World of Tanks || TVP T 50/51 – 9.13 Preview

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Today I give a detailed the T10 Czechoslovakian medium tank the TVP T 50/51 to World of Tanks in update 9.13.

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  1. @RU3 S0Ares i hope so.

  2. Another OP tank so the sheeps will spent xp, credits and gold to grind it
    faster. The same scheme WG use for years.

  3. I think this Škoda TVP T50/51was absolutly perfect choice to our
    Československo (Czechoslovakia) mountein terrein. And with this tier, i
    think is absolutely insignificantly have very strong armor when you
    standing ahead of tanks with 258+ guns penetration. There are better
    mobility and fired raiting together with accuracy raiting. Sorry my english
    language. but it´s not werry good.

  4. 0:25

    Poor Hetzers =(

  5. What about duel between TVP and T-22 sr?

  6. Rephrase that: “The Batchat has the potential to kill the TVP”

    You and I both know (having played the Batchat) that at least 1 shot of
    that clip will ding or do tracking damage only even though it has 258 pen.
    That is the bane of French autoloaders that despite the great penetration
    there is always at least one shot in the clip that does no damage what so

    Still, the TVP looks like a lot of fun exactly *BECAUSE* the clip is
    smaller which will make it more effective in most random engagements.
    CW’s will still use Batchat’s because of the better burst potential.

  7. I think they did a good job of making this tank balanced, totally unlike
    the T-22 that’s going to be added.
    Yay for M48 buff!!!!! :)

  8. The graph assumes that both vehicles spot each other while their still
    loading ammo. In reality, both vehicles will only spot each other once
    their already loaded, if you shift the BatChat back by those 12/13 seconds
    the engagement is far more even.

  9. loading the HE!

  10. skoda is tier 9? bitch where? my shit is fucking tier VI

  11. Nerf incoming….. just saying

  12. I can’t wait for the T-34-3 gun depression.

  13. for me this is like a good tier X LT

  14. Nerf is coming

  15. QB there’s also the BC arty that has an autoloader

  16. The initial reload is not woth having there as no one would engage an enemy
    without being loaded, at least not in the begining of the battle.

  17. I’m on light tank 13 for the stug 4 andi can’t get it done by myself or
    with a platoon mate I need some tips on how to scouts note: I have the
    amx12 t, the amx elc bis, and luchs.

  18. The crew sounds like a funny combination of russian and french ^^

  19. is that a hetzer factory if not grave

  20. overpowered, aim time needs to be nerfed.

  21. I’m excited for this tank

  22. Laughibly overpowered.. Glad I dropped this game.

  23. QB, there’s no AMX 30 B on the dpm chart 🙁 I kinda wanted to see how it
    matched up….

  24. when will wargamming cut the shit with the 9.10 9.11 etc bullshit and start
    actually working on 10.0? like the thing they’ve been promising for
    literally years, the physics update.

  25. at least the e50m still has armor:(

  26. OP tank.

  27. 7.7k damage looking that easy? I think a nerf is coming, I don’t see WG
    letting this through. It’s basically a leopard with a better batchat gun.

    Hmm, WT E-100? Yeah, maybe they will let it through.

  28. TVP looks absolutely awesome. Sure it has armor thin as wafers and less
    clipdamage, but that fast reload and upload will be a real eyesore for
    heavytanks. And other mediums at endgames. Dangerous tank incoming!

  29. 248 pen?
    Can’t wait for all the goldspam.
    Oh, wait, I’ve stopped playing tier 10 long time ago.
    Plz WG buff gold pen to 400.

  30. It’s good for random battles, but in CW its quite useless.

  31. Imagine a platoon of these things…

  32. OnceUponATimeThereWasAPersonWithALongUsername.TheElongationOfThatUsernameWasPlainlyLegendary

    Chk tanks are ugly. I don’t play ugly tanks, even if they have a little

  33. call me shallow but I wouldn’t enjoy playing something that looks that

  34. I think that it will be a fun tank with great camo. Without camo I think it
    will be a turd, and thank you for the review QuickyBaby.

  35. benefits of having a wife…. i see.

  36. I thought the tier X Czechoslovakian medium would have been the T-72 which
    unless I’m mistaken is an autoloader.

  37. How does the gun compare to the T 57 Heavy though.

  38. The mantlet looking strong in the viewer is due to a bug in tanks GG where
    the spaced armour component sometimes doubles up (notice the same value
    appears twice). Bit annoying but refreshing the page or changing the view
    at the bottom seems to fix it.

  39. One thing almost definitely worth noting is the ammo capacity of the TVP.
    The limited number of shots seems to be one of the most debilitating
    weaknesses of the french auto loaders like the Batchat which makes it
    really difficult to carry a game sometimes. That doesn’t seem to be as much
    of a problem in the TVP.

