World of Tanks – Try Hard 9 – Try Harderer

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  1. Dr ¿En Papel? esq

    I have 89000 gold and 43 premium tanks and just about every worthwhile tech tank in an account I haven’t logged on to in over a year, I have thousands invested in this game and wargaming made it so I can’t stand playing it. Anyone want to buy a na account

  2. SoulKiller7Eternal

    You mean the WZ-132-1?

  3. On subject of gold ammo…
    We all know “5% of all ammo fired” is a patented BS. And it really, really annoys me that it effectively makes all the armour-reliant tanks virtually pointless for the most part.
    But there is one thing that makes me laugh – when you see people in light tanks, or paper-thin things like Leopard 1 or AMX-30 complaining that they’ve been hit with gold.
    I mean… WHY are they complaining – they would have been penetrated anyway. If anything, they should laugh, because enemy wasted a ton of credits on them.

    • I’m not complaining, I’m usually just baffled. I’d have been penetrated anyway, even with HE, why wasting 4k credits on me? Unless the enemy had that loaded and couldn’t afford to change the ammo / didn’t have Intuition.
      Also, on the topic of “5% gold ammo” I thing is closer to the truth than you might imagine. Though it’s not because of people consciously choosing to fire standard ammo, it’s because of pure statistics. Most people in low tiers don’t fire much gold, and they probably constitute the greatest amount of rounds fired, because of low alpha compared to HP, resulting in low tier battles having more shells fired than in mid-high tier.
      Though the stat could also have been fabricated, like the Sandbox poll suggesting people wanted the HE nerf.

  4. ABout the intro…There is no team damage in the game anymore. So you can easily do high jumps when you land on your allies (or their wreck). It is a common tactic on that map to jump down that way.

  5. That was entertaining and quite frantic. It was nice to see the team playing together and cheering each other on. Games can be frustrating, but it’s supposed to be fun at the end of the day so it’s good that they were in high spirits.

  6. 8:11 ackshually Jingles, that IS-7 looks kinda Italia- Jingles, what are you doing with that? Please no I didn’t mean i-

  7. The enemy STB1 wasn’t shooting his gun. He was probably properly aiming, but… Our hero knew, he can block enemy HEAT rounds by sticking his gun into the enemy gun. The enemy STB should have noticed and swicth to AP (or move the gun) to win.

  8. Full commit on the elbow drop

    Nearly elbow drops team mate

    Everything goes 110% in his favor

  9. call it…performance anxiety.

  10. “he puts what should have been a killing shot into an enemy and leaves it on less than 100 health”.
    Um actually jingles he rolled for 369 (very nice) which is above average of 360. Furthermore he needed to roll 428 to kill the IS-4 in one shot. Now 360 * 1.2 = 50, so whilst it is theoretically possible it’s has a probability of about 12%.

    Math: (360 * 1.25 – 360) * 2 gives the amount of different damage roles which is 180.
    Assuming all damage roles are equally as likely we just take what he at least would have had to roll (428 => the health the IS was on) and subtract that from the max roll (450), and divide that by the total amount of different outcomes (180).

    So: (450 – 428) / 180= 0.1222222 which is a 12.22222% chance.

    Edit: Ohh and later he misidentifies the Progetto 65 as an IS-7. And yes i hear that shotgun being loaded
    Edit 2: whups thought RNG is 20% but it’s 25% changed the numbers accordingly (went form 2.7% to 12.2%)
    Edit 3: and again at 8:50 jingles thought tankkie rolled low and couldn’t finish of the 60TP but this time it was impossible without ammowrack or fire

    • The limits on the damage are 25% more and 25% less than average damage.

      I also think that using an uniform distribution is a bit naïve. A normal distribution centered at the average damage would be my best guess, but no clue about sigma values. Some quick googling yielded some old ingame research some players did, of a 2sigma value at the maximum damage, with all values above that converted to the maximum damage. Dunno how true that would be tho.

  11. he thought he was in war thunder 😂😂😂😂😂

  12. The other stb was playing smart, he was trying to destroy the gun. If only it was war thunder.

  13. 0:01 “Nope, you’re doing it wrong. He has to die *before* you hit the ground. It’s all in the wrist.”

