World of Tanks – Triumph of the Will

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Definitely NOT to be confused with the other “Triumph the Will”, the 1935 Nazi propaganda documentary directed by Leni Riefenstahl featuring a whole bunch of people that would get me sent to the YouTube Gulag if I were to mention them by name.

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  1. I love this tank, it’s my first tier 9. Also had a 5.4k damage game in it not to long ago, going hull down in lakeville valley

  2. social3ngin33rin

    WTF?!?!?!?! WalletGaming allowed him to make a decent profit?!?!?!??!

  3. To be fair to the enemy Char futur 4, he wasn’t at all able of “dealing 4 shots for 1 shot taken against a Centurion” as you said, Oh Mighty Gnome Overlord : the CF4 has a huge 4 second intraclip reload.

  4. I know this isn’t tank related but man, the map looks really pretty. Love the clouds and mist rolling down the hills.

  5. Seriously, we need a Jingles breakdown of Kenobi.

  6. Psychedellic Toxin

    He used a personal reserve hence the profit. Tier X is still rigged.

  7. Which tank was the Soviet copy of the L7 105mm used on?

  8. Could not help, with that title I had to picture Jingles in lederhosen, jodeling in the alps……

  9. The exes parents used to live just up the road from Bovington, and our trips to visit from Poole took us past the tank training track, so we used to see quite a lot of Centurions bimbling about

  10. I saw the title and just knew we are in for some wacky word play. And I was not disappointed! Great job, sir!

  11. Jingles: The Mark 7 Centurion is my absolute favourite tank.
    Tog II: Am I a joke to you?
    Jingles: Yes, but you’re supposed to be.

  12. Not an arty fan, but that M54 came first on the red team. Well done especially considering the HE nerf.

  13. I hate the fact that in tanks like the Char Futur 4, which has a high skill cap, I can get great matches a lot, but never battles amazing enough to be featured on YouTube 😀 Also, I got a battle with the BatChat 25t with the stock gun where I got 7k damage xD

  14. Jingles names video after the infamous 1935 Nazi propaganda film. Edgy

  15. Down the road from Newcastle, in Hartlepool. At the Hough battery museum there is a Centurion outside. I wander if its the same one?

  16. Wow, this made my week having my replay shown by you Jingles! I really enjoy playing the Centurion 7/1 especially with the HESH rounds, they feel so rewarding.

  17. Not best name for the video….

  18. Actually Jingles (always wanted to say that) he is only making a profit because he is running a credit reserve (+29k credits).
    Otherwise he would have lost money.

  19. When I saw the title I thought they were introducing a Nuremberg map

  20. that M53 seemed incredibly accurate

  21. I dont play tanks any more but i do like my Centurion, just a bit of info
    they where made about 3 miles away from me in Leyland Lancashire and the
    name of the road the factory is on It,s called Centurion way and there is a Centurion
    on show on a mound near a round about for all to see.. cheers Jingles

  22. Michael Søndergaard

    hey jingles. question: when will we see another , the good the bad and the ugly?

  23. “my absolute favorite tank, the centurion…” shame jingles, cheating on tog like that

  24. Nice game to watch, the arty at the end was very unlucky with that final shot.

  25. Jingles, I have nothing but respect for you, but the title choice for this was not well thought out. Using the title of the most infamous Nazi propaganda film made for the express purpose of glorifying Hitler is just not a good look.

  26. I’ve stopped playing world of tanks and world of warships but I still enjoy these videos thanks for all the work jingles

  27. Luca De Sanctis

    I’d play this game, but the sheer amount of grind and arty makes it impossible… Let’s not mention how economy works

  28. This guy could have prevented more teammate loses if he acted earlier.

    • The Mighty Jingles

      True. And his teammates could have prevented more teammate losses if they’d been any good. How about we criticise the Bads for being bad instead of criticising the Goods for not being even better than they already were?

  29. Schmul Rosenzweig

    A questionable title for a video at best. Leni Riefenstahl gives a thumbs up though.

  30. This a fun game to watch. The Centurion was used to use its advantages and the results showed!

  31. Gaseous Chambers

    Oi vey

  32. Wasn’t Triumph of the Will the title of that propaganda movie by Leni Riefenstahl showcasing the infamous Reichsparteitag in Nuremberg?

  33. Erm Jingles you may want to change the video name, a certain mustache man may hold the copyright, for a movie from 1935, just mentioning *Erika playing in the distant*

  34. Jari Heimoluoto

    Love the gun and on a charioteer it is god like. The hesh is brutal when you are top tier and you shoot at tier 6 tanks.

  35. Is ripping the title from a Nazi propaganda film the best idea…or are you Leni Riefenstahl’s lost love child?

  36. I too love the Centurion Mk7, And at times wish to play MoT again. Unfortunately I stink at MMOs, don’t like toxic people. It is a shame that WG invested so much into the models of the tanks and it’s only available in one mode. They think there’s no money in PVE mode games, (funny, I once heard a wealthy individual say, all small (cash) streams flow into large rivers) I secretly hope that someone will come up with a PVE version of this game (player is a tank commander controlling not only his tank but also a squad of different (light, medium, heavy and TDs) tanks against a larger number of tanks. Aw well, it’s fun to dream.
    Great video Jingles. Really enjoyed seeing my old sweatheart (Centurion 7) doing so well.

  37. Watched this during a Genshin snack break and, as many may know, Genshin audio plays through even when alt-tabbed from the game so I had a bone flute backing track to this battle which added nicely to the atmosphere. A very enjoyable distraction from the Genshin grind & some much needed refueling for me. Double win 🙂

  38. Sadly Vickers / Armstrong is no more : (

  39. Such a shame what that films about, cos its beautifully shot

  40. Poor TOG…

  41. Thanks Jingles.

  42. “with the HESH loaded he can hit the M53 anywhere and kill him”

    except the gun and tracks right?

  43. During my time of playing, both Centurions are torture, the first one has sluggish acceleration and the other stuck at 40km/h max speed. When enemy players realized what are they up against and I’m on the opposite side on the map from the base, they usually go for cap and for most of the time I can’t make it back in time thanks to 40km/h of ‘fast’ medium tank. And when I got caught in the side, I’m even bigger than some heavy tank.

  44. He would have been dead before the HE rework.

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