  40. Gotta love those graphs…..

  41. monkeystandoffsucks

    13:45 Unless you’re in an M48 Patton, in which case, you’re a detriment to
    your team if you DO try to rush up the hill.

  42. Napoleon Blownaparte

    This thing will be DEVASTATING in a platoon of 3.

  43. Its funny how huge difference the intro makes, The mighty Jingle’s intro’s
    crush this xD.
    Someone go make Quickybaby a new genius Intro!

  44. For anyone willing, how can you join the test server?

  45. “I got some help from my lovely wife, who is now going to shoot the crap
    out of me.” That escalated quickly..

  46. No AMX 30 B on that graph?

  47. Bugger. Looks like a great tier X MT, but with a dog of a grind.

  48. all them dead hetzers

  49. Another tank which seems like it will be OP in the hand of strong players
    and die quickly with less experienced drivers

  50. what headset do you use and how much does it cost QuikyBaby ??

  51. Shame you have to grind though so much meh to get to this. Well, maybe I
    will get too it someday. I have a lot to do before the Czech line anyway.

  52. how is it the second tier X medium that has an autoloader? the soviet
    mediums have them

  53. Can you tell us about the retarded spotting system, why were you spotted
    when you shot and kill the Foch 155 ?! You waited long enough to not be
    spotted by the enemies anymore and obviously when you shot the Foch 155 the
    bushes weren’t transparent and after the shot you got spotted….Also there
    wasn’t any other enemy at that moment that can see you there. Please
    explain that!

  54. Christophe Deblaton

    So like Japanese heavys, this thing looks so overpowered. Btw when will
    those Japanese heavys get a nerf and stop ruining the game. As if Maus was
    not difficult enough to kill, now there is harder at ANY tier.
    And I strongly beleive that those CZ tanks will be so OP that they will do
    massive amount of damage every game. Those tanks are not fair if you play
    slow moving and slow shooting targets. A bit like every autoloaders that
    only encourages suicide clip rush, kills you and gets away.

  55. ext overpowered machine,
    its even worse than whet wt e100 was introduced, i hope it will be nerfed
    before release

  56. highlaaating

  57. okay guys lets give it a nickname

  58. so if you had to choose between the bat and the TVP?

  59. to get this tank we wil suffer a lot..

  60. 15:06 WTF was that laughter QB , scary man. Kappa

  61. Oh. A new tank fantasy tank that makes a french tank useless. How

  62. What sort of carnage might one create in a platoon of three of these

  63. expect autoloaders start fights with a reloaded gun mister QB 🙂 so it will
    take quite a while for the TVP to catch up in your dpm graph

  64. It looks like the ammo capacity of this tank is a little underwhelming. Is
    this true, or does it have enough ammo to get the job done.

  65. e50m may have low dpm.
    but its easily the most reliable gun at its class to do its dpm.

  66. How WOT works this days.Quicky makes any tank look good…noobs spend money
    on free xp then after 1 month the nerf comes and nobs who spent 100 euros
    on free xp cry. And repeat :)))

  67. platoon of 3x TVP will ruin the game …

  68. Chekloslovakian?

  69. +QuikyBabyTV what about the ammo capacity? sometimes the Bat-Chat can run
    out off shells near the end of a game, what about this new tank? does it
    have the same damage potential with all of it’s rounds, or does it get

  70. Comparing the dpm of BC and TVp, ok. But please, do not count the first
    reload, as you will never encounter an ennemy before your first clip is
    reloaded. Hence, you graph sould be taken with a first clip fully reloaded
    right away …

  71. that the fv4202 is dead and you should have compared it to the centurion ax

  72. 4 shells x 1.5s ( let’s say 1.35s – BIA + ventilation ) = 6s ( 5.4s – BIA +
    ventilation ). Just wanted to clarify something, you repeat like a few
    times “unload it’s magazine in 4.5 seconds” – wich is untrue.

  73. Thank you QuickyBaby.

  74. ░░░░░░███████ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▃ ▂▄▅█████████▅▄▃▂ I███████████████████].

  75. no love for AMX 30B on DPM chart again I see.. :(

  76. i love how this video still won’t load for me even tho everyone else’s
    video loads up fine

  77. Instead of the TVP being like the BatChat, I see it more as if you take the
    Leopard PTA, give it the Soviet 100mm gun, and then fit an autoloader to
    it. It will play a lot like the Leo in this regard, but because of the
    autoloader will still require a little bit of BatChat-level skill.