    Who remembers that one? 😁

  14. Hi Jingles, a great game. Now can we have so ranked battles in WoWS please pretty please. Keep up the good work. PS have you started packing yet ?

  15. “he’s deep red, you got this”
    and deep red he was

  16. Red stb used autoaim and shot the gun three times.

  17. Torille! Muistakaa maskit ja turvavälit!

  18. I honestly wasn’t expecting our Gnome Overlord to go with my title suggestion. Consider me delightfully humbled!

    • I hit him with the same suggestion on his last video. I think a lot of us saw it as a missed opportunity lol

  19. TheParallellinial

    Lessons learned from the Ukrainian conflict tells us that all russian tanks are up for a massive nerf.

  20. Syahareen Sha Rani

    That STB should have aim at the cupola rather aiming down at the hull or loaded the AP that can’t be absorb by the space armor but what do I know …

  21. I can tell you exactly what happened during the “duel,” the enemy STB was a War Thunder player attempting to knock out the gun/breach so that Tankkie couldn’t fire.

  22. According to the information given by the IS-7 that STB-1 was “deep red” so he was probably the kind of player that would make that level a mistake and thing it’s the tanks fault

  23. thanks jingles your videos never fail to cheer me up

  24. Lazy developers flat out removed team damage.
    So no damage after falling on a team mate.

  25. Jingle pauses the screen and his computer goes potato showing nothing but a blurry mess.

  26. at 1st with the cinematic intro I was like “Jingles you are aware of that you do not take fall dmg from landig o dead friendly tans right” The this “jingles” fella actually REMEMBERED to introduce the player at the start of the battle… leading me to believe … this is a fake Jingles… the real Jingles would never miss a opportunity to mess up like that.

  27. No spoiler alerts this time, eh Jingles!

  28. Tankies foe seemed like a war thunder player going for the gun

  29. that was pretty intense

  30. Trying to figure out why you give the enemy team a hard time for firing gold when the stb1 fired 17 shots worth himself. No Krans or VZ55s? As Ralph Wiggum would say, that’s unpossible!

  31. Actually Jingles, the enemy STB didn’t shoot tankkie’s gun so much so that tankkie ate the enemy’s shot with his gun ON PURPOSE.

  32. Mandatory youtube engagement comment

  33. Cheers to the IS-buddy, the unsung hero for the victory.

  34. So when will you be recording from Fort Jingles?

  35. “Akchually” Jingles, the HP difference at 7:35 ist not only well over 2000, it’s well over 4000 🙂

  36. Gotta love using your gun to block shells, he definitely did that on purpose

  37. 8:12 – Actually Jingles – That’s a very Italian-Medium-Shaped IS-7

  38. @ 7:14 the IS7 is saying to the OBJ140, “hey bitch where do you think your going, nowhere that’s where cause your ass is mine”. LOL

  39. One of the best World of Tanks replays I’ve seen in a while, wow

  40. The enemy STB 1 was relying too much on their gold pen and we auto aiming. Tankie saw this and used his gun to block the shots.

  41. Thanks Jingles.

  42. Nasib Siddique Bissoy

    You know Jingles, STB 1 is my very first overall tank in the game and also the most played tank in my account. I love this tank with all my heart. As you said in the video that it has 360 avg damage on the paper. But after playing over 1000 battles in the STB 1, I will say that it is clearly not the case. To be honest, realistically and practically I feel this tank has less than 360 avg damage, more like 330 to 350. I know this sounds a bit funny and weird but I am telling this from my own experience. The amount of low roll I get is insane, absolutely frustrating and annoying.

  43. I’ll never understand why the Tier X Japanese Medium tank is such an effective vehicle but the Tier X Japanese Heavy tank is such a piece of garbage.

  44. I think criticizing others in this battle for gold use when the replay is from a dude who has his ammo supply be over half gold seems a bit iffy.

  45. 04:58 “plenty of support from the other mediums, and from the IS-7 in particular” 🙂

  46. “Ooh, I haven’t trolled this STB-1 yet!”~RNG probably

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