World of Tanks || Turan III Prototype – Tank Review

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Source: QuickyBaby

. Today I’m looking at the Hungarian/ T5 premium medium the !

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of is a Free 2 Play . It is one of the best games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. I think they gave the Turan III less rounds because its slightly smaller
    than the other tanks.

  2. Harrison Rawlinson

    Maybe they plan on introducing a Hungary tank line?

  3. NoneUrBuissness sszszzsss


  4. It’s basically a T5 todil


  6. First the Toldi, now this Turán Prototípus.. hungarian tech tree soon i
    hope :D

  7. Shrek The Psychotherapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  8. Folke Nicklasson

    We need Xvm mod now!,

  9. yet another prototype tank, still no italian tanks lolol wargamming gg

  10. I own one of the rarely seen Pz.IV hydrostat. and I really love it.

  11. Haha QB’s mouth looks funny when he says prototipus :P

  12. Why use premium consumables in a review when most people that play it wont?

  13. How can i set the minimap big than you?

  14. Quickybaby, about that Achilles you were unable to kill at the end; I’ve
    always been a little curious, because of situations exactly like this one,
    why you choose to have the hit point bars of tanks show as percentages
    rather than actual numbers? Is it just a trick of the replay system maybe?
    What’s your reasoning ^_^

  15. VW T(o)uran

  16. T25 fanboys

    It’s already now :|

  17. Momarorcocusos Adodrorianon

    +QuickyBaby is that common test?

  18. Рашид Султанбеков

    уг а не танк. 10 баксов он не стоит. черчилль на голде получше стату набьет
    чет это, и черчилль на бб лучше фармит.

  19. …..kind of a drawn out video to say it’s crap

  20. Oli Povey (Olabolob)

    Wargaming will definitely buff the ammo capacity

  21. maybe hungarian tanks coming up :D

  22. lol i loved this video, your comments were very funny, something new from

  23. Ertunga KALYONCU

    Rehber Kur’an hedef TURAN Kappa

  24. Emánuel Barkóczi

    the pronunciation of prototípus is the same as you say: prototeepush

  25. Kővári “Szili” Szilveszter

    thumbs up for hungary :D

  26. QB you say that like : “prototípush”

  27. It sucks all around period

  28. really unfortunately tank i think

  29. I don’t really see the point of this tank.What does it bring compared to
    the T25, or regular panzer IV ?
    Nothing, plus it is a bit slower.

  30. Its crap is my opinion. Fought a few already and they were crying about
    running out of ammo and were not to happy about it. Most Arty has more
    rounds than the Turan. What good is tank with out shells in the gun.
    Doesn’t matter the gun handling or any other stats. With out ammo its just
    a snack running around the battlefield. Its a stupid tank.

  31. what is your site of comparaison please?

  32. You should compare it to Chi-Nu.

  33. i love ghungarian tanks. (i’m hungarian)

  34. Quickybaby you should make a series like Rng or on the road to a New tank.

  35. 32 rounds is a no go, at Tier 5, you need a tank with carry ability to even
    out the tomato bads. You can’t do that with 32 rounds.

  36. I was the IS lol, didn’t know I was on YouTube :v

  37. Should be the Duran III prototype

  38. Hungarians are cheap , see ammo capacity .Other than that , you can keep it

  39. turan is turkish name its bullshit!!!!

  40. Dicker Max was firing HE XD nice

  41. In my graphics setting in wot no matter what i do there is no small or
    explosions or anything like that . I even have the extra effects quality up
    to max. help plz

  42. Amazing videos not being rude and idky but everytime you say chocolate it’s
    infuriating its just a diffrent dialect love the videos tho

  43. with 32 rounds this tank is basically useless imo

  44. Ehabocrates Starkof

    nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope
    Just get yourself a T25, a better tank in every aspect for the same

  45. #QuickBaby will you upload another gameplay??

  46. The hair

  47. ThAt GuY In ThE LoNlY cOrNeR

    Wtf is this?