  78. TVP OP!

  79. Great review of the TVP really enjoyed watching it.
    But ive noticed a bad trend WarGaming has done. If u compare all the tier
    10 heavys. The worst is either E100 or Maus. IF u compare all the tier 10
    Meds, The E50m is the worse. Out of all the arties, the GwE100 is the
    worse. What is it with WarGaming making the german tanks the worse on the
    battle field? ” the JgpzE100 is op! The WT auf E100 is OP” I hear u all
    saying. Erm no the JgpzE100 has soo many flaws that counter the benefits.
    The Wt auf E100 is actually quite terrible due to the fact it litually has
    to one clip tanks or its dead. it cant run or it use its armor to bounce
    shots. “its a camping tank!” I’m sorry no its not since it is spotted
    stupidly easily and shut down even faster.
    Still waiting on that E100 pen buff though….. still waiting and will
    always be waiting…..

  80. This video got a little theoretic I think, with the comparisons and the
    chart being a tad overly specific; it won’t apply often enough to be really
    useful, at least in my opinion. I mean, how often will you actually get to
    fire two full clips into an enemy T110E5, penning every shot and not having
    anyone else shoot at the T110E5 during all that time?

    Good gameplay though, really showcasing the type of playstyle one will
    probably have to adapt with it.

    Either way, I liked the comparison with the Bat-chat which is *the* tank to
    compare this thing to, feels like a real disappointment now that I’ve
    gotten to the Bat and this gets released; with the much better gun handling
    traits and more forgiving reload, it feels like the much better choice for
    random battles. However, the bat will probably still have a place in CWs
    due to it’s burst potential and camo value.

    Also, 4:47 was hilarious :’)


  82. What’s the map with the piles of hetzer bodies?

  83. where is the q&a?!

  84. I played it on CT…. I’ve never played autoloaders before and I used to
    hate them but this tank is awesome !!

  85. Try say some Czech!

  86. oskar radke (oski501)

    What is better Bat chatillon 25T whether AMX 30B? Please opinions :-/

  87. I will have fun with this autoloader hopefully before it gets nerfed like
    every tank in the game

  88. di you have to download for every new update pls someone help !!

  89. Mnogo seres bajo moj, smesan si

  90. I will seriously fear this thing on the battlefield, the reload and
    accuracy are insane – over 1200 dmg under 5 seconds shames even TDs and it
    can zip behind cover and quickly reload for more. I really hate autoloaders
    and this one looks like the most obnoxious yet.

  91. ‘I got some help from my lovely wife, who is now going to shoot the crap
    out of me!’ Sounds just like a lovely wife everyone wants, one that shoots
    the crap out of people. xD

  92. those Hetzer hulls … :D

  93. 4:50

    “from my lovely wife”
    Wow, I really missed that one! He married Peppy? When?

  94. Why do U use female commander and the rest of the crew are man?

  95. extremely op for players to use more gold to go directly to tier 10

  96. With witch type of a file do you open WoT replays?

  97. I am not have the cehoslovacian tech tree how can I have?Sory for mistakes
    but I dont speak english very well I am Romanian.

  98. Didnt they buff T22 dpm?

  99. Patton buff!

  100. Is wn8 like ur personal rating

  101. under 9000 club 3tuff5u

  102. Mateusz Dobrzyniecki

    why did u say “if speed is the key……”?? SPEED IS THE KEY!!!

  103. Seems like the TVP also carries more ammunition in general. I know the
    batchat is known to run out when it has to do loads of damage, but the TVP
    seems to have a few extra clips

  104. That voice pack is community voice pack appeared long time ago. WG devs are
    lazy as fuck!

  105. hmm looks nice and all but… ima stick with the T-57 heavy

  106. This one i think might be better at long range stealth play then the bat…
    ofc better gun

  107. watch it

  108. I am pretty turned on this new line after playing it on the test server :D

  109. poor ol E50M

  110. i think this tank its nice

  111. This tank and the tier 9 one seem pretty good, but the others are shite,
    they need some buffs

  112. Aaron elliott-gratton

    Quicky baby please do a stb 1 full tank review because you said in one of
    your earlier videos that you would. Guys like this comment if you want him
    to do the review. ?

  113. Did anyone spot those Hetzers?

  114. watched this game live on the stream

  115. M48A1 Fatton is getting a buff? Oh please QB cover it as quickly as you

  116. what map were you at the begeing of the replay when you were testing the
    gun mantlet ?

  117. It’s awesome, for when you are in an artillery and see that thing, unless
    you hit his tracks its a pretty much one shot

  118. imagine 3 tank platoons of these 😉 ouch

  119. Matthew “Ru1215” Weeks

    quicky. you should do a video on what are what you think are the best and
    worst tanks in their ter. so say like what is the best ter 6 and what you
    think is the worst ter 6, excluding the arty

  120. i dident know u were married

  121. VeryUnfriendlySpoon

    E50M cries as the power creeps onward.

