World of Tanks – Toxic Tomato

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

I never liked the T25/2 but somehow I always did well in it. There seems to be a lot of that going around.

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  1. You’re not the only one that has some weirdly good games in this thing. I actually kept it when I advanced past it, thinking I could essentially use it to grind out credits when I needed since I always got *really* good results.

  2. Oddly, I didn’t like the T25/2 at all and could barely wait to sell it and move on up. But I had some decent games (for me) in it too.

  3. Thanks Jingles. Love me some mid-level TD action.

  4. With 100% cammo crew and cam net T25/2 is pretty ok as a sniper,but thats it,armor is crap so he did good in this one.

  5. Selmir Kahrimanovic

    Jingles, just a suggestion. Maybe update the intro with the new engine?

  6. good god the aiming in that td is shit

  7. I guess this video is monetized.
    Adds upon adds and no Jingles video.
    And yes I did try watching other videos and them I can see.

  8. Jingles why does this “bush mechanic” only works in the videos? Where should i send a video how fcked up this mechanic really is..
    love your videos btw

  9. Maik Gehteuchnichtsan

    Ooc. Do you watch Viva la Dirt League @The Mighty Jingles ?

  10. S-51 just followed the general artillery instinct to seek water when the team seems to be losing. Too bad that the river was too shallow 😀

  11. Classic map. Whole team goes to town dies to like 2-3 enemy players.

  12. “It was the SU 122-44 who spotted him”… *T25/2 gets damage for spotting* Sure, sure. Must have been the SU… 😉

  13. Miguel Ângelo יְהֹוָה

    Tomatoes?! Awww man, i only like those in paste form…
    Can’t we have potatoes for a change?
    WAIT! …
    so you’re telling me that i’ve ben eating poison this WHOLE TIME? Thanks, i hate it now.

    PS: Last time i played, they just used to call everyone of Apes, not tomatoes. Pretty funny stuff! And yes, i know i know, i was a shameful player because i mained artilery but c’mon man i was really good at it! Besides most of my time was spent watching teamates calling eachother of apes (literally at times) and just eat popcorn while playing. Again, never hear anyone calling someone of tomato, maximum i’ve seen was potato and it had some not-so-friendly words in that sentence if i recall correctly, was a few years back when i used to play it, now i just return for the content creator, not the game.

  14. Crappy tank, but i love playing it 🙂

  15. Maykol Wheathey

    It is the turret, it is the only thing good in the T25/2 it, you can fight in ways TDs are not suppossed to be able to but the gun will then let you down

  16. PoweringManipulations

    ..then there’s that world of tanks mobile player. The what? It’s on mobile. No, we don’t talk about that-

  17. I actually liked the t25-2 because I tended to have good games in it, I mean, I tended to have good games in the t25at also, but it just seemed effortless in the t25-2.

  18. subtlewhatssubtle

    Jingles forgets he’s historically a medium tank player, and that the T25/2 is much more flexible than the T25 AT is. Yes, the T25 AT has the bigger gun, better acceleration, better armor, and better concealment, but the T25/2 has the option of a turret and has better gun handling and shell speed. As such, his medium tank instincts probably served him better in the T25/2 than in the T25 AT.

  19. You know the player is above jawaverage,when his name means something scientific.

  20. Awesome match great play by that toxic potato guys LOL

  21. Sounds like the B horror film Attack of the killer tomatoes

  22. Lord Maximilianus Arcadius

    T25/2 is really just a damaged T20 who has suffered some damaged and a damagaded turret

  23. T25/2 is essentially a tier 8 Pershing masquerading as a tank destroyer at tier 7.

  24. Brian Schlicher

    I remember the T 25/2. It isn’t a great tank, but I had a respectable 55% win rate in it with a 2 skill crew.

    If you play cautiously you can have good matches in it.

    The T 25/2. It’s not good, but it’s good enough.

  25. T25/2 has that weird US averageness going for it that makes it really dependable. It’s not unlike the Pershing and T20, not particularly showy or amazing in any respect but good enough at everything that you can usually make it sing.

  26. Advancing from tier 6 to tier 7 I chose the turreted TD because I had been playing my Hellcat for so long. I learned pretty quickly that it’s not a Hellcat! I couldn’t play as aggressively but it forced me to learn all the hiding spots near the base

  27. Jingles might need some prevagen. Right off I go firing squad it is.

  28. You say potato, I say potato.
    You say tomato, I say tomato.
    Let’s call the whole thing a World of Tanks battle.

  29. It has the same spirit as most of the American tanks: Nothing fancy but good enough. And if you can learn how to work it, good enough is all you need.

  30. I think that, coming from the Hellcat, the underwhelming mobility of the T25/2 keeps you from doing stupid plays. That, and fairly good gun characteristics, is what makes it better than the numbers would suggest.

  31. I’m SpoiledTomato. Does that make me toxic as well?

  32. He has no 6th sense…the IS-2M proxy spotted him, look at the map. Honestly this player was not good.

  33. what a crazy mechanics in this game, that suicidal charging enemy tank would be destroyed in war thunder with 1 shoot

  34. I like the T-25 based on my memory of it, but it definitely has been power crept in recent years.

    Fantastic job to Mr. Toxic!

  35. respect to the M12 player, didn’t give up and went out fighting

  36. “Close, but close only counts in Horseshoes and with hand grenades”

  37. Skorpion was right, if you’re a fast tank and you aren’t taking A1, you’re losing the game. If you give them A1, it’s very difficult to successfully defend the base.

  38. Wot intro slowly gets old maybe time for a new one 🙂

  39. Ah, Jingles… where Scorpions turn into Skorpion G’s and Solanine becomes Solenoid :^D

  40. I don’t think Jingles has played the Sturer Emil, the 25/2 might be mediocre, but the SE is just trash. it has the same stealth and mobility as a maus, and the same effective armor as a loltractor. you’re better off slinging gold out of the 105 rather than “upgrading” to the useless 128. so you’re effectively a worse Dicker Max at tier7, and no one has ever accused the DMax of being a fun TD to play.

  41. Ah, surprise bum wonky in the morning

  42. Roboticus Prime RC

    I started getting better games when I played it like a 2nd line medium.

  43. I played both to completion just recently, the T25/2 & T25 AT and I’ll have to admit, the T25/2 felt better to play.
    However, I looked at my stats and discovered that they are very similar in performance (at least in my hands). Both took 26 games to research the next tank, both have exactly the same winrate 69.23%, the avg dmg and xp differ in favor of the T25/2 though. T25/2 had 1231 dmg and 838 xp, AT had 1203 dmg and 821 xp. And the last but not least plot twist, the AT had better K/D ratio of 2.62 versus T25/2’s 2.33. Almost forgot, I did ace the T25/2 but didn’t the AT, just a 1st Class for that.

    Sooo, I don’t know, I’ll have to say that I had the same feelings as Jingles, the T25/2 felt more consistent while the AT was just awkward to play, I remember the 90mm’s to be horribly inaccurate on that and the 105mm was somehow more accurate? Must some soft stats thingy.

  44. Next livestream:

    “Jingles play the T25/2!”

  45. Id like to see more of this feature on your Channel

  46. Well T25/2 has a _turret._
    It has a good slewing rate too, it has quite nice mobility for the tier, and is surprisingly bouncy when in a good spot.
    The gun is good and doesn’t really need to be better for what it meets. Good accuracy and aiming time.
    This all combined means it’s easy to relocate, acquire targets, stay hidden, and hit (and pen) weakspots at long range.

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