make sure I learn the game before
    advancing. Any tips would be appreciated.

    See you all in the battlefield. I will be a noob but hopefully not a stupid
    noob 🙂

    *Edit:* The code is expired.

  41. I have see one and I lion your veds

  42. pocket complete future ugkpgo holiday boyfriend relationship exhibition

  43. im new to WOT and hiw do u use the invite code

  44. this guy is hell of a good with the AMX M4 48 HES A TRUE JEDI

  45. Now I know how to knock this thing out.

  46. What is the sight mod are you using? I can’t find it anywhere..:(

  47. WOW :o

  48. This game is too unbalanced to make it playable (or at least fun). It’s
    damn near impossible to destroy a tank just 1 tier higher. At first I
    thought it was just because my skills sucked, but if I hear “that one
    didn’t get through” one more time I’m gonna lose my shit. What more can you
    do than fire a shell at the back of a turret at point blank range SEVERAL
    times? Playing against tanks just 1 tier lower also ruins the game because
    you’re damn near indestructible.

  49. #quickybaby how much wg is paying you , dezgames and jingles to be quiet
    and not saying nothing about people are sick and tired to play same 3-4
    maps over and over again ? we need new maps

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