World of Tanks – Try Hard 140 EU (Add your own tunes)

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  1. It was late and i didn’t want to wake anyone up so no Mic, put some tunes on if you like.

  2. hi anfied…

  3. best video of the week, my week

  4. Hey buddy what time zone are you in ? Not trying to be personal and ask like where, just wondering 🙂

  5. 430 or t62

  6. huh so wotnumbers works for u after 9.18 eh?

  7. Great job man, recent sub and I honestly prefer your channel over any that I have come across since I started playing wot.

  8. I wasn’t expecting a double upload

  9. How did you feel when skill4tu assassinated you with his sneaky Foch 155? XDDD

  10. Marshall Allshouse

    in the shitstorm of bad decisions, relaxing to some good games is a nice change of pace 😀

  11. so, you are in europe now?

  12. o hate that new HE t10 vehicles…there is no need of skill for those players.. they make autoaim on and press w thats it.. and with that they pen bc on 600m distance even if they have the worst thats on earth.. thats crap if you wanna 3moe the bc or even the 140..

  13. 3 mark hype

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