World of Tanks – Tragic E100

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Source: Anfield

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  1. hi
    anfield i like your wot vids keep it up

  2. [-SBN-] OfficialTanker

    How does everyone feel about the Strv 81?

  3. The merger between the servers means there will now be twice as many shit Brazilian and Argentinian players per game.

  4. I just knew rng wouldn’t let you have that last shot?

  5. that was some real fun to watch, i play on a rebuilt Arcade Machine and use a X Arcade controller with two sticks and 22 buttons makes the game much more fun and ez to drive!

  6. William Taylor Payne

    Right near the beginning that “no no” could’ve been a perfect Palpatine impression.

  7. if i was a maus i would of went vally too fuck all you, memes are better

  8. Anfield do you think that the 907 is OP?

  9. If I had played exactly the same I would have been dead long before with my luck. I usually am a big rush magnet…

  10. I had a feeling you’ll upload this 🙂 didn’t realize that i killed you until the postgame stats, intense game bruh gg
    ps, i have a copy of my saved replay if you want

  11. Carlos Valenzuela

    Hi Anfield, what is better in your opinion pls? T62A or OBJ140 (with new armor changes) and E3 is worth?

  12. Sentient keyboards are real, you shouldn’t ignore them.

  13. William Linklater

    Nice Emo comb over Anfield, I still can see your bald spot. Lol jokes

  14. As an ex-wot player, having perused a number of different clans’ teamspeak servers, I can assure you that there are in fact pedos in WoT.

  15. Hey Anfield, do you have any plans to do more of the interactive videos, like the one with you driving the BC? I enjoyed that video, and how it makes you think.

  16. Marshall Allshouse

    im actually kind of impressed at the maus’ play.. usually r-7 players tend to be better than that lel
    gg rng

  17. I thout u win =.=!

  18. I noticed you accidentally had some AP ammunition in the tank. This is clearly a mistake, please load all HEAT for better performance.
    Congrats for the multiple orgasms, tho 😉

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