World of Tanks || TVP T 50/51 – Tank Review

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. Today I’m reviewing one of the most deadly tanks in the game, the .

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World of Tanks a online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. How I can put the XVM to only show me the DamagePanel and statistics??
    Thanks :D

  2. But the team damage you saw on RU251 was actually because he shot you, plus
    a little bit of ramming damage…

  3. Fuck autoloaders.

    My 2 cents.

  4. yaaay… another autoloader… like the game wasn`t annoying enough… :/
    gee, thanks WG… :/

  5. If an RU-251 gets hit by anyone, it’s their fault.

  6. But quickybaby you did this video before the big update that changes the
    statistics on the right of the screen

  7. Quicky, can you please do a review on the t28 concept!

  8. 0:59 HEAT spam of doom…

  9. why did they made this tank T_T

  10. Hi there,
    Have you noticed a Swedish flag among the usual ones on Test Server ?

    “Possible” Swedish Tech tree –

  11. WG balance thought process: “Hey, that WT E100 is an OP autoloader, let’s
    remove it. What can we put in next? I know, let’s put in an even more OP
    It’s hard to fathom how WG employees manage to walk and breath at the same

  12. They could nerf the engine, isn’t it VW diesel?

  13. I truly hate this tank

  14. the lack of high caliber was for hitting the T110E5 whether it pens or

  15. What headset does QuickyBaby use? Thanks! :)

  16. Excellent review! Especially enjoyed your take on game style at the end.
    Perhaps from a learning stand point you could show one of those games where
    the tank didn’t do so well to balance and teach your fans. Its a bit hard
    to judge since you are such an excellent player. Thanks for the review,
    really enjoyed it!

  17. Is4 review please….

  18. broken as fuck

  19. Im farming up the credits for the Obj 140 right now (got the exp), but is
    it almost impossible to farm cash in the Obj 140? The T54 is extremly
    difficult to gain any kind of profit

  20. This tank needs a nerf as much as a centurion 7/1 needs a buff

  21. Nice video, but one thing I just cannot stand, is that QB complained about
    how boring and OP WTF100 was all the way to the double Nerf for that
    machine, coz of the dmg output, and now you telling me that you love this
    25 sec loading time medium? ha is this a joke?

  22. Will you be doing an HD E75 video ?


  24. I bounced a APCR round from the top 12.8cm gun on the Wt Auf PZ IV flush on
    the front on this tank the other day, I was not happy

  25. curtis richards TheTogMan24 WoT

    hey qb love the sound of this tank now want to grind t get it but now not
    on school because I fell off my bike hit my head can’t remember a lot also
    do you want me to give you my wot name please

  26. +QuickyBaby Can you make a review on the Chinese medium tank 121? I Really
    struggle to use it’s gun and it’s tactical capability, hope you can help

  27. the reload on this tank is broken for the amount of damage it does it
    should be like 30s instead of 25s to 20

  28. OMURO SAKURAKO 櫻子大明神

    What graphics board are you using?

  29. totally ruined Tier X matches…

  30. Jussi Raitoniemi

    Quickybabys videos are quite missleading in gameplay, becose i dont think
    everyone has the money or gold to buy like 1.5 millions worth of
    equiptment, so its like he has the best version of it… i dont really know
    who could use the money/credits to buy those equiptment

  31. Considering the burst potential of the TVP, the mobilty, the gun handling,
    I think it should have a DPM Nerf.
    The tank is just too OP right now

  32. 26:36 dmg did to allies = no High Caliber *flies away*

  33. op shit

  34. Wait… The E-50 M? Wouldn’t the TVP be more comperable to the Leopard 1
    medium tank?

  35. Sorry Bat.-Châtillon 25 t

  36. I THINK THE BAT CHATTILON 25 T is better

  37. Hey qb, why dont you start playing the AMX 30b and give us a full tank
    review of it? 😀 Its a really nice tier x medium…

  38. So when will they be nerfing this tank?

  39. QB, I know you already did a video/review on the Leopard 1. But that was
    years ago and the game changed as new mediums, other maps and
    possabilities. So the Leopard 1 is kinda rare and I don’t realy know why.
    Even you don’t “care” about these tanks (Leo PTA/1 etc.) and that is so
    sad. I feel like the Leopard is one of the rarest tanks that is not bad. It
    would be a pleasure if you’d do a new review on the Leopard 1 and where you
    could explain why nobody plays the Leopard…

  40. TVP is much better than BC-25t (for me).

  41. when you meet BC25t you know that you are 90% dead,but when you meet TVP T
    50/51 he doesnt kill you,he left you on 30-40% HP and you have to hide to
    rest of game like a small mouse

  42. M103 review plz!!

  43. hey quickybaby, why arent you in a clan?

  44. You tempt me to play WoT again. I switched to WoWs a few months ago and I
    think I’m better with ships than I ever was with tanks, but even an average
    player can do OK with the Czechoslovakian mediums, I got to tier 8 on this
    line in a week or so just before moving to WoWs.

  45. +quickybaby pls pls do you want to do a tank review on the T62A?? i would
    love that!!!!!

  46. Česká mašina! 🙂 = Czech machine! Naše síla! = Our power! Ha! :D

  47. You didn’t get High Caliber due ramming that 251.
    The rule that stipulates absence of team damage for getting HC is rather
    ridiculous when it comes to grinding damage.
    I mean, even team damage that is a result of fire doesn’t count vs player’s
    total damage for HC in the first place, so why introducing this one is
    beyond reason, but that’s WG for you.

  48. Wait..this tank can be played with regular ammo ? Ive never seen that on
    public server :O

  49. Wotko s Vokurkou

    It is all about who is driving the tank, this tank has as QB said High
    Skill-Cap… Ofc this tank is capable of doing a lot of damage in bursts,
    but you have to know what you can allow to do in it.. its not like any1 can
    sit in this and do 7k dmg per game… The pen is really crap comp. to other
    t10s so you have to know where to shoot, etc… another level is just
    de-tracking… this tank in hands of very good players can be deadly, but
    that can be said about majority of other tanks…

    Ow and hey, it was top of tree few months ago, so everybody could grind it
    out quite easily and for less credits

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