  122. “And if you have no interest in playing this upcoming Tier 10 Chec. medium
    tank, then stay tuned anyway and I will tell you how you can take them out
    effectively on the battlefield by highlighting some of their weaknesses”
    – Quickybaby: Master of protraction

    This tank has 65mm hull & 120mm turret armor – shoot it wherever you like

  123. WOOT! M48 buff!

  124. looks like tier X T69 to me

  125. What website were you using to see the effective armor?

  126. Do you think that the stats will be the same in the next patch?

  127. that DPM question between the bat-chat 25t and TVP is a little bit more

    you can’t fully aim with 1,5 seconds reload between the shells and shooting
    an e5 frontally you really have to aim fully to damage every shot. this
    factor lowers the TVP’s DPM. the bat-chat does not have to wait as long for
    the gun to aim fully between the shots so this makes bat-chat’s DPM in some
    situations more competative.

  128. Did I hear that right? An M48A1 buff?

  129. does anyone know what i should do, i didn’t play for more then a year and i
    can’t get my account back. when i press enter after i enter the code i get
    this “password change is currently unavailable, try again later”, but it
    never is available.

  130. i think that the TVP is the best autoloader

  131. So another op autoloader

  132. Fast Child, what’s your average monthly income from Youtube WoT videos?
    Asking you as a long-standing subscriber.

  133. seems like a second line autoloader, btcht still reigns supreme in a 1v1,
    but a pack of tvps seems like the most op platoon i could imagine

  134. premium consumables “buchty” (my favourite food) 10/10

  135. “i’ll tell how to take them out on the battlefield”

    mmm just shoot at them and pen everytime everywhere? it’s not rocket

  136. SovietTenkDestroyer

    I think I’m gonna like this tank :)

  137. looks like a really fun tank to play!

  138. I wanna know the map we get the Hetzer chassis parked in for the stills

  139. damn autoloaders! i hate the damn f”’kers allways ruin you’r games with
    suicide runs.

  140. Hey Quickybaby, please make a Video about the Hitpoint changes! Jagdtiger
    1800 to 2100! And highlight the new HD Models please

  141. this tank needs a nerf.

  142. like leopard 1 with auto-reloader
    ….not my type but nice to auto-reloader fans!

  143. Another arty retard magnet.

  144. I watched that gameplay live on the stream :D

  145. I think QB has found a new fave tank…

  146. looks crazy good

  147. The fv4202 is still in the DPM graph. Shouldn’t that be Centurion AX by

  148. “Liked” for wife shooting the crap out of him :D

  149. buchty: simple buns (googled it).

  150. it’s a 1.5 sec delay, 4 shells. qb that does not mean you unload in 4.5
    seconds. it’s 6…

  151. 0:10 : What’s the map ?

  152. Gabelhelm Sogarbraten


  153. My only T10 is the Leo and I mostly play LTs, so for my playstyle, this
    tank looks really strong.

  154. Wut is dat background behinde the graph

  155. All those Hetzer shells at the beginning……..

  156. Géza DoktorNemtudomki

    400mm rounds? :D

  157. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    3x TVP Platoon… U can take out a Mouse instantaniously 😀 gg

  158. did you make graphs in Exel??

  159. Fiaura The Tank Girl

    So for League purposes, there will be a choice here between the TVP and the
    Batchat depending on how we feel which one will suit the purposes better,
    not just grabbing this over the Batchat.

  160. 45th!

  161. awsome gameplay?

  162. +QuickyBabyTV when will you upload the video about new map?

  163. I foresee this being a lot like the batchat with 90% of them rushing foward
    and dying first on a team.

  164. Hahaha haha Our television has its own tank nice but Fuckk our TV

  165. The new Czech tanks don’t seem to be worth the grind. Nothing significantly
    unique that hasn’t already been done in my opinion.

  166. I got sent from the stream??

  167. 587th

  168. The gun mantlet is illuminati confirmed!

  169. buchty :)

  170. It has a log, it must be good!

  171. Omg you just said at the stream that you just uploaded so I go back to
    YouTube to find 76 views and 16 comments face palm

  172. WG really needs to split the game into historical and mid life tanks and
    modern ones. The line has gotten really blurry and the game is suffereing
    for it.

  173. best tech tree :D

  174. LOL 1 min ago

  175. Live stream!!!

  176. 33 seconds and not even first

  177. Straight from stream

  178. QB you are best.

  179. cool!!!

  180. CDrunk “ItsJonaz” #1 Gaming


  181. woop woop!

  182. 5th, nice.

  183. Ilovemaking SANDWITCHES


  184. What do you guys think of the TVP T 50/51?

    I’m LiveStreaming RIGHT NOW!

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