  48. Daniel Gyllenbreider

    Way to show Wargamings greed. We are getting drowned in imaginary premium
    tanks. There is no skill getting these tanks. All it takes is an idiot with
    money to burn.

  49. quickybaby. pls. play on sea server. you just play on us and eu server :(

  50. Now they need the better Turan 3 (not prototype) and the other Turan’s and
    there TD forms and the Tas 44M

  51. The Real Huckleberry Finn

    i feel like we in the N?A server get everything a week early lol

  52. Gun elevation and depression seem excellent, and the gun handling seems
    fairly decent. I think maybe you should just run it like it’s French.

  53. I recently gave up WOT there are just so many other better games out there.
    I enjoy single player games above everything. I find multiplayer games a
    waste because eventually multiplayer servers will be shutdown and all the
    time and money spent will be worthless. Just my negative opinion though. I
    assume the time at the present is what is worth playing for

  54. Where is the new intro ?

  55. You forgot about the Pz.Kpfw. III Ausf. K

  56. im still waiting for the new french batchatalion 25t at tier 8 premium

  57. I have an amazing video to share with you Quickybaby. How do I share with

  58. do a video about is gold worth it

  59. SnapShot GetRecked

    it looks a little like the pz 38t

  60. SnapShot GetRecked

    it looks a little like the pz 38t

  61. Fredrik Malmström

    That Dicker Max was firing HE!!! well what can you expect from a SUPER

  62. How to play on test account?? Please tell me :D

  63. Turan is not bad, but with only 32 shells. I think its a bit worse premium

  64. So an O-I Exp had a baby with a M3 Lee….

  65. Matlida BP is better. Preferential MM, better armor, more ammo, more
    penetraton-reload time,more hitpoints. Is slower, the only bad thing.


  67. Nice battle

  68. good Video quickibaby (Oh i upload a incredible gameplay with kv 220-2, 3k
    dmg,9 kills and 3,7k dmg block) PS: IT is on your Page

  69. Cool guys dont look at fires….. Maniacs look at fires

  70. shit Tank

  71. Volkswagen Touran

  72. why do i hate his videos !?…… and his voice

  73. I love you when you say Prototìpus. Yeah hungarian motors not realy
    goods…. 😀
    Hungary forever

  74. PrototEEpuSH

  75. Tesla Model III?

  76. too many asshole bots in game :/

  77. I admit i am considering getting this even though i have the T-25 along
    with a few other premium tanks. Including the one i get a lot of hate for.
    May just snag it for the collection value of it. Plus it’s better than the
    sentinel and for the same price.

  78. IAmThePartyMan TV

    Guys I am in current need of a computer or laptop so I was wondering what
    would be the least expensive laptop that I could play wot on and it would
    still be pretty smooth. thanks for the help

  79. monkeystandoffsucks

    It looks like a Hungarian SARL 42.

  80. A Lurd That Wader

    why your index picture in hungarian flag?

  81. HE spamming Dicker Max :p

  82. Áron “Regulárisz” Lepedus

    Ez az! Egyre több a magyar tank! :D

  83. What is your favorite tank?

  84. Hungary <3

  85. Ria Ria Hungarya ♥♥♥♥♥

  86. Hey, QuickiBaby. The “prototípus’ is spelled like this: ‘prototiipush’ or
    something like that. Google Translator can help you how to say it.
    hi from Hungary

  87. Thanks for updating the modpack :)

  88. It seems to be a pretty mediocre, if not bad(ish) tank. I guess it is some
    kind of leftover from the mixed European tech tree which will not happen as
    they found enough Czech and Swedish prototype tanks to make separate tech
    trees. But Hungary had only two tank types, the Turán and the Toldi, so WG
    decided to make them German premiums. I will buy Turán, because I am
    patriotic enough, but I don”t think it is worth the money if I want to be
    honest. It is not even as good as a PzVI with the 75 mm gun, and that is a
    pretty useless combination against KV-1/85-s and T-34/57-s.

