World of Tanks – Toxic

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Source: Mighty Jingles

Ensure you’re wearing all your Personal Protective and sit well away from screen. In this World of Tanks replay, things are going to get dirty.


System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. Deserves a ban

  2. Unless this is an older replay they (T57 and WZ) should not be any threat to their alies since friendly fire was disabled.

  3. Lycan the Scrublord

    This isn’t unique to WoT, you fill find petty people everywhere in online games.

  4. This made my brain hurt. Im pretty sure i lost brain cells watching that

  5. 2 things could have made the battle so much better for the poor allied team: All chat and team Damage, 2 things Wargaming decided to disable. All chat would have been nice to let the enemy team know about the 2 brain dead morons so they can be dealt with or at least poked out of their spot to do something useful, even if its just to absorb damage and die, less damage taken from the team mates who actually deserve the air they breath, and team damage would have been a nice alternative to simply get rid of them early on or force some “encouragement” onto them. Being a tier 10 game, I would have likely been in my FV4005, FV215b 183, or Obj. 268 as they are basically the only tier 10’s I play other then maybe 1 or 2 games in the IS-7, Obj 430U, Centurion AX, T110E4, and maybe the FV215b Heavy. If I was in that game, I am more then sure I would have thrown a 183mm shell at either of them, or a 155mm shell depending on the tank despite team damage being turned off.
    Seriously though, if you get so butthurt that you act out like that in game, you probably shouldn’t be playing the game in general… Sadly its an average tier 10 game on the NA servers so I guess it doesn’t even matter…

  6. Fucking tard.

  7. Maybe if we PAY WG some more they will fix all this and make the world a better place to live in. STOP PAYING WG for FUCK SAKE ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. This is why we can’t have nice things.

  9. Jingles, what do you like to play these days? I know for certina you like subnautica :3

  10. You’ll find this everywhere; the window licking glue sniffers are a world wide phenomenon since feminism & the notion that everyone wins.

    This is the classical behavior of a child having a hissy fit, a child that has not been given any boundaries. A feminist child.

  11. Wait, you can play tema clash rentals in random game? Since when?

  12. Now look what you did you mean old man, you made me start up WoT after winning that sheit for over 2 month straight.
    Btw very rare to see a 1 vs. 29 where the 1 survive, well played and a prime example of how teamwork is in WoT now.
    Could you please feature some example of the well rounded and balanced obj. 907 and other underpowered clan award tanks making this game better for all heart surgery personnel ensuring their jobs?

  13. If I was in that match I would have found that t57 address go round his house and smashed his pc up

  14. This is why people bomb other people since forever. Those idiots…

  15. LeavesUselessComments

    Well that T57 players account is fucked, always play your best. You never know when Jingles is going to embarrass you in front of 600,000 people.

  16. 6:06 he finds his w key but to be in the open, and that t57 heavy seriously , when this happen, it could be usefull to open a ticket to wargamming support to ban them(for a duration of a couples of day if I am not wrong).

  17. Yes the multaplicity of experiences that is the human condition. What a feking cockhead.

  18. My question: Why is wargaming not introducing a honour system, where you can actually gain honour by getting friendly votes from fellow team mates and actually get some kind of reward for consistent honour gain? It would make the game a lot more friendly.

  19. This right here is the main reason, why I stopped playing WoT. Absolute garbage players that are determined to just screw everyone.

  20. Wow this dude is as bad as tan tan tank god on the NA server.

  21. The guy is a tool! Ban his IP from all games and/or and his gamername to a kick list. He shows up, kick him out the game.

  22. Every game is toxic, it’s just stupid people being stupid. The worst game communities are the Overwatch, R6, gtav and MOBA’s.

  23. Sarcastic Velociraptor

    Why did I quit this game 5 years ago? 2 months on tier 8 losing because my team didn’t knew how to take cover, shoot or even get off the start match area… Don’t get me wrong the community is still much better than other online games but eh single player games at least let me enjoy my little spare time…

  24. I don’t know… T57 has a point on the one hand. On the other, deliberately throwing the match is a bit much.
    That said, all you “lol warships is better” players are full of it. I play wows, and have myself been forced week by week to play more and more selfish due to the other players around me.
    If I’m playing my shima, and after throwing away half my hp spotting enemy DDs but end up having done more damage with my guns to it than the combined forces behind me bothered to do, I simply turn around and leave them to now deal with that side of the map without spotting and capping.
    If you’re not going to play a team game as a team, then I will go find others who will and leave you to die being agonized by enemy DDs.

