World of Tanks – Triple Trouble

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Source: Mighty Jingles

Okay, title’s misleading. I *almost* had three replays for this one, but it’s still about three tanks.

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System Specs: i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

If you have a replay, consider using a hosting service like

Just be aware that I get hundreds emails every week I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. Finally price n dark made it on jingles. Well now its time to pop on ts n give them crap for playing 4k5s

  2. Jingles, look we know your just playing with us but it was the party who got the last kill, but don’t worry we got you 😉

  3. Lemmesee Yourwarface

    the 183HESH spam is why I never drive my Jaguru anymore. I just feel like I’m just a waste of a team slot with FV4005’s and 215B183’s about

  4. The chuckle brothers?

  5. Here you see 2 parent shitbarns looking after their 8 wheeled EBR

  6. I’ll just point this out as I have been poining it out since any of the 183mm tanks have been introduced… Retards complain about arty, but this is fine. Yeah… I wish this is what you have to deal with every time, you hateful little cunts.

  7. So from no on we can expect to see more 4005’s + EBR platoons….

  8. Why, when I see a shit barn on enemy team, I go full to hell am I going to be spotted easy. Why the delete applies to the shit barn and death star. wg were drunk when they made them 2 TD’s, op and not Russian. Best laugh I had with jingle’s mad commentary. lol

  9. Crucial is 12 Kills not 11. But we’ll let Jingles figure out the math for that himself.

  10. anyone else kinda wish the FV4005s were able to shoot at the zeppelin?

  11. It’s that bloody tank game again!

  12. Hahahahaha, holy shit that was an epic game, and gotta love it when a random teammate puts his vehicle on the line to spot, and then does not even get touched!!

  13. “Robbed by The IS-3A”…..really?

  14. Another good vid Giggles, by the way, this vid showcased players communicating, team work and fun?!?
    WG will have none of that a patch will take care of that…………
    *off topic*
    Give it a try.

  15. T10s feasting on t8s/yawn

  16. Probably should give some of those credits to the FV4005s since they will have made losses lol.

  17. I feel dirty for laughing like an idiot at this.

  18. Not robbed by the is3a, it was arty at the last kill. Oh jingles you did it again. You never learn.

  19. Where is a kitten video? Post one or else its a revolt in the mines

  20. I thought crucial contribution was 12 kills between them? They only had 10 kills. It’s been a while since I played, though.

  21. Yo, Jingles, I have found a way to get you to play war thunder more often.
    check out the phlydaily sound mod

  22. Can u tell me how u can watch others players gaming?

  23. this

    this is it chief

  24. The FV4005 is my go to tank, has served me over 2500 games so far, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I mean, you see my replay jingles features last year in the thing on Ensk with over 8000 damage. I have a lot of tanks in game, including the FV215b 183, but none of them being me as much enjoyment then the FV4005.

  25. Derrick Dinwiddie

    Loved how you called them the chuckle brothers!

  26. it’s all fun and games until YOU”RE the one who is receiving….

  27. Zero the Wanderer

    212A gets promoted to IS-3A in a Jingles video

  28. You’ve got to appreciate the fact that most of the allied team is also taking the time to appreciate the hilarity of these shitbarns in chat. Great atmosphere all around.

  29. The shitbarn is one of these vehicles I would classify as power vehicles powerful if you have one its good but I would say defiantly OP if you have two this is what happens when you have a tank that can almost one shot everything driven by a competent team and players its like having three artillery on commons calling shots and supported by a competent light tank

  30. I can just imagine the Batchat sitting there for a good few minutes looking at his corpse, thinking “and I would of gotten away with it too, if it wasn’t for those meddling sh*tbarns”.

  31. imagine that 212A shot hitting the ebr instead

  32. world of blap

  33. broken broken broken broken shit

  34. hello jingles, nimativ here. i was wandering if you can set a record strait on where slovenia lays in europe without looking on the google maps beacuse i’m sick of people asking me if i mean slovakia when i say im from slovenia. if you can do that i would consider buy a beer or five for you if you deside to visit ljubljana (capital city of slovenia) any time in the next 10 years. also if you could talk about slovenias history during WW1 beacuse one of the most bloody battles happend happend in mountains on italian border and i think it would be an interesting history story to tell in the next mingle with jingles episode. anyway greetings from slovenia.

  35. That was the most entertaining replay I’ve seen in years!

  36. We really need to see you playing Hello Kitty online; It would be hilarious.

  37. 130k credits? that’s nearly enough for 6 rounds of standard ammo in the tiger 2!

  38. That was a great one to watch.

  39. Still think OTTER needs to have loads of anal, see how they like it.

  40. Yeah quicky baby and Jingles don’t bother to make videos on how OP the FV’s are just keep crapping on about the E 25 and T-67. Suprise. suprise OTTER shitters stat padding in op tanks.

  41. Chuckle brothers is win!

  42. I can assure you, the FV4005 is just as much fun in war thunder too, where I prefer the term “Doom Barn” .

  43. The intro always brings back so much nostalgia

  44. So this is the power of team work.

  45. 2 Unicums in S###barns kill everything in sight with OP guns and a little spotting help. Real exciting game. ???

  46. I still don’t like the design of the premium shells on these things. Sure, they need to be in range, have a line of fire and so on.
    But: if you don’t have alot of armor, or the thing hits you in a weak spot, they basically ruin your game in 1 shot.

  47. “Drive fast, eat ass”
    -agranadino, 2019, On How to Armored Cars

  48. Lol, the final arty was stolen by the 212A artillery, not the IS 3A

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