  89. Bojler eladó!

  90. Végre egy normális Magyar tank. :)

  91. I drive one of these on the NA server, and the quick way i use to describe
    it is a “sluggish 75mm pz4 with lots of hp.” I really like this tank
    because I already prefer the 75mm on the pz4, so this tank felt very
    natural to me. Plus it has 5 crew lots which I means I can train my E50
    crew on it easily

  92. At least WG could’ve given us the opportunity to have Hungarian emblems or
    whatever, like with the Taiwanese Type 64 light, or the Australian
    Sentinels for example. I am no history expert, however I doubt that the
    only existing prototype of this tank ever had any sort of German markings
    drawn onto it… And yes, people have the option to paint a country’s flag
    on their tanks whenever they want, but that isn’t really my point here.

  93. Why is the camera shaking when you fire?

  94. hungarian?

  95. not used to playing low tier games? well you never mentioned that before.

  96. That hungarian :)

  97. It looks like Tankenstein from wot blitz..

  98. HE spawn dicker max is too OP, please nerf

  99. This is the 2nd Hungarian tank in the wot (the first is the toldi III). Why
    don’t these tanks have Hungarian crew, Hungarian unmarked, AND HUNGARIAN

  100. in my opinion the Turan could be a Hungarian tech tree tank, and not a
    Hungarian German tech tree tank.

  101. Please add a hungarian techtree! that would be awesome!

  102. Bojler Eladó!

  103. Hungarians
    3, 2, 1….

  104. Another great review, thx QB!

    Liking the new mic, still needs a little bit fine honing, just a little bit

  105. Ah yes, Turan Turan. Great band.

    My favourite song of theirs was “Hungry like the Tiger II”.

  106. Not much you could of done, good try. good game overall ;)

  107. I’m a going to enjoy bringing my SU-100Y gun around and tearing right throw
    the bloody thing.

  108. The Panzer 4H really needs a HP boost. Why should the premium T5 mediums be

  109. Sacu Levi (sacuka)

    Az istok megbaszna a WGt bazdmeg,hogy a magyar tankokat premiumnak teszik
    be,hogy fizetni kell erte.Hogy nem sul le a pofajukrol a bor tetves
    anyjukat mar!Its fucking annoying that WG puts hungarian tanks for
    premium…how low can WG get?

  110. Lel ? Hungarian tank? most likely German tank built by hungayrians slaves

  111. hey QB! the proprer pronounce of prototípus is: for the í that should sound
    like the “ee” in Lee, and the ending s is just a simple english “sh” sound,
    all other was good. YW :)

  112. I would take a Chi Nu Kai over this.

  113. turan zamaniiiii


    Asın bayrakları dicemde :-(

  115. Can you really recommend getting a tank with only 32 rounds ? I mean, the
    StuG III G has a similar amount of ammo and games tend to get tricky as
    time goes by, but only 32 rounds with 15 RPM ?

    pls respond

  116. April fools, right Wargaming?

  117. Magoskillz Magoskillz

    what a trash can

  118. Wtf? Turan is an old turkish war tactic. Why did hungarians give a name to
    a tank Turan?

  119. world of tanks blitz not have hungary tanks in the celular version.

  120. Another completely pointless shit premium, why don’t they just focus on
    adding premiums in places where they are missing, instead of places where
    there already is 1 or 2 same tier, class and nation premium.. such as
    british/japan tier 8 heavy or czech premium, actually even better would be
    wargaming stop spending time on pointless new content like this and
    optimizing the game more

  121. 0:34 Prototípus… so cute your accent :D

  122. why do wg have a habbit of making all premium tanks shit? if your gonna
    make us spend real money on a virtual tank at least make it good

  123. How to enable that sound when you get spoted ?

  124. This tank is shit, good old WG making you pay for fucking garbage.

  125. It’s basically the chassis of the Turán I-II with the prototype turret of
    what would become the Turán III. Made in order to test how the original
    chassis would hold up under the weight of the new, bigger turret and gun.
    This, along with the final prototype of the Turán III (with sideskirts and
    protective-plated cupola and turret-top) did actually exist, but never
    entered serial production.

