World of Tanks Tutorial Game Play Guide to Getting More Kills

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Source: Sir Havoc

World of Tanks Tutorial Guide to Getting More Kills

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  1. Just watched your other video now this one! My life is complete now

  2. This is a gameplay guide to getting more damage and kills which is primarily aimed towards new and mediocre players, however, I have trained 1000’s of people and I have been told my style has even help green and blue players make the leap to purple, I hope it helps you!! If you could help me by subscribing that would be awesome!! and please leave a thumbs up and comment and most important of all, tell your friends who need help about me.

  3. Guess who’s back…back again…

  4. Welcome back

  5. WB you beautiful bastard! <3

  6. Gaming With 9547

    Thanks for the great video Sir Havoc.

    • Ty mate I hope people can pull something of it, its an easy thing to say, stay alive but not always easy to do so I wanted to cover that first

  7. You’re the first WoT youtuber I started watching, glad you’re back!!!

  8. are u gonna be back on Twitch at some stage?

    • Not planning too mate, I wanna keep the games fun and to be honest it would need to start when I am reading bedtime stories and I never get a lay in so late night streams are a no go

    • @Sir Havoc ah yeah i understand…they were good fun though

    • @Sir Havoc Yup, being a good Husband and a good Father…MUCH more important

  9. Advice I saw on a video that I think that’s quite appropriate after you just losing out on the top gun. It’s not 15vs15, it’s 29v1. 😛 Always got to be trying to work your team as much as the enemy team.

    • you know whats its like cloughy mate, i just had an awesome run on the leopard got it to 94.6 % MOE and then pulled to shit games I am scared to look at it now lol

  10. Good to see you back Pete.

  11. Welcome back! Where u been Sir Havoc? I almost quit until I watched one of your videos back in the day.

  12. Guess who’s back… Back again, havoc’s back, tell a friend…

    • hey mate i keep trying to get you in game for a platoon

    • @Sir Havoc things have been manic recently, I often log in in the morning for a few but then leave the game on in the background for the day. Let’s do it… Now they’ve taken team damage away you’ll be safer than ever!

    • @oinked Hi oinked. Not seen you since you left us from Hav0c, how are you?

    • @James Caldow I’m good thanks, taken some time to try and focus on improving play… Erm… Not sure if that’s been successful! Hope are are well!

    • @oinked Good thanks mate. I miss your memes.

  13. Sir Havoc, will my Brit crew do better in my Manticore if throw the tea/pudding in the rubbish and give them some pie and mash instead?

  14. As a light tank enthusiast, I am very happy to see more educational WoT content from you. Cheers!

  15. ABCWARRI0R dredd

    Sup havoc long time no see

  16. Great to have you back again Pete. I’d almost forgotten how useful your videos are.

  17. Welcome back Sir Havoc I cant remember the last time i played this game myself, fell out of love with it too a long time ago. AFRO740

  18. Glad to have you back

  19. Excellent Video Sir Havoc! This is going up in our lobby window as “Honest Analysis”. So nice to be able to add to our Sir Havoc training video collection. World of Tanks University of North America says Hello and Welcome Back. rocket2me W-UNI NA1

  20. Whatever happened to the clans Pete? Good to see you back

  21. Its nice to have you back man, hope you get back and enjoy our wot lives yet again
    We need you😁👍

  22. Welcome back, Sir! Jolly thrilled that you post again. Please think if you need to comment on the iq of other players. Some are just kids new to the game.

  23. Kylo Ren's Rage

    Do you only play low tiers? Would love to see some tier9s or 10s plz…

  24. Great to see you back, just seen The History Project vid with Franky Fish. Where does the time go, hes grown

  25. Welcome back SirHavoc…. your one of me 1st you tubers I watched on WOT and back in the past i even joined a HAVOC clan .. learnt lots but then everyday is a learning day …. what id like to see is any advice you can give players with low fps rates …keep up with the good work and look forward to seeing more tutorials

  26. hey havoc miss you bud

  27. Positioning/dmg/staying alive, short and simple

  28. François BOURRIAUD

    Long time no see! Used to love your didactic (non obsessively competitive) approach to the game. Currently cooling off as well but would gladly set a toe in the water by watching your vidéos.

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