World of Tanks: Try Hard 4 – Live Free or Try Hard

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Source: Mighty Jingles

In which Circonflexes chases his third Mark of Mastery on -131G-FT and faces both triumph and tragedy as he’s forced to pull off the impossible.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 10×1080 resolution

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  1. 6 year fan <3

  2. fastest click in the west

  3. in quick again

  4. My last chance to be first as back to woork Monday.

  5. Oh my god yes! First comment, view, and like! hell yeah!

  6. James Bigglesworth


  7. Ehh might as well enjoy my coffee while watching nice!

  8. Dominik Halovanić

    You will run out of die hard movies.

  9. angrydragonslayer


  10. I stayed up for this…

    Worth it

  11. 6:27 Seems like Jingles failed to notice the enemy 40TP drowning in the lake to the southeast, something that I would’ve expected him to throw a snarky comment on.

  12. Try Hard 5: A good day to Try Hard
    Try Hard 6: A bad day to Try Hard

  13. 910th viewer!

  14. TehRealAnonymoussy

    Jingles missed that at 06:20 the enemy t-50 teamkilled the amx m4 and seconds later the 40TP drowned.

  15. The heartache is real…

  16. One Dewpy potato Boi

    Imagine carrying your team just for them to be pure noob team and manage to loose 5 vs 2

  17. I deal with this bullshit in about 90% of my pub games.

  18. Eirikr Sparkelson

    That keystone cops remark is very acurate

  19. Silly Jingles. At 10:40, you claim that the battle is 5 vs 2, when it’s clear that Circonflexes is fighting a 1 vs 6 battle.

  20. 2019, Jingles offers happy endings to his viewers ;P


  22. Well sometimes RNG just says, “no, your not going to hit”

  23. i wonder what will happend when jingles hits try hard 6 ? is it gona be fan fiction or is he gona switch franchises…. maybe something like Noobminator Judgement day or Madtanx Tracked warrior…… Lord of the Shells two arties ?

  24. You go to a massage parlour for a happy enging! I don’t think there is one in the Salt Mines.

  25. oh jingles 550 hp is definitely not a mediocre amount of HP for a tier 5 Td ??

  26. wtf circon isn’t always on the winning side?

  27. 5k damage at tier 6 is absurd

  28. @Jingles. Did you notice that IS-2 is actually member of RITA clan….

  29. every body rage on wg for putting op tanks in game and pay to win efect in game, but realy it is this moronic brain dead degenerat players that make you stop playing it

  30. Just got home, notification from the Lord Jingles, how can it get any better?

    Edit: Did Jingles just say “Clownshoes” because… I don’t think I’ve heard him say that in a mess of years! 9:51

  31. JIngles check out this small gif. its a plane that drops a smoke screen.

  32. I found that tank to be one of the easiest I’ve 3-marked so far. Nice camo and mobility, good enough gun. Too bad for Circon he’s playing this game, 80% of the things joining the battles have no idea how to left click so it’s no news to make a damage record and lose the battle.

  33. Circon will never be as good as Skill is on ALL servers….LMAO

  34. The IS-2 had three options:
    Stay still and die.
    Yolo over the ridge and die.
    Yolo where he did.

    Pushing a crest like that in random is a death sentence, with a slim chance of someone following you quickly enough that the enemy will not have reloaded. Normally it turns into a lemming train and we see those targets presented from the other view point.

    Remember: For each carry, there are 5-6 players on the enemy team who made a long stream of bad decision.

  35. TL/DR, even though the game is full of pay-to-win mechanics, the World of Tanks crowd hasn’t really changed, and still consists of 75% windowlickers who couldn’t get their winrating above 48% even if the enemy team conceeded half the time.

  36. That’s just campers for you… Attacking on that map is absurdly hard, this has much less to do with skill and much more with camping in a bush being very strong…

  37. Team mentality like this is why I stopped playing the game, Hate or Don’t hate I did infact alt+F4 Uninstall that piss. Although it can still be enjoyable to watch others play it! As long as I don’t have to feel the salt from playing it myself anymore.

  38. IS was obviously using Uncharted auto aim and kept hitting the slope

  39. for those curious, this single game gave me 3% gunmark increase from 90 to 93% : )

  40. When you are the global record holder and you still cannot carry your team to victory, something is very, very wrong.

  41. I did 6.1k damage in Tog II and Jingles didn’t even feature, FeelsBadMan

  42. 3:24, sneaky pun. I see what you did there

  43. The last time i was this early to a Jingles Video the TOG was 1 meter shorter than a Cromwell

  44. what’s really scary is some of these window lickers have migrated to wows and actually have tier 10s that they got from playing coop

  45. How the actual fuck is Circonflex not detected. I try any of that shit and boop, instantly detected by some random shit. The bushes are opaque!

  46. 50% crews how I do not miss them.

  47. ah yes, it truly is a Good Day to Try Hard

  48. Anyone who watches his stream regularly know how many he’s done/has left to do??

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