  126. Why does WG advertise it as being accurate when its basically as accurate
    as every other german med at its tier…

  127. Mátyás Dobrovszky

    Hungarian Tank <3

  128. super pershing review

  129. how can u get a hydrostat!any1?

  130. I got my 1st ever ace tanker and my 1st mark of excellence on the Panzer

  131. The last “s” in “prototípus” is pronounced like in the word “show” ;D

  132. Well at least it’s not as bad as the Chi-nu Kai. It’s still definitely
    worse than the T25, though. I would say this tank is probably about as good
    as the Ram II, which I don’t mind playing every once in a while to train my

  133. wg just cant make a good Hungarian tank :'(

  134. More ugly than Japanesse heavys

  135. The Hungarians have/had some potentially very cool machines. I like the
    Toldi III and I will probably enjoy this one as well, by the looks of it.

  136. not a bad review, but, it lacked a little JINGLES!


  138. Why would someone play Pz. IV H with the 75mm gun?

  139. Geometry Dash Warrek

    Looks like another snack for equal tier tanks such as O-I Exp. or KV-1…
    Nevertheless it looks cool and creates variety so you don’t see same tanks
    over and over, I guess.

  140. Thehellestdk Highborn

    Hey! nice rewiev, as a hungarian i have to say, that your prononciation was
    good. better then expected so nice work (btw google say it a bit slowly but
    very well). On the other hand as a Hungarian i’m a bit disappointed in this
    tank :/

  141. Quicky, you’re good at tactics, and have a natural ability to read the
    field; but you overreact sometimes; you should read Archer Jones’s *Art of
    War in the Western World*, it’ll help you be not only be the bestest (which
    you are), but secure that position forever.

  142. Magyar tank nem német tank. Meg érdemli hogy kapjon rendes magyar zászlot
    vagy címert ne a rohat Németjelzést.

  143. Thank you for calling our tank good looking. What i miss in the WG version
    of the Turan III is the sidescirt it originaly had. I know it would mean
    nothing as protection but it would look cool. :)

  144. Caleb Preece-oughton

    Good review

  145. you mention in the cheaters of tanks video that you have a mod pack (not
    the cheating type, I haven’t really used them). I am trying to find it, but
    ARGH having issues. can you link for me where to download it please? Thank

  146. this thing seems mostly useless unless you’re a collector, seeing that the
    Germans get much better premium mediums that most people already have
    (T-25, Pv. IV Shmallturm or Panther M10 if you got it before it was
    removed, Panther 8,8, Panzer 58 Mutz). If you wanted a good crew trainer,
    the Panther 8,8 is a far better choice (or the Mutz if you have the
    opportunity and are getting the Leo 1)

  147. This seems like a tank that should sniper stuff, using the gun handling to
    quickly finish off low health tanks. Let others spot for you, and
    prioritize low health, side, and tracking shots.

  148. Isnt the health/damage ratio in low tiers so weird? When you meet an IS in
    your tier 5 med it’s like you meet a Jaegeroo in your tier 8 med that
    reloads every 10 seconds.
    Another example of how ‘friendly’ WoT is to new players… :I

  149. I’ll stick with my T-25 thank you very much.

  150. I love your videos QuickyBaby but why do you automatically resupply your
    consumables and you lose so much credits by doing it?

  151. Wargaming, please make a Dutch tank! I am begging you!!!!!!!!!!!

  152. csak a magyarok xd

  153. So what the point of this tank other than milking the Hungarian players?
    hey be proud of your country! Only 9.99€!

