World of Tanks | Trolling Funtage (ep. 42)

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Source: Overmind878787

Episode 42 out 🙂 Hope you enjoy it 😀
P.S. the most Blind Shot heavy episode EVER (so far), 27 in total…
It took over 4 hours just to pick the Top 10 after much deliberation!
You guys are awesome, I officially have the BEST followers !!!
Just… Thank you !!! 🙂

Disclaimer: Songs in the video are not mine, no copyright intended, I recognize all their owner’s rights !!!
Used for entertaiment purposes !!!

Remember if you want to be featured in the next video you can send your funny, or weird replays at:

I am grateful to all who send me replays, it helps me bring these episodes faster then ever before to you guys. GG and remember: You’re all very beautiful !!!


  1. FIRST!!!!!!!!!

  2. Music for this Episode:
    – Odjbox – Otto Croy
    – Kevin MacLeod ~ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys

    Disclaimer in video description.
    Enjoy :)

  3. Thanks for the video sir, you made my day better 🙂 

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