World of Tanks – Trigger Discipline

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

I know what you’re thinking, did he fire two shots or three? To be honest in all the excitement I kinda lost count myself, but since this is an autoloader it’s already reloaded by now, regardless of how lucky you may or may not be feeling.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. Thehagengnome New

    nice timing sir

  2. Actually Jingles, the auto- in autoloader derives from the ancient Greek, and means self, so this would be an automatic self-loader.
    Edited to add: this is why it’s called in German a Selbstlademechanismus, or, a self-loading mechanism

  3. Jingles is still alive ?

  4. Last time I was this early, this channel was still the Bohemian Eagle

  5. when are we gonna get to see Dave again Jingles?

  6. 1st GA Co. B TheWingedHussar

    Yay a video to keep me awake while fishing

  7. Automatic autoloader is obviously the automatic automobile loader. Whatever that means will be left for your imagination.

  8. 7.54 WoTs biggest exhaust pipe?

  9. New Jingles video at 1 in the morning, sleep is for weak

  10. Pigpokingmonkeyslap

    Last time I was this early Australia was New Holland

  11. Could you please do a War Thunder review on the P-38 Lightning and maybe even the F7F Tigercat too.

  12. New upload? Don’t mind if I do

  13. Jingles please, it 3:30 AM here, I was just about to go to sleep.

  14. I think they call it the auto REloader :thinking:

  15. Tanks!

  16. Why was this replay featured? It’s a bad player having a pretty average game and farming one shots, not exactly thrilling

  17. 08:10 “Lamppost, I love you! Stay with me! I do not care that your family thinks our relationship is an abomination!”

  18. i’ve never even played this game, what am i doing here

  19. His shooting is rather bad.

  20. Well Jingles, the “auto” in autoloader stands for automotive, meaning that in the loading mechanism there is a little car going “brumm brumm” back and forth to load the ammo, in the italian Automatic Autoloader its a little italian going “brumm brumm” back and forth to load the ammo

  21. Thanks Jingles. You’ve cheered me up after a TERRIBLE day of WoWs gaming. 10 losses in a row and dying with low damage.

  22. 5:47 here we see a hind in its natural habitat, enjoying the park ahead of him while world war 2 tanks… Wait a second…

  23. “This vehicle has shit armor, but it is very fast, so that compensates for that failing”. Oh Jingles, how Jackie Fisher of you…

  24. this guy is more lucky than good, his aim is terrible , yeah hes able to work the reload system ,but otherwise not a very good player tbh

  25. I stopped playing this game when they added the fucking cars, I don’t regret it

  26. I wish you could teach progressives trigger discipline.

  27. NooblyHunter 203

    Good morning Jingles. Have a good day. 😀
    And speaking of which, how’s Akatsuki doing?

  28. That fucking t 34 85m need to shut the fuck up. If you die move on! Stop playing other people game.

  29. Jingles you thought EA was terrible, now Rock Star has a Casino in game with full on gambling going on XD

  30. Alexandru Tudorache

    Flip 6 3? Um… Starship troopers, Rico football play reference?

  31. So many references! Pantera, TopGun. I love it!

  32. Haven’t played this in quite some time, think it’s time for another go.

  33. Two-shot bursts are the preferred method to those experienced with these tanks. They keep the enemy intimidated with a shot in the mag.

    Also, if that name is too silly, then I believe auto-reloader is also acceptable. At least it is in the NA.

  34. Thank you you glorious bastard…

  35. Tankrider 12345678900 [NOR]

    Maybe the automatic auto loader is for like the mbt’s we have today a Machine that loads the shells for
    The tank, and the french auto loader hasnt gotten such tech yet the auto loader of french tanks only means the clip autounloads maybe ?

  36. might not know it, but I’m one of your oldest fans…

  37. I’m wearing headphones and after the first few shots I was sitting there wondering “who the fuck is that chick out there screaming HEY?!?!”

  38. very well played

  39. If im the arty i would straight out turn and shoot him in the face for using me as shield

  40. Last time i was this early to a Jingles Video he was actually Playing world of tanks and posting His Own replays… XD

  41. Yes , yes, yes!!!!! first in the caribbean, try and beat that you fresh water salties!! yeah from cancun!

  42. Anyone else get mildly triggered by the size of the mini map?

  43. Julian Thrussell

    WE LOVE YOU JINGLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Jingles. When are you going to play Cold Waters again? I missed you playing that game

  45. Bigsmily2001 [aka King_Beaufort]

    Jingles, the italians have a ready rack, not a automatic automatic reloader!

  46. Well actually Jingles, I believe the high-tier Italian tanks in WOT are known for what is called the Auto-reloading system and…Jingles ? *hears shotgun pumping sounds*

  47. Look at him using his own arty as a meatshield! What a scumbag.

  48. Wait – automatic autoloader? Isnt it called auto-reloader…?

  49. Honestly Jingles every time you lately feature a WoW video – its a treat that even I who doesnt play warships appreciate. While your WoT videos feature mostly very mediocre games. Take this guy – being a top tier in arguably best non-premium tier 8 tank who pretty much fucks up most of what he does and wins only by sheer luck. Since we have only one WoT video per week I still kinda hope for something special. Your comment is mostly great (all the errors including) though 🙂

  50. 9:58 jingles: “yeah that shot was never going to hit” (KV-2 does that while on the move) lol

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