  154. For a nickname, how about “Turanysaurus”?

  155. Dicker Max shooting HE -______-

  156. Another German tank? please…

  157. +quickybaby it is prob the gift of wg because of 5 years wot

  158. the terrible loadout of the turan always leaves it hungary for more

  159. So this tank is for free? 32 ammo capacity…..yeah fuck you 32 times WG.

  160. MrTimebomb12Music

    is xvm down or do i need to update it

  161. So does this mean that we’ll never get to see a Hungarian tech tree in the
    game? Because all these bits of ’em are rolling in as German premium

  162. Xbox and Playstation died. Let me call an Ambulance !

    Wii U Wii U Wii U Wii U

  163. You are kind of a jerk sometimes

  164. Wow nice blocking the elc in the first game, as you wanted to get the
    spotting. You said about players using cheats mods in your last video, well
    you also need to think of the players who make other players game bad just
    like you as you push your way in front of the ELC

  165. lol “cool guys don’t look at fires”??? or explosions.

  166. doesnt really help when the dicker max is only fireing HE rounds….

  167. Hungarian tanks incoming gonna rek everything

  168. Turán Prototípus (magyarok értik így is)

  169. QB don’t feel bad about your small profit, this one game I made 7 credits.
    Not 7k, 7

  170. I love the T25 and I’m pretty sure I’ll stick to it. Might grab a hydro if
    get the chance.

  171. Hello QuickyBaby! What is the best tank to earn premium credits? thanks

  172. advertising in your videos??? really William big thumb down!!!!

  173. For me it doesnt look like a tier 5 xD It doesnt look powerfull or scary it
    much rather looks poor and like a tier 3 :P

  174. love my paz 4 h had it since i started playing and will never sell it.

  175. this is bullshit of tank for me

  176. Pronounce as “prototeepush”. Unfortunately the number of ammo is very
    discouraging… :(

  177. T25 better … Turan III is shit

  178. ibrahim alikılıç


  179. By going by the Dicker Max, you were too close to him to really be spotting
    for him, you blocked his shots, and all you really did in the end was give
    away his position that is a very bad and dumb idea and seems like something
    a new player would have done NOT a seasoned veteran player.

  180. I like the tank but it kinda feels like a tier IV tank with a tier V gun.
    Also kinda sucks that pretty much every other tier V medium has more pen
    than it since that is supposed to be one of the main selling points for the

  181. I think its just a collection piece for me

  182. Senkit nem érdekel, hogy jó e vagy rossz e…MAGYAR!!!

  183. Hungarians dont know how to make tanks… (im romanian, lol)

  184. Basicly a secound Hungarian tank after the Toldi III. Both are crapy but
    even ol’ Hungary “has” 2 tanks in the game (in the german tech tree). At
    least OUR gunned bathtubs made it in the game. Sorry rest of the world. :P

  185. QB, the Dmax has a 400 m base (100% crew) view range. So maybe he was just
    not a good player?… Maybe he had a 50% crew, no rammer, no binocs or camo
    net? Just a thought….

    I think that this new tank, like it’s tier 5 german counterparts may be a
    hard tank to carry a tier 7 battle, perhaps made harder by it’s small ammo
    capacity. I already have a Mutz and a PZ4S, so I probably wont be getting
    any more german Medium premiums… The Mutz is just awesome, especially
    with a very good crew.

  186. T25 iz bedder

  187. To run hurom prototeapush :D

  188. but hungaria yeeee

  189. Bojler eladó.

  190. Looks like a mini tiger 1

  191. I actually like this tank a lot!

  192. Please make this top comment !!!! – Quickybaby please tell Wargaming to
    bring back the Aufklärungspanzer Panther PLEASE !!!!!
    It’s my favorite tank , just imagine QB if they removed your favorite tank
    from game the Comet and how would you feel, soo please bring the scout
    panther back !

  193. i think i u need a premium t5 then buy a t25 i mean ….why the hell should
    u buy taht tank wehn the t25 is in nearly all better :D

  194. What Spanish south american ect ‘ww2’ tanks were? I mean they will be the
    new premium tanks, and yes i know they werent in the war but at that time
    if they had tanks.

  195. is the 9.14 mod still durable for newest versión?

