World of Tanks | Trolling Funtage (ep. 38)

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Source: Overmind878787

Kind of spoiled this one on Facebook a little, but oh well 🙂

Also update: I’m participating in the 3-rd Clan Wars event, so that’s the reason for the delayed… aaa.. everything !!!
Don’t worry, I’ve seen EVERYTHING you all sent me and I’ll be getting to work on it all after the 17-th of December !!!

Thank you for undertsanding and enjoy the episode !!!

Disclaimer: Songs in the video are not mine, no copyright intended, I recognize all their owner’s rights !!!

Remember if you want to be featured in the next video you can send your funny, or weird replays at:

I am grateful to all who send me replays, it helps me bring these episodes faster then ever before to you guys. GG and remember: You’re all very beautiful !!!


  1. Music used in video:
    – Eduard Khil – Trololo (Bob Rovsky remix)
    – Troll Song Remix
    – Witch Doctor (GIANT TOONS MIX)

    Disclaimer in video description. Enjoy !!!

  2. Awesome video as always :)

  3. Cum se numeste tinta care iti arata in cat timp ajunge proiectilul la
    inamic ?

  4. I love!!

  5. Could you change settings to atleast medium. Great videos anyway.

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