World of Tanks – Try Hard 2 – Try Harder

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Todays' mission, should you choose to accept it – make this my most downvoted World of Tanks video ever.

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  1. 13k disslikes day one

  2. Most overpowered low tier tank that is for some reason never talked about: SU-76i. No one ever talks about ridiculous it is. I have one and its insanely fun to play. Almost untouchable from the front and a lethal gun. 10/10

  3. HunterKiller gaming

    they should bring back the real arty

  4. ᐃᑦᑎᓂᖅᓯᐅᑐᖅ ᑕᖅᓴᖅ

    Did somebody say the KV220 is overpowered? I get the meme in this video but this is a tier 3 seal clubbing vehicle with pretty much no other use

  5. Actual KV-220-2: 1 protype constructed in 1941 and killed by one direct shot from a 150 mm howitzer sFH 18 (I guess that means technically a Hummel can kill it). First gut reaction is another example of Russian bias (The Pz1 and Pz II uparmoured tanks are too low tier for anyone really to care imo and at least they were actually manufactured in numbers higher than 20!). However if you look at it calmly there were a few on the enemy side that could/should have taken him out. The Hetzer in game in particular if it has the 75 L48 can penetrate the KV 220 anywhere (using gold ammo) and from the rear using AP. If he had just been more stealthy and stalked the KV he could have hammered him along with the Matilda with some accurate butt sex.

  6. Man, I love that tank…bought it when it first came on sale on NA (when it was still KV220, before they changed it slightly and added the -2 to it plus added a few minor nerfs), and I’ve had some hilarious games in it (I still remember my first game, on the original El Haluf, where I started north, rolled through the old Corner of Fail, and crushed 3 lower tier light tanks before getting killed by an SU-85 that was on the opposite hill). Such a hilarious tank…and yes, very OP if played well. Oh, and I downvoted it for you Jingles, just because you asked nicely LOL

  7. now imagine unicum with 3k wn8 making genocide…. to bad this player is soooooooo bad

  8. ah at least now I know why when I’m roaming around and find a wild KV-220-2 I bounce almost every shot now I know to aim for the turret.

  9. Bullshit overpowered stat padding Russian biased top tier tank.

    Want to know how I really feel?

  10. Disliked button hammered Overlord. Also join the salt mines discord link in description of mingles with jingles 254

  11. Noooooooooo Jiiiiiiiiiiiiiiingles. Why did you do this to me? It was my first dislike on one of your videos. You are evil. 😛

  12. 13k+ dislikes now. Jingles you silly old gnome – you should know by now that you minions heed your bidding. Ok, back to the salt mine.

  13. I stopped playing this shit of game 6 months ago after 5 years because of problems like this that did not get fixed and new ones were getting created. As a former long time player I would like to point biggest problems with this game that ruins it.
    1. Pay to win game (that includes OP premiums, constant releases of premium tanks, unlimited gold ammo, premium account which makes money while standard account almost always loses money effectively making it unplayable as standard non paying player in last cca 2 years because you have no means of earning credits and getting new tanks even if you are very good player). Because of PTW game a lot of players get to high tiers while playing badly so even high tier plays have gotten bad. Don’t get me wrong, I understand that they (WG) have to make money, as they did years ago but not on expense of gameplay and not advertising it as Free to play when you can’t prosper even as a pretty good player in last few years.

    Yes, this one problem (with many underlying problems) is the reason I quit. So long suckers.

  14. from this tank? The pzIIJ? E25? and others in the same league? I learned to stay away from this game.

  15. Since when does the Lowe have preferential MM?

    Also, Wargaming is buffing the Tier 8 preferential MM premiums, not nerfing them.

  16. the thing that disgusted me the most about the video was not the tank… but that the player always autoaims before shooting, and misses really easy shoots because of that.

  17. Yey, I got this tank 🙂

  18. done it

  19. you obviously don’t have this tank

  20. I wouldn’t mind seeing some of the premiums actually being buffed. As example the T14 which can currently be penned by pretty much anything from any side.

  21. Worst video ever 😉

  22. wait… Is this really op? I have never had a problem dealing with it and I thought it was a pretty mediocre tank..

  23. Lord Dash Donald Dappington

    I disliked the video because I do agree with you, but tbh I never had that much trouble with the KV-220-2, although I haven’t played in years so maybe it’s changed. Then again, I had a look on and saw the weak turret armour and pointed it out in the chat whenever I saw one getting out of control.

  24. Seabring Seventy-seven

    Nope….I luv my KV-220…….

