World of Tanks || Turtle – Tank Review

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. The Turtle Mk. I the first T8 premium with BIG DpM – here’s all you need to know!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. I suspect they are going to nerf (a bit) premium rounds and when doing this it made HE rounds a more attractive option. So they then plan to utterly ruin HE rounds so those premium rounds are still the only option (although now maybe you have to fire more of them ??? ).

  2. pay2win
    @28:57 they made this tank “balanced” lololol
    “The fact that tier 10 and tier 9 vehicles can pen that weak bar when firing gold” [makes it balanced]

    • Yeah. Another QB Classic in this vid: 280 pen will have 50/50 chance to go through that upper bar. 300+ will always bounce.
      F***, this is Tier VIII. 8! EIGHT!
      280 pen is more than a LEO1 has as Tier X Medium! And yesterday I bounced gold rounds from my T-10 several times. Thats 340 pen! Enemy just angeled his tank and NO, 150 side armor ist NOT weak when used well, and that cupola is not to be seen on ridge line when angled backwards.
      QB, please rewind and check your own vid. It is hilarious!

  3. best name for a tank

  4. I wish my gun had enough “Clout”

  5. Love this lil thing, got ace tanker and a 4,500 damage game the first time out in it long live the mini tort ??

  6. A good, balanced tank…. Though the standard T8 British TD is definitely underpowered still

  7. Same feeling about the change of HE shell,I do not like the nerf of HE

  8. No one cares about the t28

  9. TS5 has way better amour when facing gold rounds.

  10. Man watched half the video before I realized your playing pc ?

  11. So is a pretty good and balanced premium tank and the tech tree equivalent is better. All is right in the world?

  12. i disliked u aint saving turtles xD

  13. You should show how the armor model stacks up to other forms of penetration more often. I think that really helps put things into perspective.

  14. Go west, life is peaceful there

  15. Every time I see neat stuff like this, I have the urge to download WoT again. But then reality sets in and I remember how shit the game really is.

  16. Moments like these 14:01 are why im subbed 🙂 great video QB

  17. QuickyBaby, you should join the TeamTree event, if not, ill unsub >:3

  18. it gets fat credits and that’s all i care about

  19. Most important statement you made in this video was:” Do we need any changes to High Explosive Rounds ? NO we DONT “.

  20. You need to play lower tier tanks. HE needs fixed. or even higher tiers that don’t have 120s+ 0 damage in 5 shots is wrong. But I have played on EU and it’s much easier you don’t have everyone hull down and camping.

  21. A hidden pay wall. Smart WG. What next?

  22. Wifi drops one bar:

    Video quality:

    Tortoise -> Turtle

  23. It does sounds another Muppet for newbies like me…but, thanks for your info.

  24. I always thought of the old T28 Prot as the ‘ugly cheerleader’
    Your team always raced off ahead because you couldn’t keep up in a meaningful position, and either your team would win and you’d spend the game trailing far behind them cheering them on but achieving little, or they’d lose and you’d get swamped by the remaining enemy team. Your only good games were where your team lost but inflicted enough damage that you could pick off a few kills before getting swamped.

    Slow tanks, gotta love ’em =/

  25. Agreed, the HE changes seem ridiculous, why not just change the problem tanks specifically instead of changing the entire mechanic? Even as they make a few good changes, WG always finds a way to take two steps back.

  26. Okay, Higher alpha, higher dpm than the AT-15 with armor thats pretty equal. Trade off being accuracy. Looks like a good premium if you like the AT-15. Same with the TS-5, it looks good if you like the T28. Balanced, yet a decent premium. “But the armor against tier 10’s” Well no shit, thats how playing a tier 8 anything is (Not the defender upper plate lul). Your armor is absolutely meaningless against high tiers, thats just how world of tanks is. These new premiums WG is doing? The turtle, TS-5, Somua SM, these are the premiums that we should have now, equal or slightly different than tech tree counterparts. Now if only they’d work on actual balancing instead of premiums.

