World of Tanks – TVP T50/51 3rd Mark Session Finish (Va1heru)

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  1. gerald wittingen

    i should be sleeping

  2. when the video hasnt been up long enough to watch the whole thing

  3. btw amx 30 or leo pta?

  4. Fuck, I just saw QB released a TVP video and saw this one at the same time. I was hoping you’d sent one of the games into him. Lost meme potential

  5. Here I was sitting thinking, “I just finished my homework, and now I am bored”. Then this comes out. Thanks Anfeels

  6. Ah tvp, dream tank I never could force myself to grind because of fear of the nerf 😀

  7. Why am I doing this to myself. I’m playing artilery to get the T-55a missions done I could’ve had the tank already but I didn’t do the secondary mission on the Medium missions … WHY ARE THESE MISSIONS SO RNG AND MM dependant. WG PLEASE!

    My stats are already going down the drain because of how little I can do to win the game in fucking shit barns that fart out a shell every 40 seconds and that piece of shit never hits.

  8. Dope commentary as always

  9. I was trying to mark my IS7 for about a week…it half fucking killed me, 94. something% 5 times in the last 3 days only for artillery to either one shot me or cripple me and ruin the game. Game really tried to fuck me over, finally got it though. Good going on yer marks Anfield

  10. wow… 3 marking the tvp is no easy task even on a low population server such as the asian server

  11. I’m such a tomato, struggling to get second mark on my TVP

  12. “Cholo drive by” must be from your Cali days 🙂

  13. What days do anfield stream?

  14. plz anfield his gun is broken before the t44100 snapped him on the move, and nice vid as always

  15. at around 25 mins. He had already had an orange gun most of the game and gotten it fully broken once before.

  16. Hey Anfield! I am a fan of you. I wonder how close you’re to finish B-C 25t 3 marks and post a video about that. 😀

  17. HeyGuys, run any questions by me if you want 😀 btw thanks anfield <3

  18. Not impressed. Any scrub could do this on a farm server like SEA. He should have done it on the EU server where the average win rates of players are statistically higher than some of the other servers.

  19. how do you get the session page? 50:34 ?could be useful

  20. sever sea 😀

  21. Snake Enjoying a Sandwich

    I am thinking of getting these Czech tanks. Maybe I will carry four HE rounds though. Maybe not

  22. As a SEA player, I think the biggest difference here is that people communicate much less frequently due to language issue. Other than that, the basics like situational awareness, knowing when to push or retreat… etc etc still apply. Watching your stream and these 3rd mark sessions commentary did help me improve to become a wn8-2500/55~60% player. Thx anfield~

    Also props to va1heru for the incredible plays 🙂

  23. 37:22 lol Anfield

  24. Brayden Lancaster

    @Anfield In the erlenberg battle he had a broken gun way before the T-44-100 shot him

  25. Who knows Anfield WN8? I guess about 3200?? plz let me know….

  26. I prefer not to play rather than playing on the sea server, it is hard to play on that server not because the players are good but because they play so passive, bottom line it is boring to play on that server there is no fun found tbh

  27. I personally didnt find the tvp 3 mark very hard. yes it has high expected damage but tvp just is so easy to get 5k+ its pretty easy

  28. Ahh… The oldest arty-avoiding trick in the book… The “Full Asian Driver”.

  29. Anfield what must i do to send a 3rd mark session to you?

  30. give me this RNG

  31. And yes, all shots dissapear after 720m apart from arty (which fucking sucks, again why arty is broken/OP)

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