World of Tanks – Trolled

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Source: Mighty Jingles

RNGesus giveth, and RNGesus taketh away. Today he mostly taketh away.

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  1. so it’s not just me then. good to know

  2. I think this is a thing with all higher tier American guns….I remember low rolling all the time in my t-29 and 110E5

  3. I swear american tanks always roll low like that for me

  4. The ridiculous pen and damage rng is one of the reasons I stopped playing.
    I’d love for Wargaming to remove it completely, or at least make it just 5 or 10%.

  5. oi jingles i want to know you opinion (in a mingles in jingles episode) on article 13. Hope your channel is doing aight boi.

  6. You should really revisit star citizen now 🙂

  7. Article 13 going to shut down this channel?

  8. I had a match in my Jpanther 2, fired 14 rounds, 11 were penetrations, 10 were low rolls, the one non low roll was ONE POINT OF DAMAGE OVER THE AVERAGE.

  9. Look how fast the T95 is moving its like lightning compared to its original speed lol. Imagine this game with it having the old speed limit as well lol. Suddenly it doesn’t look so bad 😛

  10. It looks like a sports car but…

  11. Dude
    Same map same spot same class
    I had 3 shots that could go over the alpha damage
    And I fired 17 rounds
    I just saw rolls below 300
    Just 29x 27x 29x
    It was just retarded
    I want my 2 shot low tier kills
    I have to do 3 to a KV1

  12. everyone go play tier 8 grand battles so we get it permanently

  13. Really trollish guns.. I once rolled a 930 damage on a 60TP using my T110E4.. And in the same match, I rolled a 575 damage on a T49 LT.. . Bruhhh.. RNG at its finest..

  14. lmao this game is no skill at all. its about rigged number generator nonsense. Its rigged to the extreme and its absurdly and idiotically pro russian.
    Warthunder is far better and no made up tank nonsense.

    seriously RN Jesus?
    just call it by its real name Rigged number generator

  15. RNGesus hates me

  16. yep having a kill by ramming on a slow tank that only able to do top speed of 20km/h or less are so satisfying, get that kill few days ago on blitz with BP and i only reach 15km/h before i ram tracked KV-1S to death

  17. Wish i had the replay of it. Played the skorp G once and we lost because of my RNG. I had 16 shots, 14 hit, 11 penned and all 11 were below average and the final shot was a bounce that cost of the game on a lower plate.

  18. And you wonder why I quit..
    consider the Later tanks..Like the AMX series..with advanced high velocity ammo, that cant damage much..and the Tir that the AMX is in..

  19. 7:11 best moment

  20. If he shot at non soviet tanks it would have a 10000 dam game just a typical WoT game for a non soviet tank.

  21. this is the way of making money……………
    by CEO, WoT

  22. It doesn’t have to be negative to be considered chat spam

  23. The RNG on that gun is consistent with the history of the gun. Something wrong with the ammo design relative to the gun. World of tanks still does this some times. Historical accuracy meets game code in a knife fight to the death.

  24. For your next trick you need to find a replay from the Asian server where no one in the chat can speak the same language but they are trying so very hard. Its hilarious. I don’t mean swearing. I mean complete gobbledygook with Asian script or symbols.

  25. I once rolled 570 with the trollcannon on the ISU-152 shooting at a t/25 at. I understand what this guy was going through though. I never seem to roll average with the 122mm guns on the Russian tanks, always 340-370, but never 390.

  26. no joke he is my mate and i discord with him on the aus server

  27. Well , I don’t know what is wrong with this guy .He was in a machine so powerful that he was able to take by himself the entire enemy team and blow them away and he just did that and he is complaining about average damage ? What he is expecting , compassion ?

  28. not just that tank tho it happens to all i never get average dmg on any tank rng is fucked up

  29. Jingles, I love me my American TDs but I have always had this issue with the guns. I don’t remember the smaller ones too much, but I have seen this pattern on the 105 and the 120 also.

  30. that was an ammo rack that doesnt count

  31. OMG Jingles you have been playing this game for so long and still haven’t realized that there is average damage and average damage to russian tanks.

  32. I remember Jingles’ game when he rolled lowest possible with the T28. He rolled a 300 and the alpha is 400.

  33. The RNG gods have been very drunk recently. Had one run of 16 losses in a row and overall I’m 40 for 105 the last two days. Have arty shots firing after circle gets as small as possible and missing as the shell land at an edge of circle just missing tank and any major splash. Have a KV-2 firing at an arty on a hill top and the shell goes UNDER the arty and out other side (about 5% of the firing circle in area). Have enemy TD’s firing through the hole on rock piles in Minsk hitting my tank. RNG has been a poor companion of late .. sigh

  34. should have been titled C’mon man or Mr Unlucky

  35. Well you know what they say: unlucky in game, lucky in love. :p

  36. And this boys and girls, is why people are leaving this shit game.
    This and all the gold spamming.

  37. That was hilarious. Oddly, didn’t get an email notification about this video… hmm?

  38. “E-Sports Ready”

  39. RnGesus, where are you? – boom There he is! ??????

  40. I like you Jingles.

  41. I once rolled 590 on my ISU-152.

  42. I am in my hospital bed after a Gastric Band operation, and I am trying not to laugh because it hurts XD Thanks mighty Gnome Overlord, for making my day unbearable 😛

  43. currently i am doing a phd in astrophysics where i dont get much time out for fun and enjoyment in life…but your videos with your dry humor, wit and sheer ridiculousness really brightens up my day. you are doing amazing work!

  44. wanna see a REAL pain in the a$$?… check out war thunders is-7… 1 of the most OP tank in that game in my opinion

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