World of Tanks – TVP T 50/51 Dealth_

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Source: Anfield

WGL Camo Mod – https://share./d/8034cefde0/


  1. Dealth is my son we will kill ourselves together : )

  2. do you recommend it as a tank to keep for tier 10?

  3. there is an arty which is really nice for unicums ??i am cring.. 🙂

  4. The “basha”. Love that.

  5. Hey anfield, do you think tvp is going to get nerfed? it’s been some time now and no signs of nerf. I don’t think it needs it, but some Bobs complain even about Kranvagn being op lol

  6. Don’t you think it was a slight misplay at the end trying to spot the E5 from those bushes, he could have easily gone to the B6 area and spotted him from there, I guess he was afraid of ISU152 sniping him from somewhere, but that was really close at the end.

  7. I really like this kind of video! For me the only way of really improving my statistics is by knowing positions, little things like bush locations as in this video.

  8. Is Bulba clan Top Tier in WGL???

  9. I’ve also sent in a TVP 1v4 replay some time ago but I guess it got ignored. FeelsBad

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