  196. ammo capacity bad :'(

  197. Big_Time_Gamer2001

    Hey quickyBaby can you do is it worth it on the T26E4 i don’t see it on
    your channel and wanted to know if its worth it. You are the best source
    for these

  198. 32 rounds, with just 113 penetration and 110 damage? Holly crap this tank
    is horrible.

  199. any thing on xvm after the last patch?

  200. Ria Ria Ria Hungária! Turán 3 Prototípus ezt az! I <3 HUNGARY!

  201. qb need mod pack fast pls :)

  202. Exploding Baconeer

    I hate Hungary

  203. EZAZ, HUNGARY TANK!!! HUN the best XD kappa

  204. Mátyás Krasznai

    whyyyyy? wg come on put the hungarian tech tree into the game!!!!!

  205. I’m Hungarian yeeeaaaaaa

  206. “Already out on US server” as is the German bulldog, but hey EU are used to
    getting the shitty end of the stick… any bet’s they will be released only
    in overpriced bundles ?

  207. Anyone else think of the tankenstine when looking at it?

  208. 2 more months and you will have more than 400k subscribers 😀 keep up the
    good job QB! (bojler eladó)

  209. that is a HE dicker – -

  210. hey QB can you put up more M41 90mm gameplay

  211. QB- 3,520 isn’t its full damage
    At least one there will be ammoracks/fires

  212. TucsokProductions

    Nekem kell!! 😀 (Hungarian)
    I need it!!! 😀 (English)

  213. When he said close you eyes and don’t look i did close them :D

  214. It’s tier 5, it’s poop

  215. No romanian World War 2 tanks ? :))

  216. What? A quick DAB?

  217. pz 3 is much better then tier 5-s

  218. Shitty mobility and next to no ammo? Good thing the other aspects of the
    tank make up for it lol j/k

  219. Why is the this tank name is Turan 3 I dont get it.who want to explain this
    to me ?

  220. aah…so many new tanks….

  221. Errerdicatorul World of Tanks

    How about the other tier 5 german med,the Pz V/IV??

  222. はたの秦こころ

    can you make tank review KV4 KTTS ? i just see that’s tank on tankgg i
    wanna know how good it is

  223. Végre egy magyar tank

  224. Ammo issue is what us T67 players have lived with for ages!

  225. Shoebox of ammo

  226. Tier5 premium and play with tier7 no no NO NO HELL NO i love my Pz.Kpfw. IV
    hydrostat. play only with tier6 !!!

  227. hahahaha the troll at 13:00

  228. I would take the T-25 anytime over dis thing.
    (….but really, the only reason i dont want to buy it is the brutally
    limited ammo, THE ONLY REASON!!! ;__;)
    The T-25 was my first ever premium tank, back then almost 5 years
    I once sold it, then it was on sale, bought it, boom second most played
    medium tank in my account (right after Type 59, which was only due to
    WZ-111 event xD)
    It may not have the best gun statistics, but it is really fast, has hyper
    gun depression, you can even outplay enemies like “shoot, back up for one
    sec, drive forward, snapshot hit, back, forward, snapshot hit”. Works like
    a charm, as long as you are not 642km away from the target^^
    And the extra HP, that’s almost cheating, at least that’s how it feels like

    And a last word to the Turan: most likely all the bounces from the ultra
    angled part of the turret armor will end up in the cupola and still

  229. 9:40 Dab always saves you.

  230. hms tog ll* on xbox

  231. TY god its not top tier tank in the match TY GOD a lot

  232. meh…. It’s ok… I wont buy it…

  233. Just like the Chi-Nu-Kai

  234. Not much of a point to it without pref mm, especially with that horrendous
    ammo cap

  235. Wargaming hates my country…..but it’s good tho

  236. Kappa BesteuLöwe

    Ezaz Magyarország;
    Yeah Hungary !

  237. I’m hungarian and it’s so funny when you saying: prototípus :D

  238. All hail the shittiest tank ever. Its shitty coz it was made in Hungary,
    right here.

  239. T25 has the worst crap gun ever

  240. Which Tier of premiums had the best money/credits per game ratio?

  241. And this is why i dont play WOT anymore. You can do 239923939 damage in a
    low tier and still lose, because 90% of the team is retarded or afk.