  25. Jingles if you think this tank is bad look up the bogatyr KV-220-2 it’s the same as this one but receives a special perk that reduces the penetration power of a shot depending on distance… I’ve bounced shots from a su-100 from the back of the turret with it… This ability works for arty as well I took 10 damage from a direct shot fired by a m44 arty (they haven’t “rebalanced” arty for console yet)

  26. This thing does have to stop, you’re right. Imagine being on the receiving end of that and there’s nothing you can do about it

  27. STRONG RUSSIAN TENK!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. But Jingles I was going to dislike it anyway. Now it just feels cheap. 😛

  29. I am not going to lie, I am somewhat confused how jingles can say that the kv-220-2 is op, or a pay to win tank because unlike the pz 2 J it has a huge weak spot that is the entire turret I mean, it just doesn’t make sense to use this video, it would be like putting up a video of a kv-4 steam rolling a game because people decided not to fire prem at it and then going “look at this op tank” when the reality is most games the armor doesn’t hold up at all, except in this case the kv-220-2 doesn’t even need prem to make it a useless vehicle. I feel like if jingles is gonna make a video complain about op prem tanks he should at least use a prem tank that is actually op, or at least better than it’s fully upgraded free version, which the kv-220-2 would be compared to the kv-1 and frankly the kv-1 is far better than this tank so. Just a thought I had that I for some reason felt was worth sharing.

  30. Dr.Froaderick Fronkensteen

    13K lol

  31. In the design meeting? What happened? $$$
    Not only driving a pretty damn strong (if not OP) tank, nope, we also use premium ammo because of reasons. Give them moar money. Make sure they continue to put out OP premium tanks, still promote the use of gold ammo to fill their pockets…
    I mean, sure you can’t really blame a player for buying an OP tank. But using gold on top of it? Thats a bit disgusting. “Oh no, my tank that is nearly immune to enemy tanks can bounce on occations, load the gold”

    I really wonder if the community will be able to at some point change the behaviour of a developer if they actually speak out loud and often enough against some practices. But right now it seems like to many people are perfectly fine with tank designs as long as they can buy the OP crap, use the magical 5% instead of actually thinking about how it could be better.

  32. After watching this video, I don’t feel guilty for still playing war thunder.

  33. I do agree but I refuse to dislike a jingles video

  34. what a retard firing gold at everything, and WG are just running a pay to win game, everyone knows this, they have no interest in their customers unless their customers give them lots of money, even then once they have the money they once again have no interest in their customers, wot could have been such a great game and it used to be a very good game, now it’s not even an ok game.

  35. 13k dislikes already nice

  36. Love the fact the driver spamming gold like anything..

  37. Disgraceful, disgusting, appalling ——So where can I get one……..

  38. Instant thumbs up. KV220-2 is only op against complete noobs who don’t have any knowledge of even the most common known weakspots. Much like the superpershing. And guess what. Noobs deserve to lose so there you are.


  40. Is this guy using aimbot? How is he locking targets without even pointing at them?

  41. when a decision to make money actually looses you money.
    The thought-process of an ex-wot-player: ” Hey, i used to play this game quite a lot. Paying for premium account for years, buying the occasional premium tank! But, I lost interest because of pay to win, stopped playing years ago.
    Hey wait, there is this new boat game! One, where you can actually play battleships! Playing the Yamato, the Bismark or the Hood?! Sign me in! Where do I have to throw my money to do so?! Come on, tell me already and take my earnings!
    Ohhhh wait – its from that pay-to-win company!?
    Lets play Tetris!”

  42. Actually Jingles, tier 5 cannot meet tier 3 tanks.

  43. Hmm, honestly I don’t know what you are complaining about. I got one of those tanks from an Event that was going on, and I stopped playing it ages ago because everyone knew the weak spot, and I was just getting raped over and over again. It’s not hard to kill, honestly. I’ll take it out and see for myself if anything in that regard has changed, but the constant power creep with newly released nations boasting better and better guns makes this tank redundant, I’d rather take out my e25 than this thing

  44. Here could be nice to have cooperation between light tank and those arties. LT for keeping him spotted while not being spotted. And arties keep pummeling and chipping his health.

  45. FirestreakRodimusPr

    This is why you main Arty in WoT, because you can reliably dmg even tanks like the Kv220 and piss them off by doing module damage.

  46. Oh look the first idiot to die blamed the team! Is that just something that happens in Wargaming games? honestly

  47. Wargaming is a bunch of fucking idiots, but not as stupid as EA

  48. so glad I quit this steaming pile of hot garbage

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