    Bottom line: wows is not “better” than any other shooting multiplayer game out there as toxicity and uselessness goes, so sit down and pack your “nose in the air attitude” back where it belongs (where the sun doesn’t shine)!

  25. Look up the T57’s stats. He bought that account and is currently running its stats into the dirt. And hopefully he gets his ass banned, because people like him dont deserve to play the game.

  26. “How smart can you be?” Well that WZ111-5A has 46% winrate, which means it would win more if it sat AFK where it spawned, instead of going to a position where it can do nothing. A bag of dog shit on the keyboard would do better than motorhead312. Humans learn, animals can learn, but motorhead312 is not even an animal. 17k battles, 46% WR, 40% WR in T57, 45% WR in Sheridan, 46% WR in Obj.268 etc. A perfect example of an idiot that should be banned or limited to tier 4 before it has learned even the basics.

    This thing is probably the kind that goes to play football in ice-hockey gears and wonders why it’s friends don’t want to play with it. And it is too stupid to understand that 46% WR means it is only helping the enemy team win.

    • And that T57 is not any better. I have no idea why WG won’t ban these retards and replace them with AFK bots. Why are battles full of things that dont’ play? T57 has 44% WR in it, becuase it camps in the corner waiting for the team to win or lose.

      I have just one question. Why the fuck should I play when teams are full of retard rats that don’t even try.

  27. Ive wanted to play this game for a while, on PC, but this right here?……nahhhh
    Throwing the biggest pisspot tantrum for no reason.
    Mild case of Dunning-Kruger with a spice of Stockholm syndrome anyone?

  28. This is what happens when a really miserable person does, when they have no real social consequences for being an asshole. Try doing this back in the day at a LAN party with actual human beings….You and your rig would be tossed out in the street, worse for wear.

    I feel bad for this guy. I hope he gets some help and learns how to be a better person. Its a rough life, even being well adjusted in this world. I cant imagine being this petty and spiteful. Sure seems like it takes a lot of energy.

  29. Hmm… Time to shame the clan that supports him, I’d say. Whomever [D–T] is, they have acquired the same stinking, festering, hemorrhoid-encrusted, @$$hole persona that 4_on_the_floor wears so proudly in public.

  30. The t57’s stats on the NA server are well above average. So this guy was ploying for this replay right from the start. He knew exactly what he was doing the whole time.

  31. Now the question is on what grounds can this player get banned. He is an arshole but he did not do anything offensive to his teammate ie blocking, bullying etc. Is wg gonna ban him for playig the game like he wants? Or for not shooting the enemy? Thats why this guy still roams about the servers. so if you end up with him in your team, you just gotta carry him or lose.

  32. That’s what you get for not teamkilling him. Don’t be a pussy.

  33. should be banned a couple of months from the game…

  34. And, Boys and Girls, is one of many reasons why we shouldn’t play WoT anymore.
    Seriously, that guy deserves a ban…

  35. Meatballs for life

    Don’t know why but when I saw the title in the notification I read it as thicc and now I’m mildly disappointed

  36. Jingles, don’t feed the troll

  37. That wasn’t a T57. That was a butthurt little shithead wearing an alien proof cap hugging his avocados and feeling bad because someone didn’t like him.

  38. NAMELESS AOI あおい

    Fun fact He was later arrested for the theft of oxygen

  39. I think the t57 was angry about being the worst world of tanks player

  40. Find a new game, or just ignore. Who gives a shit.

  41. Report that insecure loser.

  42. As long as WG are happy to let such wastes of oxygen play their game, the game is garbage

  43. WG works fast, T57 Player was banned a few minutes ago. I suspect this Video is partly why

  44. It’s people like that, who I’d like to hunt down and …… do things with. But that’s not allowed, is it.

  45. Hey jingles i dont know if you know this but you can’t do team damage anymore so people can not team kill. Just to make myself clear though, i am NOT defending these morons

  46. I do not even play WoT but man I was pissed after watching this…

  47. People like this should be banned from playing multiplayer in every game published and to be published

  48. What a fucking asshole

  49. I hope that this t57 heavy player got reported and banned from the game what a moron!

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