  27. It’s balanced and a bit novel as that I love it. But it’s so slow and it’s armor isn’t great not at all. It’s dpm is fun very but the ap pen let’s it down though.

  28. mighty tasty snack 🙂

  29. I agree leave Hesh and HE alone. Making the meme come true that HE does damage is so dumb. Taking all fun and skill out of HE is dumb.

  30. The 279 is proving to be more and more not as op as people think. A 279 driver hold my beer and jumps in his Chieftain and cleans house. The 279 only does well against noobs , ap and tier 8s. As soon as it sees a tier 9 and any gold or a decent player who checked it’s weak spots it’s pretty trash.

  31. QB: Can i see the Emil II’s gold rounds against the Turrle I ?

  32. Like any of the British TDs, the armor doesn’t matter, you’ll get gold spammed or glaring weak spots abused…that is if you get to fight

  33. Look at my replay on wot replays

  34. It’s the AE Phase I all over again. “This tank isn’t OP, so it’s boring and a waste of your time/money!”

    • I guess it’s because we already have tanks like these.
      If the game didn’t have Conqueror or M103 then the AE Phase I would be totally worth it.

  35. karate chop that glass part made me lol

  36. Quickybaby when Is 1.6.1 mod pack coming?

  37. Been playing against it for a while and trust me, it’s armor is not that great. I penned it like 7/10 times in equal tier tank only with standard ammo by only aiming directly at its side…

  38. This is really a niche tank

  39. The Pershing has 1800 base dpm, which compared to the 3000 of this vehicle is just ridiculous…

  40. QuickyBaby what do you think about smaller dmg on HE granates ?

  41. The Turtle reminds me of the Jagdtiger 8.8 in terms of gameplay. If you get it in the right spot you can hold a flank and fire like hell.

  42. I played this Back in the day… I lost all my tanks and have to start over. Years down the drain

  43. 2 things I thought of watching this QB. First WG should give medals and greater earnings boost to players that fire NO gold ammo to encourage players to actually aim strategically. 2nd, HE is fine except on wheeled vehicles. No armor and I used to load gold but I do mybe 1/3 the damage on hitting their sides even with pen greater than their armor. This is a french wheeled vehicle problem though.

    side note I lost a match of me against 3 tanks(2 arties), because I dropped a HE from a Centurion into the open hatch of a moving arty below me on Mountain Pass doing @100HP of damage. I cursed it as bad luck hoping I would max it out and kill the full health arty. I then drive down encounter them at our flag and had another HE loaded(cursed my myself for not switching to reg ammo). Fired again hit him for 50 HP and then got smacked but him TD shooting me at 50 meters. I had to go look if they already nerfed HE because I couldnt believe it. I then quit using HE at all. because it has been really shitty for me lately. Used to load one round in high # scout matches at start to track lights but it dont seem to work as well as reg or gold ammo.

    • _WG should give medals and greater earnings boost to players that fire NO gold ammo to encourage players to actually aim strategically._
      Aim strategically? Do you know why people shoot gold? Because you could be the best player in the world but if RNG doesn’t agree with you you could bounce every “strategically aimed” shot.

  44. Changed up the style of your tank review. I appreciate it.

  45. I completely raped one of these with my caernarvon. Didn’t even scratch me. So satisfying killing people in their new premium tanks.

  46. Got an ace tanker yesterday with my Turtle….

  47. quicky you are endorsed to review world of tanks, you never tell us the true face of game play, how young the community has become and has made the game unplayable and not happy gaming/ fun at all, im also a veteran players since 2011, i cant force myself anymore to play this game. all the vids show happy gaming when its a shambles in randoms all tiers x been the worse. last 4 times i buy a 30 day prem i never play, i want to play i try hard to get the feeling back but the game is a mess of uneducated morons, its not fun anymore. farting numbers in each tank review means absolutely nothing anymore

  48. It’s really easy to penetrate with the strv-s1

  49. This is ridiculous, QB. First time I have to state on your vids.
    Check out German Youtuber Mailand. He has done a much more balanced review. This tank is clearly broken. 300 pen required on Tier 8 is not OP? Jesus…..

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