World of Tanks || TS-5 – Tank Review

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World of Tanks – TS-5. Here comes the first T8 premium American tank destroyer – the TS-5! I get you up to speed with all the details!


World of Tanks is a online game published by Wargaming is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. It would be nice to show the tank at least on tier or how the armor holds in a tier 10 battles. Anyway its mobility or lack of completely kills those tanks making them useful only in handful of scenarios. Looks nice wont be played too much. Scorpion will fck it up almost any day of the year.

  2. This thing will probably have 550 alpha on console

  3. “No Cap, Kill All!”

  4. quickey i can’t find it anywhere else please do a review of the Chinese medium tank tier 8. i love your reviews amd i need your help. sos

  5. Thanks…I’ll skip that turd ?

  6. It has the same gun depression as the T-28 but, the gun is mounted higher up. Oof.

  7. Just another reason why the ARL 44 is my favorite heavy tank — the 90 mm can actually pen the lower plate on this vehicle (212 mm of pen)

  8. Snake Enjoying a Sandwich

    American Scorpion.

    …that’s the joke

  9. Did you notice the cheap shell cost vs the T28?

  10. Yet another tier 8 seal clubbing 6s. How does it fare against the bottom tier 10 matches?

  11. is this CT?

  12. MS-1 makes this thing look like a joke! WG told me so on YouTube!

  13. “Hey guys it’s Quickybaby and welcome back to World of Tanks!” ??????????????

  14. Jóhann Björvinsson

    damage tracks do slow you down

  15. Your reviews are always concise and far more informative compared to other reviewers. Great content, appreciate it!

  16. Yellow tracks definitely slow you down not sure about traverse speed

  17. Well QB you know what time it is. It´s time to grab a lot of Tea and dedicate your life to the free to play account until you get this tank 😉

  18. yellow tracks have no debuff to traverse speed but they are easier to destroy.

  19. Looks like Wargaming decided to pull their heads out of their butts a bit and stop releasing OP T8 Premium tanks. Good to see, keep doing that WG

  20. looks like a slightly mutated T25 AT lol

  21. WG: “This tank has a very high DPM”
    QB: *heavy breathing*

  22. Quickybaby – To answer the question at 8:21…
    From the wiki on Battle Mechanics.
    Yellow: This state signifies that a module has taken considerable damage (≥50%) but is still operational. Crew members have no yellow state.
    Tracks: No negative effect.

  23. So basically It’s not OP because it’s a american tank, obviously not as good as Skorpion G or SU-130PM but it has great armor

    wg plz just buff T110E5 already dangit.

  24. Not sure why you are surprised with a non-turreted TD has slow traverse, speed, poor resistances, poor maneuverability, etc., that is atypical of non-turreted TDs……..shocker!
    But, still I enjoy your vids aside from the Drama Llama moments………………………..

  25. Edwin Han Aidan Han

    It’s basically a better t28

  26. O-I saves QuickyBaby –> Faith in WOT restored

  27. at least is not overpowered?

  28. I think QB forget to mention that this tank will meet tier x tanks and 340 pen heats.


  29. Traverse speed or the lack there of does it for me. Not gonna bother trying for it.

  30. Oh, it has a penetrateable capola on the top of the turret. Oh, it’s not a russian tank.

  31. This Sucks 5

  32. Heavier and less power than the T28 but faster???

  33. i want it

  34. Spiritus Sanctus

    Yes, QB, yellow tracks slo your traverse speed.

  35. yellow tracks from my expirience are boosting terrain resistances

  36. screw turretless TDs

  37. Why showcase this tank in a dream match up? Put it against some t10’s. Terrible video for review.

  38. Another i am top tier game. boring

  39. Finaly ,a ballanced premium tank!

  40. QB sounds like he’s bored of the game but he doesnt want to lose 600k subs…

  41. from If one of the tracks is destroyed the vehicle is immobilized until the track is repaired. If a track is damaged, the vehicle will move at a reduced speed.

  42. another p2w premtank 🙁

  43. the traverse on everything is terrible in the valley on lakeside though.

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  45. pc service Imacpc

    Reeeeeeeeeee!!! thx for sharing !@ QB

  46. IS-2M coming out for sale in the near future, yeah? It’s in the background, lol

  47. QB I challenge you to do this on your pay to win account!

  48. a well balanced tank for free or atleast for a fair price if u play a bit, well done WG

  49. The Hero No One Gives A Shit About

    To summarize, it’s not Russian

  50. Ts5 vs the 152 derp tier 9 scout would not be nice on the ass.

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