  242. Magyarok mindenhol! Hungarians everywhere!

  243. I love u qb u have uploaded about 9999999999999 videos a minuite

  244. WG dishing out useless tanks one after another

  245. Hungarian vehicle means upcoming hungarian tank-tree, i feel like its been
    this way since the start :P

  246. But what if I want to buy a premium tank which is best? Will the missions
    in the game give me more gold?

  247. Today I fended off a Leo 1, m103, lorr 40t, e-50 and a e-75 in my m103 and
    only lost 2/3 my health. Life goals achieved

  248. Jól nèz ki

  249. unfortunately O-I and O-I exp have ruined all the games for tanks below
    tier 6

  250. “Move bitch, get out the way!”

  251. +QuickyBaby I really like your previews, but I don’t find them to be
    entirely correct if you do them with all those perks. The most of us won’t
    be able to start with a 5+ skilled crew, so if you would do them with 100%
    crew and no perks/skills it would be cloeser to the reality. Just s thought

  252. Martín Hernández Bárcena

    QB, be honest: that Dicker Max blocked you and he is so bad, that he was
    firing HE the whole game. About the tank; I just feel that the problem is
    the tiny ammo capacity. Even that, I think it will be a competitive tank.
    Nice work, as always!!!!

  253. Abu Mayo al Almani17Speak English this is an English speaking channel

  254. Tanker Dude (Tank3rDude)

    Keep up the good work QB! Are you going to be doing a review on the T25
    Pilot #1 when it comes?

  255. More crew trainers = more x2 exp I guess ^^

  256. He keeps saying we’ve been epic, but I’ve been a mediocre viewer at best
    this morning…

  257. First time under 301 :)

  258. T25 is so much better

  259. pz t25 best tier 5 medium

  260. Seems like a solid tank.

  261. Who is going to get this tank?
    I’m not getting it.

  262. that ammo count is ridiculous, what were they thinking?

  263. Na végre már!!!!!!(finally)

  264. What is the best thing to do with 900 gold?

  265. Oh good. Moar food for the KV-1. No commie bias here folks.

  266. Another shitty premium promoting gold ammo spam by low ammo count and
    generally bad stats. Excellent design there WG, while a historical early
    Tiger is yet to be implemented in the game.

  267. You have to pronounce it like Turan 3 prototeapush :D

  268. You have to pronounce it like Turan 3 prototeapush :D

  269. Useless Tank just buy the T25

  270. Just watched your SP 1C preview, and i really wish there were more videos
    on it as it is my favorite tank.

  271. Great video QB,

  272. World of Tanks || Turán III Prototype – Tank Preview

  273. Lol, just play pz4h or m4 Derp at tier five. Wargaming only put this tank
    in to say that they added a Hungarian tank into Wot.

  274. Ace Tanker gameplay heuh heuh

  275. hungaryyy <3

  276. why does it say you are live on twitch?

  277. *Does anyone know how to fix XVM?, after the IS-8 ball update it stopped
    working for me.*

  278. …but why. It’s just a less armored, less mobile Pzkpfw. III/IV isn’t it?
    If it’s got nice paint jobs, it could sell nicely, but this? Why?

  279. under 301 :)

  280. Why people dislike this when they don’t even watch the vid?

  281. when im home alone i like to fill my bathtub up with bbq sauce and pretend
    im a chicken wing…..

  282. So… Hungarian line please WG?

  283. Hopefully they’ll add something Romanian too 🙁
    Nice vid QB

  284. Under 10 comment club, what an honour to be here. I’d like to thank
    everyone for this experience

  285. Simon Van De Vijver

    Because a tier V german premium tank was so necessary

  286. Under 301 club finally :)

  287. im 3th

  288. second?

  289. Magnus Fosstveit (MFSoccer)

    What a special tank!

  290. first

  291. hahahha

  292. Zaky Hilmy Virajati


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